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  1. Hardin at Orangefield

    I would think that putting a stop to 70% of the offense is the best bet. 
  2. Hardin at Orangefield

    I know you weren't.  Like I said.. I know that Haynes knows his stuff when he has a kid that can throw and a couple that can catch.  You could almost argue that that seems to be his preferred offence.  However.. it certainly seems that Hardin's bread and butter is the running back.  If that's the case then loading the box might be the best option.  
  3. Kirbyville fans

    Don't fret.  18 year olds are better than 14/15 year olds.. that's how it's supposed to be.  If KV is playing a lot of young ones then they'll be fine.  Varsity experience never hurts. 
  4. Hardin at Orangefield

    Not meaning to seem argumentative.. but why do you say that?  I know that LH is known for throwing it around but isn't Hardin's RB raking in a good portion of the offence?
  5. Hardin at Orangefield

    History matters...zero...when talking about 2 teams that are playing this year.  Unless you're talking about last year or year before when talking about history it doesn't really matter.  Burkeville won a state championship in 2001.  See.. history means nothing. That said.. I think OF wins this one by double digits.  
  6. EC @ Kirbyville

    EC big.
  7. Hardin 42 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    This district is unusually weak this year.   
  8. Livingston @ Lumberton (homecoming)

    Livingston won’t win a game this year.  Lumberton should roll.
  9. Hardin 42 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    If you’ve read my posts on this site you’d know that I don’t discriminate against any school.  And hate to break it to you.. but there isn’t a single thing in this or any other post I’ve made that is “attacking” anyone.  I’m realistic and I’m not a fan of delusional posts.  I also defend coaches probably more than anyone on this site.  Someone implied Hardin was good by saying they could kill someone? I’m just bringing up the fact that Hardin has only beat bad teams.  If you say they’re good based on their record and I can also say that they can only beat bad teams (because of record).
  10. Hardin 42 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    Before you start letting your cockiness run away with itself.. think about this.  Hardin as won 5 games this year.  4 of those 5 schools are 0-6.  The other is 1-5.  I’m glad for y’all’s kids that they’re having some success but I wouldn’t be throwing statements that they’d kill..anyone.  Every team they’ve beaten is garbage.  Maybe Hardin would beat HD.  We won’t know but we know this for a fact.  Hardin has only played 1 team that has at least 2 wins and they were destroyed.  
  11. You're right.. And I'll give you another one since we're looking for exceptions.  Refugio is another.  Calallen and Refugio are two schools in the region 4/San Antonio or south of..areas that have beaten a school from a different region in the last decade or more.  About 20 or so state semifinal or final games per year and you found a couple that disprove what I said.  Good job.  I'm still sticking to my point that region 4 teams (except Austin WL and LT) are irrelevant when it comes to football.  You can speculate as to why that is however you feel like. 
  12. Week 7 Pick'ems

    Baytown Sterling Beaumont West Brook Galena Park North Shore Beaumont United Port Arthur Memorial Nederland PNG Vidor Lumberton LCM Splendora Center Hamshire-Fannet Silsbee Diboll Anahuac Woodville Kirbyville East Chambers Shelbyville Hull Daisetta West Hardin Evadale The Woodlands Legacy Prep Corrigan-Camden
  13. Of course I know of Calallen and Phil Danaher.  I've met him..  I don't need to check the history.  His vast success still doesn't disprove the point that I've been making.  Calallen and Phil Danaher has beaten a football team outside of Region 4 in the state playoffs  twice in his entire coaching career.  
  14. I didn't say they were an issue.  I'm saying that statistically it isn't always the ideal situation for a football team because football relies on numbers.  Having a large group of kids that don't play football...will not help the situation of a football program.
  15. I have a good friend that coached there up until last year.  He told me this would happen exactly how it's happening.  The dropping enrollment coupled with the demographic shift has caused the number in athletics to fall considerably.  Not to sound ugly.. but a lot of those kids don't play football around here (SeTx).