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  1. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    Am I more narcissistic than most? Absolutely. Do I play the antagonist more often than the average? Probably. One of the things I do pride myself on is self control though, even if I talk like I was born in a reactor sometimes.  If I didn’t have any I would’ve put together some material for LCM crop dusting Silsbee after being down 50-6 to Crosby at halftime. Probably would’ve said something about a Busch league win vs Jasper.  If I didn’t have any I would’ve been on here pointing out that instead of the 40 I said nobody would keep us off of, that we’re actually averaging 51.7ppg and have the same 21.8ppg net differential the 2013(senior Twins) team averaged. A team about which you were interviewed on one of our Houston high school shows and said in response to a question about contenders, “I want to see somebody stop this Crosby team”. I’m sure the verbatim language is out there somewhere.  It doesn’t look as good now because I don’t think BH will make the playoffs but when they had their qb they beat a Friendswood team who is now 5-1, Crosby came into BH and beat them by 16 a week later. I would’ve definitely had something for that.  It’s a lot more simple now Ag. Instead of trying to prove a point I just sit back a watch people get 1 of about every 10 things relating Crosby right and board members jump on it with both feet. I’ve found opinions about high school football teams are like political views, no need trying to correct them. Depending on what enrollment numbers PAM turns in this may be Crosby’s last year with real coverage on the board anyway. Crosby will almost surely be over the 5A-D2 cutoff and only have district options to the south with Manvel/Angleton, to the west with CE King/HISD or north with NCISD/Humble ISD.  I could go on and on but that would get to that self control thing. I’ve been waiting a year for Crosby to play FB Marshall with 7 at qb, feel like I owe a comment on that one win or lose. That is all. 
  2. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    Like I said when they cancelled our game with y’all to start the season. There will be an 11-0 Crosby team waiting on FB Marshall in the second round looking for redemption. I believe this will be the de facto regional title game, both teams would beat CS and A&M Con. I will comment on the outcome after the game Thanksgiving weekend. 
  3. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    BHFan, this site is about a bunch of average/mediocre to below average team's fan bases needing somewhere for their opinions to be validated. I'm not in the business of doing that or giving credit where it's not due just to seem "classy". This entire site does that even though the vast majority of these teams are considered a joke to the rest of the state. In my opinion if Crosby is considered average and you haven't done what we've done lately or can beat us I have every right to say "you suck" using those parameters. Like I said earlier though, I don't have any tampons for the bleeding that happens after.  I currently have a son on the team and will most likely be moving to North Shore after he graduates so my younger sons can participate in their sports programs. Some of our coaches and administrators read this and I would never want to say anything that puts him in a gray area. It's very hard for me not to do that with some of the asinine comments on here which is why it's safer just to stay off next couple of years until that happens. Since some of the upper management at my job has kids that play for other teams and read this I'm also kind of worried that they might feel the same way as other people on the site and effect my career at work. It has nothing to do with the Jasper fans or any other particular fans, you know I would love to be talking trash to y'all and pulling out stats. It's pretty much the reason I cut back this summer after one of the bosses who's from Dayton approached me asking me questions about something I said regarding Nations. It's just too much sensitivity here.  I'm sure you probably wanted a little more than that from me to really get what's probably andostrict championship game thread going but you're going to have to settle for the, "You're great. . . Nah, you're great" comments and the perceived limited interest. I'm sure DC's will write it up so you have something else there. Figured I would at least give a more detailed explanation though. Hope y'all have a good season and we meet y'all in the regional finals. Ok, NOW I'm done.  *Mods: y'all can go ahead and delete my account so I'm not tempted to get back on here after our 4th consecutive district championship and be "classless" to other programs. It's been a blast. 
  4. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    You're right, Jasper did keep us off the 40 point mark because we scored 42. We're two of three missed xps and one of our called back tds off the 50 I said we would get. I got it though. I will shut it down the rest of the year. I'm done, good luck getting 5k views on a meaningless Jasper/Crosby thread. I will let y'all continue your everybody/ every game and every community is great even though nobody around here ever wins jack except Newton and WOS. Y'all have a good year, company gave me two turnarounds to plan for the first quarter anyway so I should be focused on those instead of wasting time on this.  *PS: If you recorded HS Scoreboard last night you can go to Rick Renner's opening monologue on Crosby and see it is basically compiled off posts I made during the week on here concerning our record over the last 5 years and recent playoff history. 
  5. The Crosby/Jasper Crow Eating thread

