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  1. Signings

    I gotcha.  Well, that, unfortunately, happens with just about any circumstance where a coach decision impacts little Johnny's momma's feelings.  In this instance ^ ... the coaches 100% did the right thing.  Signing day is a pretty sacred thing and should only be celebrated by the members of the team that saw the season all the way through. 
  2. Signings

    Who is "yall"?  I'm not blaming anybody... when I played if you quit a sport you weren't allowed to play the next sport.  If you had no intentions of playing another sport then athletics was over for you.  I don't feel sorry for anyone here.  The kid shouldn't have been allowed to sign with the football players that he quit on. 
  3. Signings

    A kid that quit on his high school team... didn't stay at la tech long?  What a shocker. 
  4. Un huh.. I guess they had every kid returning from the year before?  Didn't even lose one?  Same district?  Other district teams had the same exact kids? Coaching matters a little bit.. but good coaches can't win without players.
  5. *You're.......Hey, you're  
  6. That will have more to do with their outcome than a coaching change.  If it happened.
  7. The Lighter Side

    I stopped sitting in the stands because of this exact scenario.  I then stopped going to games altogether when I realized I could still hear those idiots from where I was trying to isolate myself.  High school games that is.  Big venues only from now on. smh..
  8. How many seniors will they be losing this year?
  9. La Porte Coach

  10. I've been having a field day with all of my butthurt friends over that call.  LOL
  11. It is a fact that a bond (voted for by the taxpaying citizens of Allen ISD) was passed in order to build a 60 million dollar football stadium for their school.  I am speculating that a parent would rather have their kid play football there than...(insert North Tx school district). I have close personal friends that coach in DFW and it is explained to me in full detail that when a player doesn't like their current situation for whatever reason it's nothing to simply sign a lease contract with an apartment building in another district and change teams.  It could be something as simple as not liking their current position or even their English teacher.  And if you don't think that's happening in every big city in the state then you're too naive to understand. Coaches don't have to recruit.. facilities and high paid teachers/coaches are a recruitment strategy in itself. 
  12. First .. the only recruiting being done at Allen is by the taxpayers of that community.  Their decision to build the nicest facilities in the area is what inticed those parents to bring their kids there.   Second .. you’re opinion is somewhat irrelevant.  Remember that one time you tried to convince everyone that Allen always wins because of enrollment/recruitment/home field advantage?? Well.. we didn’t.  All of those ^ excuses were not only proven wrong by numerous examples, but proven way wrong THIS YEAR. Smh.. the irony of someone from East Chambers complaining about another school getting football transfers.
  13. Warren 54 Hardin 48/FINAL

    I think the original points that were made regarding the schedule was that last year and the year prior Hardin scheduled a tougher preseason schedule than this year.  By quite a stretch.  And it seems as though the year's outcome is going to be identical. Tied for 4th at best.  The preseason schedule didn't help them last year just like it didn't help a few other teams in the district this year.   I also think that the 32 - 6 foul count was in reference to the first time that they played.  Not this time.
  14. Warren 54 Hardin 48/FINAL

    That may have had something to do with it also.  In small school games, one player can make all the difference in the world. 
  15. Warren 54 Hardin 48/FINAL

    Gotcha.  I wasn't aware they played similar styles.. my apologies.  It was more of a knee jerk reaction to times I've seen that comment made previously by fans looking for something to blame a loss on. Not saying you were doing that. To add to points made by both of us.  Wasn't Warren missing some players in that first game?  I thought I read that.  If so.  I don't know how deep Warren's bench is but it may be possible that Warren had kids on the floor that "would not know how to position themselves defensively to avoid fouling."  Correct?