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  1. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    I don't think the defense will be as good as it has been the last three years but with talent pool I don't see a huge drop-off on that side of the ball for Crosby. With our o-line most likely being the strength of the team I think you're going to see Jaiden have time to distribute the ball with the same efficiency Kellen Haynes did. Probably won't throw for 4000+ like Kellen did but I think he's going to be the best qb to wear pads at Crosby thus far. If Craig can stay healthy behind this o-line I see him putting up around 3000 total yards. I agree we'll be similar to the '13 team in the sense that we'll put a bunch of pressure on squads from the offensive side of the ball with Jaiden and Craig in the backfield. I think Manvel is the favorite to match up with Denton Ryan in the D1 title game so I think we lose that one first rattle out of the box but I think we run off the next 10 relatively uncontested. Bad part about that is we're almost sure to get an improved FB Marshall team in the second round again. Going to be fun watching the kids grow throughout the season but we all know November forward is what we're judged on in Crosby.   
  2. heart breaking news on Kathy Griffin

    Yeah. I just googled "Trump noose pics" and the the only ones were the ones you just posted with two more I see. We can google the same thing for Obama and compare though.  What makes it racial is all the people in Obama noose pics are white. Drumph noose pics are because of his perceived bigotry which is why most of the people in his noose pics are also white. I know that's hard to swallow in SETX which is still semi-segregated. 
  3. heart breaking news on Kathy Griffin

    I know, that's pretty awesome considering the new president got less votes than the person he was running against. Lol, he didn't even reach McCain and totals and Obama blew both of them out.
  4. heart breaking news on Kathy Griffin

    I said Hillary and Obama are democrats, not liberals. Your statement was "if you don't thing Hillary and Obama are liberals then you have a different definition that the rest of America." That's calling a liberal and a democrat the same thing. You would see the fallacy in that statement if you Hillary was seen far from liberal after her super predator comment and the push back Obama got back from his own party from things like not raising the minimum wage when democrats controlled both houses of congress early in his term. Bernie Sanders saying the minimum wage should be raised almost double what it is now is and college should be tuition free is about as liberal as it gets. Big difference in the two. Hey, I usually don't have time to get on here but once or twice a week so I'm sure the entertainment value does go up, I know the IQ level does reading some of the conservative posts on here. You keep reaching too though, after all the condescending posts about the right I've made on here if reading comprehension skills is the best you can do then I must be doing pretty damn salty showing how ignorant most of you on that side are. Feel like my English professor would be proud.    
  5. heart breaking news on Kathy Griffin

    Ok, but can you please post some pics since you said my "Googling skills need a lot of work"? A party's platform doesn't make the politics of the candidate. If liberals and democrats are the same then so are conservatives and the alt-right since they all vote republican. See how dumb that sounds?
  6. Trump leaks classified information to Russians

    I absolutely do, it's why I'm the youngest person in my division at the same company the secretary of state was the CEO at. I was responding to too many post on different sites before I leave for the day and didn't read all the way though. Still doesn't change the fact that I think JV is an idiot. Israel is enclosed by Arabic countries. They want to wipe Iran off the map because they feel that's the one true threat to them in the region. They also terrorize the Palestinians and want to wipe them map because they feel their borders should include the Gaza Strip. Until the president sold Saudi Arabia over $100billion worth of weapons Israel hated them too. The only Arabic nation in the region the semi get along with is Egypt because they help them squeeze the south side of the Gaza Strip. When you cut off sustenance to a territory, engage in cyber attacks, continuously build settlements you don't want to "just be left alone". Israel is an antagonist but they're semi-white so the right gives them a pass. If Nigeria or Egypt committed the same actions as Israel they would be called a state sponsor of terrorism. I also thank you for getting enough conservatives to come out at give David Duke a spot in the LA senate debates.
  7. heart breaking news on Kathy Griffin

    Can you post some please? I just searched where I got those from and couldn't find any. All that came up under "Trump noose" were pics of Obama and black dolls. By the way, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are liberals. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are democrats, I consider myself a democrat but I vote for most of the same candidates as liberals. You're not going to walk in an old black southern Baptist lady's house and talk about atheism, gay marriage or abortion and be welcome. They all voted for Hillary though.
  8. heart breaking news on Kathy Griffin

