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  1. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    When it comes to 3AD2.. Newton is just on another level. 
  2. I knew it was Carthage and another team from their district.  Thanks.
  3. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Regional Finals

    1. Huntsville 2.   West Orange-Stark 3.   Newton 4.   San Augustine 5.   Strawn 6.   Galena Park North Shore 7.   Beaumont West Brook 8.  Grandview 9.   Alvin Shadow Creek 10. Carthage 11. Lake Travs 12. Austin Westlake 13. San Antonio Wagner 14. Calallen 15. Liberty Hill 16. Cuero 17. Yoakum 18. East Bernard 19. Refugio 20. Southlake Carroll 21. Allen 22. /Tascosa 23. Spring Westfield 24. Denton Ryan 25. Highland Park    Like this
  4. I think Carthage and Gilmer did it one year.
  5. Bad weather

    And this is where indoor turf practice facilities make a difference. 
  6. College Football Playoff

    I will concede to agree to this.. mainly because I think that the winning of each Power 5 conference will more than likely have an end result of finishing in the top 8.  I will probably not ever agree that it doesn't need expansion, though.  Every single year there is a real, very legitimate argument for at least one team that was left out of the top 4 that could/should have been.  I'm not talking about being mad.  I'm talking about a decision with pretty severe implications concerning who is truly the National Champion.  There is a much bigger difference in the picking of teams ranked 2-5 (which could usually be switched around justifiably) and 8-10 (which would play the best team in the country Round 1 anyway..but still much easier to determine). I just want to see it more of a true playoff format.  One in which you don't get as much time to prepare for several different opponents.  One in which you don't get an entire month to rest, heal, and prepare.  One in which you have to stay sharp and focused..and play beat up for consecutive weeks (not 2).  I just want to see it done like every other sport.  Right now I don't get as excited about the FBS playoff as I do the NCAA BB bracket.. and that shouldn't be the case.  December Madness needs to be a thing the way that March Madness is.
  7. College Football Playoff

    By that knowledge, let's go ahead and take out all of the other district winners that have never made any real runs in football.  How many state championships are won out of Region 4?  Let's go ahead and not even let them in the playoff bracket.
  8. College Football Playoff

    I would imagine that there are a lot of people that think the 4th seed of a district has no business being in the state playoffs in Texas High School football.  Maybe they don't.  But 4 seeds win their 1st round game against 1 seeds every single year.
  9. College Football Playoff

    Fine.  Imagine if every other division in football decided champions like FBS football does.  Pro, FCS, NCAA D2 and D3, NJCAA D1 D2, NAIA, all levels of high school. And I'm sorry but I don't agree.  A team that runs the table in the Big10 and wins the Big10 championship most definitely deserves a shot.. even if it's a long shot.  In 2007 Boise State beat OU in the Fiesta Bowl.  Does that mean I think Boise State needed a shot at it?  No.  I think that only Power 5 conference champions should have an automatic bid to compete for the FBS National Title.  If a team like Northwestern were to beat Ohio St for their conference title then they would still likely be the lowest ranked team in the tournament.  Call it a bye week for Bama... unless... anything can happen in FBS football.  Bama has been in there with a loss to worse teams.  So..  
  10. College Football Playoff

    I'm not.  Just like I'm not ok with a team having a chance to win it simply because they're undefeated. ie Clemson and Notre Dame.  Both of whom had relatively weak schedules but because they happened to run the table are dubbed as playoff teams.  I think that schools should be rewarded for tough schedules and then prevailing through tough conferences.  Hence the whole reason for my argument. Imagine for one second if all sports picked champions the way that FBS football picks champions.  On that.. I choose the side of all other sports.
  11. College Football Playoff

    A 20 point loss to the #11 team in the country shouldn't cost a team a playoff spot if they're truly one of the best and had a stellar season other than that.  I know this is this year and that's all that matters but Alabama has been in the 4 team playoff before with a loss to an unranked team.  Unranked.  
  12. College Football Playoff

    By the way.. if Clemson would’ve lost their conference championship game just look at their resume.  They would have only beaten two ranked teams.  A two point win over #19 and a 4 point win over #20. Yeah that’s not very impressive.  The only thing they have going for them is the fact they haven’t lost and they won their conference.
  13. College Football Playoff

    Of course!  You should be entitled to one bad game.  And at the end of the season if you take the 5 champs plus 3 at large bids the chances are high that you’ll get to redeem the loss (cough cough Georgia).  According to my suggestion ^ Clemson could still lose just their title game and likely be ok. According to the current playoff system Georgia was punished for one bad decision..not even game.  Them trying a fake punt at midfield after an absolutely stellar season cost them a chance at the National Championship.