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    When you only give up 32 in a basketball game you’re supposed to win.  But to be fair...only giving up 28 is even better.
  2. Hamshire Fannett is open

    Is there a list of applicants? 
  3. Too late I'm afraid.  Or maybe not...
  4. Brenham is Open

    I do love some ice cream.  But I was thinking more along the lines of taking what was given to me and selling for half price ;)...  Sorry.  I'm an ol horse trader from way back.  Business minded first.
  5. Will this be a "campus coordinator" type position as well?  Like an AD for the new school?  Or strictly head football?
  6. Brenham is Open

    Where do I apply?  No salary necessary. 
  7. Must've missed a PAT.
  8. Hamshire Fannett is open

    Yep ^^
  9. Hamshire Fannett is open

    What a shocker.  Wonder who the next 2-year coach will be. #RevolvingDoor
  10. Blowout games don’t help anyone unless you want to rest your starters.  If that’s the case just have a light practice and save time and money. EC hasn’t had a close game in a while..they’re gonna wish they’d played one to remember how to win a close one.
  11. Makes zero sense to play a team in a lower class that didn’t even win their district. Meanwhile.. I saw that Kountze is getting drilled by Jasper.  Probably would’ve been a couple competitive games if EC/Jasper and Ktze/Broaddus. If we’re really looking for a true warmup/preparation game that is.
  12. Baytown Mega Scool

    Nobody is saying it's a guarantee of success.  But getting to play schools with a lot less of a pool to draw from will benefit any school.  Especially in football.  
  13. Baytown Mega Scool

    Is there any school in the state that wouldn’t benefit from moving down a classification?