    Wow, you should Google the pictures of Obama in nooses that his daughters had to look at after his election. Makes what Kathy Griffin did look like child's play. I haven't seen one pic of Drumph in a noose yet, I would say that's ALL race related. Obama will most likely go down as the greatest politician of this generation, Drumph will most likely be impeached by his own party after Comey testifies and Moeller is done. Non-race motivated Obama pics:      That Kathy Griffin though . . . 
  9. Trump leaks classified information to Russians

    The first line of the article. Man, don't tell me it's true about what they say relating to the comprehension level on the right: Iran's conservative new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said Wednesdaythat Israel must be "wiped off the map" . . . Not to mention it says it in the freaking title.
  10. Trump leaks classified information to Russians

    I would go into a long post about how idiotic your statement was but I'll save myself some keystrokes and see if YOU can go do a basic history search on the three Abrahamic religions and figure out the answer yourself. Until then I'll just let you be ignorant.
  11. Trump leaks classified information to Russians

    I do a lot of research, more than my wife would like me to at times. If I'm a gullible simpleton how incredibly stupid does this make you look? From Iran's president: 
  12. Hillary still in denial

    Y'all should realize that Hillary had access to classified information. When she stood up there during the debate and accused agent orange of conspiring with the Russians she most likely already had proof with a high degree of confidence as the intel. community puts it. Now Robert Moeller, who I compare to Elliot Ness, is about to run it in the administration dry and prove everything Hillary was saying is correct. I'm just hoping he makes it until the 2018 mid-terms so democrats can tie everybody running to his incompetence.
  13. Murder of Seth Rich - Dims are Nervous

    Hey, we spent four years and over $20million on Benghazi to investigate a diplomat who ignored the state department and three bodyguards getting killed . . . and didn't find anything except and email server we spent the last two years investigating. If Obama had been accused of what Drumph's administration currently is there would be more memes of him hanging from nooses than there already were. Rep-tards are normalizing the attempted destabilization of the American democracy just so they don't look even more like idiots than they already do for electing him in the first place.
  14. ANTIFA - Must be Dealt With

    Wow, this picture will get multiple comments I'm sure. Funny how I didn't see a video up with the white supremacist doing the Nazi salute. You know, the guy that stabbed three and killed two in Portland because some real patriots were trying to stand up for some Muslim women on a train being berated. I thought it was pretty telling when Lebron James channeled Emmit Till after they spray-painted the N-word on the front of his property in LA a couple of days ago, saying it may be 60 years later but nothing has changed. We're to the point now where the white supremacist and alt-right supporters can walk into a church and murder people and the narrative on here quickly switches to Black Lives Matter, smh.  
  15. Murder of Seth Rich - Dims are Nervous

    I don't have time to go back and read the whole thread to see if anyone already talked about it but has anyone posted about Seth Rich's parents asking the conservative media to stop exploiting and politicizing their son's death? Hannity already had to stop talking about it after advertisers wanted to pull sponsorship due to the baseless claims. Crazy how y'all will talk for days on end about this conspiracy but give no credence to the conspiracy that has multiple subpoenas tied to the White House. I bet y'all believe "a small group of people" actually know what covfefe means too huh? I don't put much faith in the opinion of a blonde in a an Old Navy shirt like a lot of you conservative do because I think you should be able to disseminate information from memory if you've really done the research. That being said, here is what Seth Rich's parents wrote in WAPO:   Still, conservative news outlets and commentators continue, day after painful day, to peddle discredited conspiracy theories that Seth was killed after having provided WikiLeaks with emails from the DNC. Those theories, which some reporters have since retracted, are baseless, and they are unspeakably cruel. We know that Seth’s personal email and his personal computer were both inspected by detectives early in the investigation and that the inspection revealed no evidence of any communications with anyone at WikiLeaks or anyone associated with WikiLeaks. Nor did that inspection reveal any evidence that Seth had leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks or to anyone else.