    Yeah, and I'll tell you is this is the exact same conversation we had after the Twins graduated and we struggled to beat Nederland 25-20 at home to open the '14 season. It's different if those were the only fumbles, they laid it on the ground 13 times. Those are coaching and execution issues, just like going for it on your own half of the field because your worried about stopping the opposing offense. Same reason you don't kick it to us to start the second half. I don't have paint a pretty anything, we won the game. People are on here breaking down reason we SHOULD'VE lost. Imagine if Crosby had fumbled the ball 13 times and was on here talking about, "Man, if we had only fumbled 11 times we would've had it".  Crosby is never as good as I want them to be but like I've already stated several times, we're two holding calls away from this being a laughable conversation. I'll say we "gifted" them two tds and three missed xps and still won by 6. Our offense is fine, our defense will improve. Your acting like the game isn't four quarters long and EVERYTHING that happens between the whistles doesn't count??? We scored 42 points on a running team, we haven't done that to a single running team we've played the last 5 years, including Splendora. I'm fine with what we did. 
  6. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    What do you want some of us to say dude, seriously? You get on here making stupid comments about us being two turnovers away from a loss against a team that fumbled the damn ball 13 times. The people that wanted Jasper to win feel like they could've and I'm sure Crosby fans feel like we were a couple of plays away from not even having this conversation. There's probably 20 "Good game Jasper" comments on the two threads and somehow we're classless for believing our point of view over yours.  Please guy, you were one of the first ones on here to try to get your two cents talking trash to a team that won. How dumb does that sound, go back and read the thread man? You're very right though, Crosby is the only team in here that has to explain WINS! 
  7. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    Not to mention, how do you even get a holding call that fast on a fade route where the QB literally catches the snap and throws it up. I hate that one was called back because Rooney straight up abused the db on that catch. Literally every single thing they needed to go right to win happened, down to the bad snap on the xp they threw up for a 2pt conversion, and they still lost. My takeaway from the game was that the defense needs to improve but good luck to the rest of the teams on the schedule keeping us off the 40 point mark. 
  8. The Crosby/Jasper Crow Eating thread

    Well, this is usually what happens after somebody plays Crosby. They take the moral victory, say "better be glad you weren't playing X squad" or point to the second round.  I've been in here since 2011, I'm not going to crawfish on anything I've said. I still think Crosby should've blow Jasper out and we were a couple holding calls from doing so. Crosby got the ball across the goaline 9 times and missed three extra points, it's Crosby's fault we only scored 42 and I've said that multiple times already as well as "Jasper played s good game". I'll take what should've been at least a 52 point performance in a opener against a team we got a lot less possessions against than the other 7 spread teams we'll play in the district. IDK what you're talking about cover something up? You damn near got 60 put on you and you're still running your trap.  They had a long interview with Riordan and some highlights of this game last night on High School Scorboard. After listening to that I actually feel even better about last night. 
  9. Nederland 26 Dayton 14/FINAL

    Based on week one performances I would definitely think BH is the favorite going into the district opener in their place. 
  10. Nederland 26 Dayton 14/FINAL

    Man, I hadn't seen Dayton but I did see Ned. This might be a looooooonnnnnnnggggg season for the Broncos. Good win Ned.  It felt kind of weird this year, for the first time in probably 15 season I picked up a schedule and Dayton wasn't the first game I looked at. 
  11. 22-5A vs 21-5A

    I think we need to wait a couple more weeks to get a better hold on it, especially since you never really know how the flood situation effected each team. What I would feel more comfortable saying is that we're going to have 8 playoff teams who probably struggle to play just average defense. 
  12. The Crosby/Jasper Crow Eating thread

    I don't have any issue jumping on the crow thread. Crosby has to put 50/60 on Jasper in that game or not give up 36 and we did neither. Jasper played hard in their house and Crosby didn't take advantage of opportunities to put the game out of reach.  For all you Jasper fans like JasperDawg still talking that hot garbage, welcome to what it's like when you play Crosby. You walk away with a moral victory and we walk away with a W.  Seriously though Jasper fans I hope y'all win state, I see DC's has y'all ranked #9 preseason in your class. It's really been fun playing a new team and getting another fan base to hate me! We got bigger fish to fry in the Gas Pocket next week though. 
  13. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    At the end of the day I really expected Crosby to blow Jasper out. I figured we would get gashed a few times in the running game hence my 49-14 or 56-14 score prediction. We were a couple of holding penalties off the 56 even with some of the throws we missed. I think that's something Crosby can build on moving forward, not really concerned about that side of the ball.  I feel like giving up back to back onside kicks to start the half changed the momentum. That being said, the defense still gave up 36. Jasper probably converted 5 fourth down plays on two or three scoring drives, Crosby has to get off the field in those situations but kudos to Jasper for making those plays. Defense made some nice strip plays on the Jasper running backs and #56 wreaked havoc on Jasper's center causing snap and fumbling issues. Surprisingly the plays I thought hurt the most were third and long/fourth down pass plays. Have to fix that because BH might put it up 40 times.  I say we clean up the penalties, stop missing extra points, get off the field on third and fourth down and we're right where we need to be this time of the season. I'll take a W any way it comes though.  Once again, good game Jasper. . . Maybe even great from your side of things.  *PS: Crosby fans, this looks a lot like the 25-20 win over over Ned to start the '14 season. Let's see how it finishes?  
  14. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    Good game Jasper. Crosby definitely has a lot of work to do before next week.  Now... for this long ride.  
  15. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    I mean seriously, if we're going to go the one less turnover route then we can say a couple less holdings and Crosby gets nearly 60. Smh