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  1. Not denying that at all... but there's a difference between reloading and replacing senior D1 commits with freshmen.  
  2. Sabine Pass is looking for games

    It shouldn't be an option.  Any school that fails to honor the district schedule given to them by UIL should have no choice but to do this ^.
  3. Didn't Newton just lose several kids to division one football schools?  If you think they'll be the same caliber team without them that they were with them... it might be a disappointing year for you.  Local coach or not.
  4. Sabine Pass is looking for games

    Maybe they should just cancel football altogether.  I've actually suggested that before...of course, it didn't go over well. 
  5. Sabine Pass is looking for games

    That's Sabine Pass's district and those games are automatically on the schedule as long as SP fields a team.  I'm sure they're looking for preseason games... as the ones they had previously either bailed or found someone else to play.  Or both.
  6. Sabine Pass is looking for games

    Even more difficult when the list of schools that one would actually play is so small.  They aren't looking for games... more like hoping one of the area's small schools has an opening.  Or that a local 3A/4A school has a sub varsity group that'll play. 
  7. Argyle Sports Question

    You’re all wrong.  It’s because DFW teams have larger enrollments.
  8. Jalin Conyers = stud
  9. Only thing I hate for SeTx schools.  Smaller (relatively) schools I mean.  It seems like there is an ingrained idea that you can just fly around and scare the other team into turning it over (Kountze, HJ, Silsbee, EC).  That may have definitely been the case in the past but now eventually you'll run into just a sound basketball team.  When forced into a halfcourt basketball game with a good basketball team it usually doesn't end well.  I know people will say that Silsbee had great success with it, and that's true, but with that amount of talent it probably didn't matter.  
  10. Pressing teams have problems with teams that they can't press into points.  That style of play is falling by the wayside.  
  11. If they're doing that now then they would've had a field day last weekend.  I'd never seen so many "anticipation calls" in my life than what I did a week ago in San Antonio. 
  12. Anahuac Open?

  13. Anahuac Open?

    Dang.. you caught me.  As much as I like money and free time, I've always wanted to be a head coach of a football program that hasn't been any good in... when was the last time they were good?  Ever? No.. making the playoffs doesn't make you good.  Even winning a first-round game doesn't make you good anymore. 

    I honestly don't know.. but if I were a betting man I'd probably bet that he won't have much to do with it. Unless they're just extremely shorthanded.  Which is possible I guess. 
  15. Faith Family vs Yates

    Charter schools should definitely not be allowed to compete in UIL sports for UIL state championships..  any recruiting should be done specifically by public schools.  Like it always has been.