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  1. New Caney at Crosby

    I like your work and I prefer not to disagree with Crosby people but I still don’t get it? Try to forget the factors and do a basic drill. Using your theory Crosby could play WOS(54) ten times and win all ten by 3 points, then they could play North Shore(71) ten times, win nine by 3 points, lose once by 1 point and be a weaker team using your grading system which just isn’t right.  Bottom four of the district were 10-30 in 2013, district’s bottom four will finish 8-27 this year because of some missed games but the bottle is still the bottom. Some of the names have just changed. If you’re factoring in Willis then LCM should hurt even more.  What I’ve found from a little research is that you get super-penalized for first or second round losses which is why Crosby is getting more credit for beating Jasper this year than Nederland that year. If you used the numbers during the season, which I don’t think there’s a way to get, you get a more apples to apples comparison for how you’re scoring the teams. For instance, NC(234) who is currently second in our district is ranked 110 spots behind Tomball Memorial(124) who they lost to 58-46 and might not make the playoffs in their district. NC’s(6-2) schedule is nowhere near the strength of TM’s(5-3) and they’ve already lost to them which is currently reflected, however NC could beat Nederland or Central in the first round and end up ranked ahead of TM because TM will draw Cedar Park and lose in the first round which won’t be and isn’t reflected in your math trying to compare across years.  End of the day just do the eye test if you actually saw those games back then. This year our second place team just got beat by 28. Our third place team lost by 28 to them and our fourth rep. who will probably end up finishing second lost to KP and had to squeak by Dayton on a dropped TD. BH was a salty 6-4 and stayed home with a good team that year. That far easier comment makes me wonder what you saw back then that I didn’t? All that being said the district went 3-1 in the opening round that year and I truly think we’ll go 3-1 again this year as long as BH is healthy going into their matchup with PNG.  I’m not saying this team can’t end up as maybe even Crosby’s best team but those 2013 kids were the ones who started the hype train and hashtags. They just ran into #4 SC in district and #6 Elgin in the second round. I agree though, here’s to hoping Crosby outperforms any data gathered.   
  2. New Caney at Crosby

    I see what your numbers say but the schedule was not easier in 2013. To open the season Crosby played a Nederland team coming off a 12-2 regional final appearance who eventually finished the season as undefeated district champs and went 10-2. That Nederland team had the #3 defensive tackle recruit in the country and probably had the best run defense in the region in '13, the Twins just shredded them. During district play they lined up with a Summer Creek squad that I believe was ranked #4 in the state at the time qb'd by UCLA commit Aaron Sharp and gave up 63 in an L. Crosby snuck by a Dayton team that eventually lost in the second round by one point to state finalist Brenham on a missed xp.  The score doesn't reflect it but the Jim Holley coached KP team Crosby beat by 24 that year was better than the Jim Holley coached Porter team Crosby only beat by 7 this year. KP had a 100m state finalist at receiver, their qb was a stud and signed with UTSA and they had a big TE Jordan Feuerbacher who just scored twice for Baylor this weekend. I believe CE King only won like 3 games that year with future Texas A&M 1,000 yard freshman running back Trey Williams, I think they would be competing for the 4th spot in this current district instead of finishing 6th like they did that year. Another fallacy I see in the rankings is that they rank 7-2 4A-D2 Jasper(166) over where they would rank a 10-2 5A district champ in Nederland(240). Same for a Dayton(334) squad that lost by one point to a 5A state finalist in the area playoffs vs an LCM(308) squad that probably wouldn't win a game in this district. SC finished 11-1 that year and was ranked #166. For whatever reason the Maxpreps algorithms don't look kindly on any losses until you reach 6A or lose to a 6A. Overall in 2013 Crosby's offense was better, the defense was a little better and the schedule was harder. District has nowhere near the game-changers it had back then either. FB Marshall is probably better than that Elgin team we lost to by 28 that year but if we don't fumble multiple times in the rematch this team may still be good enough to win, at which point Crosby would draw Hutto who is even better than the regional final team we beat.           
