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  1. BH Football Schedule

    I’m not a big believer in touch football but I tell you what. BH is straight giving it to PNG right now. BH looks a lot more physically impressive than PNG. BH receivers just line up and run right past PNG’s dbs.  I know RJ’s number one feature is his legs and he can’t use them in 7 on 7 but if this is all PNG will put on the field for him to throw to it could be a long year if the district has some decent defenses. PNG has one fast kid and no size. I think the best the can hope for is probably a third place finish, maybe fourth. 
  2. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    What do you consider being heavily recruited. I don't even see a 247 page for either. They usually create one for you if you're even on enough FCS team's radar. I do see Orebo is committed to Sam Houston as a power forward for basketball though. 
  3. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    You said multiple times the '17 team was the best in school history and kept putting up some contrived metric to try to prove it. I'm sure there still several of those post on here to be found. Now you're crawfishing saying you just were talking about the offense which is bs, ALL you talked about was where Maxpreps had Crosby ranked vs the '13 team's final ranking.   Craig is ranked 348th in the country, what the heck are you talking about a top 150 player in the country? The most dominant back and maybe player to ever put on pads at Crosby was Austin Walter who ran for over 6,000 career yards and was ranked 984th overall in the country. Who needs that? Obviously we didn't because Craig and Austin's best years we have a combined total of 1 playoff win. We got 4 in '14 with two juco backs and Craig only running for 900 yards. We NEVER have D1 backs until somebody offers them and decides thy're D1. We didn't have any D1 receivers until New Mexico offered Patterson either. Kind of a duh statement coming from a teacher. You probably had a front row seat to Haynes and Beck because you couldn't play. No Howard isn't Haynes, as a prospect Howard is better. Haynes was 5-10 pocket passer with average mobility which is why after going in the THSF record books he still signed with North Texas and couldn't really make any headway there. Howard will sign with a G5 school just like Haynes did and will have a higher recruiting grade when he does. Dude, Beck was a 5-7 slot receiver that probably averaged 15 targets per game. You don't got for over 2,200 receiving yards and still go to juco if you're truly on that level. Crosby has had numerous slot receivers under Riordan who could've done what Beck did in that style offense, namely kids like Vernon Allen and Teryl Wiley. Where do you get off talking about a kid not playing within/not within the system? Do you have any experience calling plays under Riordan? That's one of the most asinine statements I've seen you make on here. As far as overall single season statistics season go Howard has the second best behind Haynes' year. If he stays healthy he's going to set all the career passing records at Crosby next year. 247sports individual rankings dropped RJ down to a 3-star prospect even after the season he had, that's all I'm going to say about that. I wish him well.  When I speak of team speed I'm talking about the entire team, even the kids that will be rotating in. Funny how you mention Netherly and Craig with those other guys yet the current 4x100 team with Doucette and Clay is the one .4 or .5 off PAM state leading time, not the one with Perry and Pickney. You're over here talking about Woodard who's going probably going to struggle to stay on the field with the addition of Doucette and the emergence of Ayala, who can fly, as long as he holds on to the ball. As always, my points will be proven during the season.  People mock you when they run out of ammunition to prove their point, kind of like your posts. After that it slowly moves to disdain for you posting facts and statistics that prove you stance. One thing I know is that your team evaluations are further off than any other Crosby poster on this site.              
  4. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Doucette is cleared. However, Calvin Hill transferred back to Sterling Monday. Feels like a tough loss for a kid that never suited up. 
  5. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Update on a fluid situation: Based on some new information, I would go ahead and consider Calvin Hill to Crosby a done deal. Crosby may have lost Craig Williams but we just picked up Austin Walter 2.0. Based on the work he did in 21-6A as a junior I would expect Hill to average over 200 rushing ypg in the new 5A-D2. HUDL film of the top back in the SETX coverage area:  
  6. We're also getting my little cousin Demond Demas if the paperwork goes though. He's the top receiver in the state for the 2020 class. I doubt Sterling's coach will sign off on Calvin after we took their top receiver already.

