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  1. Newton 75 Hemphill 0/FINAL

    Newton has the team to win State. They remind me of the Astros team this year. Talent at all positions and young. This team will be back again next year . How bout back to back State Championship? 
  2. 52 - 0--- Newton. Clock spinning 2nd half nonstop.
  3. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    No need to spit hairs about this but Newton this year could beat WOS and any of the other teams. My opinion only but all who are saying they couldn't is your opinion ..
  4. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    Newton did their part in trying to hold score down.. 
  5. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    Bluedog better relook at his video . Newton got exposed alright. They is the real deal..
  6. ****Newton @ Crockett****

    Excuse me... what was that score again ?? And Newton kicking field goals to hold down the score. I would look at that film again ..
  7. Newton vs. Buffalo

    Newtons D stepping up at the perfect time. Offense awesome also. Don't see anyone stopping the Eagles. One game at a time and they bring home the Big Prize. SC 
  8. Woodville (10-1) vs Cameron Yoe (9-2)

    Yoe will be in the championship game in Dec. They have lost a couple but they are still a Championship team. Don't count them out. Yoe big in this game. Woodville has a good team but Yoe with the win.
  9. Corrigan-Camden @ Newton

    I  think Crockett will have a tougher time against Garrison than Newton will with CC. I will say Garrison could and may beat Crockett. What u think. ??¿¿
  10. I don't think Crockett will do a +28 on Garrison.  I see them lucky if they leave with a win. 
  11. Newton 43 Garrison 6/FINAL

    Garrison is a sleeper in our district.  Don't overlook these guys. Size and speed. I think they will give Crockett all they want.
  12. Crockett better not overlook Garrison.  They are a sleeper. Fast and good size.
  13. Corrigan-camden vs crockett

    CC with the upset. . My friend CC09 got your back.