  3. New Caney at Crosby

    Just for clarification, I think the season you’re referring to is the ‘03 season when Phillip Beck put up 2,202 receiving(second most in Texas history). 2004 is the only time the last 15 years Crosby missed the playoffs.  In 2013 Crosby had a better offense than the current version based on points per play which is the metric you would use to gauge explosiveness. They averaged 3 more yards per completion and 3.5 more yards per carry, as a team they averaged right at 600 yards per game and 54.5 points during the regular season while this version averages a shade under 53 points and about 545 yards per game. At this same point in that season Austin Walter had only one carry more than Craig but had already rushed for 2,085 yards, finished the season averaging 13.5ypc. Just felt like those kids should get their due.  I will say this version of Crosby is the most dynamic in terms of ways they can score but that was always going to be the case with #7 at qb.     
  4. Realignment

    If Crosby is under the cutoff it will be the first and only time they skirt the line. Crosby is growing much faster than the cutoff number will go up. For example, the D1 cutoff would've been 1,735 last alignment and Crosby would've fallen well short. Even though Crosby would get to play in what will definitely be the most watered down class in the state in 5A-D2 all it would be doing is delaying the inevitable. The goal is to get the program to the point where you can consistently compete and hopefully beat schools like Manvel, Foster, Angleton and now FB Hightower who just dropped down. Playing against schools like PNG, Ned, Dayton and BH won't do that. It's fine for those schools because they're going to play in D2 for the foreseeable future but for a school that could be skirting the 6A cutoff by the time our current 7th graders graduate it's a different story. Crappy part of being D1 is that Crosby most likely gets put into a district with the Houston ISD schools but I would argue playing schools like The Heights a couple of years back still gets you more ready to play a Ridge Point than playing Vidor does. Going D2 would be great for the community as it would allow us to pile up more wins than the 10+ we are currently averaging per season under Riordan, but as someone who is about to have another son come through the program I would like him and his teammates be as prepared as possible to compete with the upper echelon teams.  
  5. I hope so. A couple months ago after we played Jasper you and WOSgrad were sharing each other's spit cup saying stuff like the "emperor has no clothes" and "if Japser would've fumbled 11 instead of 13 times they would've beat Crosby." 54ppg later those comments are laughable. You've been wrong about almost everything you've said about Crosby leading up to and during the season except that Crosby would win the district. Another thing you were right about is when you told me, "Face it, Crosby isn't as good as you want them to be." Boy you were right about that because they're even better than I thought. I would want me to stop pointing out fallacies like that too. Just remember, when you make 5 post about Crosby, 3 or 4 of them are usually wrong. When I make 5 post about Crosby it becomes a hot topic. *P.S: Congratulations to Jeff Riordan who will be picking up his 60th career coaching win in 6th season when Crosby travels to Humble next week.
  6. It's even funnier how you point to what kids did that are almost 40 years old now, none of the current kids on the team were even alive then. I guess when you play in the same stadium that's relevant though. Anybody that looks knows Ned had those four good years in the late 90's and the early 2000's when they first hired Neumann and have been pretty meh since, besides the three years with Washington. All you would have to do to find out where the programs are now is ask any coach with options where he would rather coach. Crosby and Nederland are currently two programs with completely different ceilings.
  7. TexBuzz does all that work to provide some actual thought provoking information to the board, never said a coarse word about anybody in your district, and all you can muster for a response as a moderator is "All that and probably another second round exit."? Then somebody else makes a point about Nederland and you reply about them making runs? I'd imagine what you meant to say is Nederland has only made it past the second round twice in the last 14 years when they had Deshaun Washington. You should've also thrown in that in the last decade Nederland has missed the playoffs or lost in the first round 6 times, including as the district champion to 4th place Kingwood Park. You will also lose in the first round again this year to Jim Holley and Porter like you did the last time you faced him at KP. That's what I call the definition of mediocre versus the boat you try to put Crosby in for losing one first round game the last decade. Crazy that as a moderator you even felt the need to get on a Crosby thread give a myopic response to a new, solid poster, that brings research and data to the "Everybody gets a trophy" board.