    1. BMTSoulja1


      So y'all will be ready for Vidor'.   Lol

  7. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    I know you're a teacher at the school so you think you know things, but one question. How did that best team in Crosby history thing work out for you last year? Go look at the final rankings now compared to the 2013 season and you'll see exactly what I was trying to explain to you and why your ranking system was flawed. Who cares if we have Craig? Other than the Twins senior year the most effective we've run the ball under Riordan was in 2014 when we didn't even have a 1,000 yard rusher for the first time in over a decade. Craig's senior year was very nice, Austin Walter still blew every single season number Craig posted this year away except for tds. Calvin Hill would no doubt be a help but effectively running that ball doesn't depend on having a stud running back. Odd you say that if Howard tries to do too much he will kill any chance to win but RJ and PNG does absolutely everything and you say as long as PNG has him their the favorite. Statements seem conflicted to me. Howard makes better decisions with the football than any other qb we've had since Kellen Haynes. You probably weren't even watching Crosby football back then though? PNG struggled to score 24 points on 4-6 Texas City the week after they beat Crosby. That goes to show we had a defense problem, not a PNG is great because of RJ issue. As far as a faster team, name one? Clay and Simon are faster than any backs we've had under Riordan other than Craig, the Twins were 4.65 kids. The receiving core goes about 6 deep with kids that can get down the field except for Fagnana but he probably has the best hands on the team. Please don't say we were faster with Hill and Hudson, they were big but neither could probably break mid-4.6/4.7. I guess I'll just have to prove that to you when the season starts, even though I get daily workout reports.     
  8. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Update on the reporting from yesterday afternoon. The leading rusher in the SETX coverage area, Calvin Hill, is now enrolled in Crosby High School. Paperwork still needing to be approved. I will also report that this may not even be the biggest move Crosby makes.
  9. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    When has that not been the way Crosby has played offense? We've always had somebody to hand it to and somebody to throw it to. I will report that we just received news that the paperwork got approved for a transfer receiver that's rated even higher than Patterson was and should be Howard's top target this year, kid is the truth from what I've seen so far. We lost Craig but don't be surprised if the two running backs that replace him both rush for over 1,000 yards. From the offensive skill standpoint, this looks to be the fastest team Crosby will put on the field since Riordan has taken over. Not saying we'll average over 50 for the third time under Rio, but as usual points won't be the problem. We knew the defense would be bad before the season started but I don't think anybody knew it would be the worst in school history, or at least that I can remember. Luckily those youngsters gained some experience and should only improve. We also picked up our usual haul of free agents that should infuse the defense with more speed and talent. It's a big IF, but if Crosby can figure our how to at least slow teams down on the defensive side of the ball they should be pretty dangerous with the skill players we have. As for Barbers Hill, I like the new qb transfer y'all got from Clear Falls. Don't think he's the runner that Cauthen was but he looks like he can throw the deep ball pretty well which is all BH does now anyway. BH also has a trio of returning receivers that should be competing for all district spots to go with Spencer Long who's pretty solid when given an opportunity. That being said, if this new qb doesn't pan out I could see BH missing the playoffs again. I would imagine some of the shine starts wearing off Westeberg at that point. *Don't take too much stock in those jv games. Crosby has won or shared four consecutive district championships and our jv probably hasn't won over four games in any of those seasons.
  10. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    What you fail to realize is that Johnson would play nearly ever snap, even in blowouts. Heard played about half the games most of the season and wasn’t just a one man show, he had help at the running back position. Also, look at Guyer’s schedule vs what PNG plays.  Ehlinger only played one more game than RJ his junior year and dwarfed his passing numbers with teams like Lake Travis and North Shore on the schedule. He too was pulled a lot due to Westlake blowing people out that year. RJ has a long way to go before he can throw the ball efficiently at the next level, will probably be third or fourth in the qb room as far as pure passers go unless Beuchele transfers.  Remember 247 sports had Jalen Hurts ranked the #1 dual-threat in the country and now he doesn’t have a job because of his passing ability, even though people raved about it in high school. Not saying he won’t get a lot better but he’s a ways off a kid like Spencer Sanders who I think would be Herman’s JT Barrett/Braxton Miller type qb.   
  11. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Crosby plays New Caney week 1 and Manvel week 2
  12. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    Why would it? RJ is a great player but you do realize he's actually ranked lower than Heard was. Heard came off back to back 2000/2000 rushing and passing seasons to go with back to back state titles. I highly doubt he was more anticipated than Ehlinger who committed coming off a season where he threw for almost 4,000 yards and 50tds while rushing for over 1,300 and played less than ten miles from DKR. He wasn't even UT's top choice this recruiting cycle. They were hard on a kid named Spencer Rattler but he committed to OU in June of last year which allowed RJ to commit to Texas the following month in July. Texas just also signed Cameron Rising out of California who's been hurt the last couple of seasons but also threw for about 4,000 yards as a sophomore to go with 40tds and 1 pick. Probably a 5* talent if healthy all through high school. Tough qb room at Texas but in all likelihood it's Ehlinger's job for the foreseeable future.
  13. New Caney at Crosby

