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  1. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    I wish more competition could have been displayed against some of the teams Gilmer has played. Wow never thought Gilmer would be down this bad. Gotta tell ya. If Gilmer continues to play as they have it will be a long night in Newton.
  2. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    Newton has had 2 weeks to get prepared for any offense they bring.. bring it !!
  3. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    I say the score will compare to the Carthage vs Gilmer. Newton may possibly shutout Gilmer. Carthage could've had more points but coasted the 2nd half. If Gilmers defense doesn't do better Newton will fry the scoreboard. 
  4. An early goodbye

    Thank you and wish you the best.. See you at AT&T with dem Newton Eagles !!
  5. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    Newton Strength ..offense/defense loaded with athletes great coaching staff. Weakness .. having to wait a week before playing again.   
  6. This team is special and I hope all Newton fans soak it up because its probably a once in a lifetime occurrence of having so much talent on a Newton team. We have witnessed good teams over the years but none with this many talented athletes. In the past we would enter games knowing we were good but not sure if we would leave with a victory. We had tough battles and usually won most of them. Won 4 State Championships and had the opportunity for more. This team is different.  This team is Special. They take away almost all the doubt of not winning. This Newton team is set on kill. They are programmed to win and leave no room for doubt. Last years team was almost the same but we as fans didn't realize our potential or what was in our corner. Our coaching staff is great. They have developed and placed talent in proper place. They have created a football machine that is pound for pound the best in the nation and State of Texas in their 3A division . One that can step from their divisions and conquer many upper divisions. Be Proud to be a part of this Purple Machine and enjoy every moment because it is Special.                    
  7. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

  8. Newton facing a tough opponent this week. After a strong start for Newton this year are there any noticeable areas that Newton may need to adjust ? Your opinion.     
  9. I was reading some of the post after the Wos vs Newton game and felt bad for what some were saying about these young men. My thoughts were I would not want my Son if he were playing to read some of these post. It could destroy any self confidence a young man may have . Encouragement and support works much better. A little tough love helps also but many go beyond that marker. I'm not a Wos homer but I believe in those guys and will be pulling for them. They will overcome.   
  10. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    I'm giving Wos more credit than many. I think they will keep this game close and could possibly win it. Wos is a better team than some think. Pulling for the Stangs.  
  11. Amen to this post.. Thank you !! The young man will make you Wos fans proud in the future. Give him support instead of bashing him. The talent is in him.
  12. You and your 2016 may not have scored on this Newton team also.Take your loss and swallow. Move on.. I know this Wos team will be standing when it counts no doubt. Newton did what Newton does..  
  13. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    What yous see Gata ??
  14. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Ghost talking..
  15. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Everything develops from the T...  Turns to V.. (Victory)