  8. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    Once again you're a liar. Last year we got worked by Manvel to open the season and lost three weeks later to Porter, you continue to lie about me going "on and on" about how great that team was. I don't hold Crosby up as the Gold Standard of anything, I said we've been the best around here in recent times and it takes somebody from Houston or Central Texas to beat us in the playoffs. When your district can only beat Crosby once in a playoff game in 10 years there is something to that, that streak would be even longer if Dayton hadn't played over there those two years. Most of the teams on here wished that before the season even starts there's a 90% chance you're playing at least 12 games going back 10 years. To say we haven't won anything is your own opinion. I would call four district championships, nine bi-district wins and a region title within the last decade something. Caney Creek beat Livingston 41-14 before we beat them 57-17, I think Caney Creek, Livingston and Lee suck and it's nothing wrong with saying that unless you're a fan of one of those teams and get butt hurt about it. That's funny how you say the research is useless yet there is a realignment thread that if you went and googled some stuff would be a lot more accurate. We are irrelevant, we're just the least un-irrelevant 5A team in this coverage area until we move to 5A-D1 next year.  
  9. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    Dude, if you're going to comment on something I said or did don't get on here freaking lying trying to do some bs slander job on me. When the heck have you seen me " constantly rave that nobody in the Region could compete with Crosby" in the deepest region in the state that also contains Manvel, Cedar Park and Temple who Crosby would all have to play consecutively from the #1 seed in the 21-5A draw? In 2015 when we lost to Ridge Point in the 5A-D2 playoffs I did say they should be 6A, the next year they went 10-0 in the 6A Fort Bend district and went to the 6A-D1 playoffs. '14 we won the region so it didn't matter what I said. In '13 in was clear halfway through the season we had a 2nd round Elgin who was ranked #6 in the state and the favorite to win the region that included George Ranch and eventual state finalist Brenham. I wouldn't have said anything stupid like that then either, I had already seen Elgin shut out that same Georgetown team that smoked Ned that year. Have you possibly heard me say "We may have the best offense in the region"? In 2013 you can make that argument. Have you heard me say "We may have the best defense in the region"? Hard to argue that in 2014 we didn't winning something like 7 of 13 games by a score or less with a mediocre offense by Crosby standards. Have you heard me say no current 5A school in the Houston area has won more regular season or playoff games in the last half decade other than Manvel? That's true too. We've only lost one first round game the last decade and have only made it past the second round twice in that same time span, comments on who should challenge Crosby usually come after the comment "If we can make it past the second round" because the position we play from usually has an easier 3rd round game than the second round draws we have which are the #1 seeds from the Fort Bend district or the Centex area. Maybe this post does go to AAW's self-control comment but you're straight up lying on me. The arrogance might be partly true but we're in a thread created by another poster about the same rah rah stuff I've pointed to countless times on here, my arrogance is considered using data to make people butt hurt or pointing out your team sucks because they actually do. I don't "rave" about anything I don't research for rebuttal. I appreciate you being a fan of my work since you seem to know it so well.      *Thank you CougarCal for correcting the "MECCA" comment, it's The Ohana over here.
  10. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    Am I more narcissistic than most? Absolutely. Do I play the antagonist more often than the average? Probably. One of the things I do pride myself on is self control though, even if I talk like I was born in a reactor sometimes.  If I didn’t have any I would’ve put together some material for LCM crop dusting Silsbee after being down 50-6 to Crosby at halftime. Probably would’ve said something about a Busch league win vs Jasper.  If I didn’t have any I would’ve been on here pointing out that instead of the 40 I said nobody would keep us off of, that we’re actually averaging 51.7ppg and have the same 21.8ppg net differential the 2013(senior Twins) team averaged. A team about which you were interviewed on one of our Houston high school shows and said in response to a question about contenders, “I want to see somebody stop this Crosby team”. I’m sure the verbatim language is out there somewhere.  It doesn’t look as good now because I don’t think BH will make the playoffs but when they had their qb they beat a Friendswood team who is now 5-1, Crosby came into BH and beat them by 16 a week later. I would’ve definitely had something for that.  It’s a lot more simple now Ag. Instead of trying to prove a point I just sit back a watch people get 1 of about every 10 things relating Crosby right and board members jump on it with both feet. I’ve found opinions about high school football teams are like political views, no need trying to correct them. Depending on what enrollment numbers PAM turns in this may be Crosby’s last year with real coverage on the board anyway. Crosby will almost surely be over the 5A-D2 cutoff and only have district options to the south with Manvel/Angleton, to the west with CE King/HISD or north with NCISD/Humble ISD.  I could go on and on but that would get to that self control thing. I’ve been waiting a year for Crosby to play FB Marshall with 7 at qb, feel like I owe a comment on that one win or lose. That is all. 