    I like your work and I prefer not to disagree with Crosby people but I still don’t get it? Try to forget the factors and do a basic drill. Using your theory Crosby could play WOS(54) ten times and win all ten by 3 points, then they could play North Shore(71) ten times, win nine by 3 points, lose once by 1 point and be a weaker team using your grading system which just isn’t right.  Bottom four of the district were 10-30 in 2013, district’s bottom four will finish 8-27 this year because of some missed games but the bottle is still the bottom. Some of the names have just changed. If you’re factoring in Willis then LCM should hurt even more.  What I’ve found from a little research is that you get super-penalized for first or second round losses which is why Crosby is getting more credit for beating Jasper this year than Nederland that year. If you used the numbers during the season, which I don’t think there’s a way to get, you get a more apples to apples comparison for how you’re scoring the teams. For instance, NC(234) who is currently second in our district is ranked 110 spots behind Tomball Memorial(124) who they lost to 58-46 and might not make the playoffs in their district. NC’s(6-2) schedule is nowhere near the strength of TM’s(5-3) and they’ve already lost to them which is currently reflected, however NC could beat Nederland or Central in the first round and end up ranked ahead of TM because TM will draw Cedar Park and lose in the first round which won’t be and isn’t reflected in your math trying to compare across years.  End of the day just do the eye test if you actually saw those games back then. This year our second place team just got beat by 28. Our third place team lost by 28 to them and our fourth rep. who will probably end up finishing second lost to KP and had to squeak by Dayton on a dropped TD. BH was a salty 6-4 and stayed home with a good team that year. That far easier comment makes me wonder what you saw back then that I didn’t? All that being said the district went 3-1 in the opening round that year and I truly think we’ll go 3-1 again this year as long as BH is healthy going into their matchup with PNG.  I’m not saying this team can’t end up as maybe even Crosby’s best team but those 2013 kids were the ones who started the hype train and hashtags. They just ran into #4 SC in district and #6 Elgin in the second round. I agree though, here’s to hoping Crosby outperforms any data gathered.   
  14. New Caney at Crosby

    I see what your numbers say but the schedule was not easier in 2013. To open the season Crosby played a Nederland team coming off a 12-2 regional final appearance who eventually finished the season as undefeated district champs and went 10-2. That Nederland team had the #3 defensive tackle recruit in the country and probably had the best run defense in the region in '13, the Twins just shredded them. During district play they lined up with a Summer Creek squad that I believe was ranked #4 in the state at the time qb'd by UCLA commit Aaron Sharp and gave up 63 in an L. Crosby snuck by a Dayton team that eventually lost in the second round by one point to state finalist Brenham on a missed xp.  The score doesn't reflect it but the Jim Holley coached KP team Crosby beat by 24 that year was better than the Jim Holley coached Porter team Crosby only beat by 7 this year. KP had a 100m state finalist at receiver, their qb was a stud and signed with UTSA and they had a big TE Jordan Feuerbacher who just scored twice for Baylor this weekend. I believe CE King only won like 3 games that year with future Texas A&M 1,000 yard freshman running back Trey Williams, I think they would be competing for the 4th spot in this current district instead of finishing 6th like they did that year. Another fallacy I see in the rankings is that they rank 7-2 4A-D2 Jasper(166) over where they would rank a 10-2 5A district champ in Nederland(240). Same for a Dayton(334) squad that lost by one point to a 5A state finalist in the area playoffs vs an LCM(308) squad that probably wouldn't win a game in this district. SC finished 11-1 that year and was ranked #166. For whatever reason the Maxpreps algorithms don't look kindly on any losses until you reach 6A or lose to a 6A. Overall in 2013 Crosby's offense was better, the defense was a little better and the schedule was harder. District has nowhere near the game-changers it had back then either. FB Marshall is probably better than that Elgin team we lost to by 28 that year but if we don't fumble multiple times in the rematch this team may still be good enough to win, at which point Crosby would draw Hutto who is even better than the regional final team we beat.