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  1. H-F on the rise

    Does anyone know anything bout Hughes Spring. Seen hf website has them listed for 8/30 playing in Center.  
  2. H-F on the rise

    I jus say this hf will be better this year. The 7on7 team is mostly class of 2020 & 2021 and one incoming freshman. And maybe 2 that will be seniors.  the Kids are more dedicated and passionate bout winning. As far as district goes we will see. Hj has lost some players to bigger schools. Not sure how our jv looked last year but if I'm not mistaken they were good. 
  3. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Yea wb jv is nice. My nephew is good friends with a few of the jv players
  4. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Wb jv beat Lutheran & hf beat lumberton
  5. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Hf beats silsbee 20-18
  6. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Gotta say this hf/silsbee is good one going on....18-14 silsbee up
  7. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    No transfer on hf team that out here. The kid coming is enrolled but hasn't practice or meet team. Just ones that is his family
  8. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Pool play Hf beat united, evadale & lost to legacy and goose creek
  9. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Haven't seen evadale. Hf beat legacy last week
  10. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    HF 1 half play & 20 min running clock for pool play
  11. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

  12. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Pool B was Kelly,Kountze,Lumberton,Lcm and jasper (i think) The paper said it was suppose to be kelly, lcm, lumberton, jasper, lee. So I'm assuming either jasper or lee pulled out because kountze was there
  13. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Pool c at west brook was anahuac, orangefield, legacy, hf, hardin.. Hardin went 4-0 Hf went 3-1 losing to Hardin 14-13
  14. HF hires Matt Pace as new HC.

    Was wondering if the rumors were true that I was hearing. 
  15. Yes , he was referring to drills etc...