  11. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    Like I said when they cancelled our game with y’all to start the season. There will be an 11-0 Crosby team waiting on FB Marshall in the second round looking for redemption. I believe this will be the de facto regional title game, both teams would beat CS and A&M Con. I will comment on the outcome after the game Thanksgiving weekend. 
  12. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    BHFan, this site is about a bunch of average/mediocre to below average team's fan bases needing somewhere for their opinions to be validated. I'm not in the business of doing that or giving credit where it's not due just to seem "classy". This entire site does that even though the vast majority of these teams are considered a joke to the rest of the state. In my opinion if Crosby is considered average and you haven't done what we've done lately or can beat us I have every right to say "you suck" using those parameters. Like I said earlier though, I don't have any tampons for the bleeding that happens after.  I currently have a son on the team and will most likely be moving to North Shore after he graduates so my younger sons can participate in their sports programs. Some of our coaches and administrators read this and I would never want to say anything that puts him in a gray area. It's very hard for me not to do that with some of the asinine comments on here which is why it's safer just to stay off next couple of years until that happens. Since some of the upper management at my job has kids that play for other teams and read this I'm also kind of worried that they might feel the same way as other people on the site and effect my career at work. It has nothing to do with the Jasper fans or any other particular fans, you know I would love to be talking trash to y'all and pulling out stats. It's pretty much the reason I cut back this summer after one of the bosses who's from Dayton approached me asking me questions about something I said regarding Nations. It's just too much sensitivity here.  I'm sure you probably wanted a little more than that from me to really get what's probably andostrict championship game thread going but you're going to have to settle for the, "You're great. . . Nah, you're great" comments and the perceived limited interest. I'm sure DC's will write it up so you have something else there. Figured I would at least give a more detailed explanation though. Hope y'all have a good season and we meet y'all in the regional finals. Ok, NOW I'm done.  *Mods: y'all can go ahead and delete my account so I'm not tempted to get back on here after our 4th consecutive district championship and be "classless" to other programs. It's been a blast. 
  13. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    You're right, Jasper did keep us off the 40 point mark because we scored 42. We're two of three missed xps and one of our called back tds off the 50 I said we would get. I got it though. I will shut it down the rest of the year. I'm done, good luck getting 5k views on a meaningless Jasper/Crosby thread. I will let y'all continue your everybody/ every game and every community is great even though nobody around here ever wins jack except Newton and WOS. Y'all have a good year, company gave me two turnarounds to plan for the first quarter anyway so I should be focused on those instead of wasting time on this.  *PS: If you recorded HS Scoreboard last night you can go to Rick Renner's opening monologue on Crosby and see it is basically compiled off posts I made during the week on here concerning our record over the last 5 years and recent playoff history. 
  14. The Crosby/Jasper Crow Eating thread

    Yeah, and I'll tell you is this is the exact same conversation we had after the Twins graduated and we struggled to beat Nederland 25-20 at home to open the '14 season. It's different if those were the only fumbles, they laid it on the ground 13 times. Those are coaching and execution issues, just like going for it on your own half of the field because your worried about stopping the opposing offense. Same reason you don't kick it to us to start the second half. I don't have paint a pretty anything, we won the game. People are on here breaking down reason we SHOULD'VE lost. Imagine if Crosby had fumbled the ball 13 times and was on here talking about, "Man, if we had only fumbled 11 times we would've had it".  Crosby is never as good as I want them to be but like I've already stated several times, we're two holding calls away from this being a laughable conversation. I'll say we "gifted" them two tds and three missed xps and still won by 6. Our offense is fine, our defense will improve. Your acting like the game isn't four quarters long and EVERYTHING that happens between the whistles doesn't count??? We scored 42 points on a running team, we haven't done that to a single running team we've played the last 5 years, including Splendora. I'm fine with what we did. 
  15. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    What do you want some of us to say dude, seriously? You get on here making stupid comments about us being two turnovers away from a loss against a team that fumbled the damn ball 13 times. The people that wanted Jasper to win feel like they could've and I'm sure Crosby fans feel like we were a couple of plays away from not even having this conversation. There's probably 20 "Good game Jasper" comments on the two threads and somehow we're classless for believing our point of view over yours.  Please guy, you were one of the first ones on here to try to get your two cents talking trash to a team that won. How dumb does that sound, go back and read the thread man? You're very right though, Crosby is the only team in here that has to explain WINS!