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  1. Just seen booster club post:  HF 44-41
  2. This was heck of gm tween both teams. Good win Tigers...way to battle Horns 
  3. Liberty 38 Hamshire-Fannett 35/FINAL

    Heck of a game..Tough loss for my horns...Good game Liberty
  4. Way to hookem horns... Final...HF 34-13
  5. HF 33-0 with 6:20 til half
  6. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    game will be a good one. As far as statement had me scared.  We had few starters limited to play but hf still did their thing. 
  7. Good game. Had me nervous for awhile but liked what I saw from hf. 
  8. 9th grade:   Hf vs Anahuac 32-0 Jv: HF vs Kountze 36-0  
  9. Kountze vs H-F

    Game is moved to kountze
  10. Kountze vs H-F

    Gotta go with #bluewave. Hf by 28pts
  11. All im gonna say it would been nice if the scrimmage wasnt delay due to lack of lights. We sat waiting for lights longer than we seen teams on field.   
  12. Hf will be scrimmaging houston waltrip tomorrow 
  13. H-F on the rise

    Does anyone know anything bout Hughes Spring. Seen hf website has them listed for 8/30 playing in Center.  
  14. H-F on the rise

    I jus say this hf will be better this year. The 7on7 team is mostly class of 2020 & 2021 and one incoming freshman. And maybe 2 that will be seniors.  the Kids are more dedicated and passionate bout winning. As far as district goes we will see. Hj has lost some players to bigger schools. Not sure how our jv looked last year but if I'm not mistaken they were good.