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    This shouldn’t matter with youth sports.  I’ve always thought that kids should be students at the school to play school ball or participate in school activities...but youth sports/cheer don’t follow guidelines set by UIL so who cares.
  2. Newton looking for Coach

    Probably the best chance for a coach to be part of a state championship team in the state.  This should get a little interest for that reason alone.
  3. I would argue that some of the best coaches in the game will never win a title..and several state champion coaches could never win one if not for the crazy amount of talent they’ve had.   Jimmies/Joes > Xs/Os  
  4. H-F on the rise

    We're not talking about a 5a/6a football team.
  5. H-F on the rise

    I will remember this conversation after a couple months of 11 on 11.  Those pads make 7 on 7 successes and failures irrelevant.
  6. H-F on the rise

    When you do well with 7 on 7 it means that...no...it doesn’t mean anything.  Sorry.
  7. Saratoga West Hardin

    I bet.
  8. Saratoga West Hardin

    Walmart would be the better option here.
  9. Coldspring open

    "Manvel was one of, if not THE most athletic teams in TX last year. Highland Park might have been the least athletic State Champion." Those are your words my man..I was simply stating that to imply that Highland Park wasn't athletic is..well..kind of dumb.  They literally had D1 football players all over the field.  Yeah they may have won the X's and O's battle but they were VERY athletic.  What is so hard to understand about that? 
  10. Coldspring open

    Silsbee had faster kids than Carthage...how did their football game work out? Speaking of..I thought we were referring to the football state championship game.  Was the original question asked about HP vs Manvel in a track meet?
  11. Coldspring open

    There's not a football coach in Texas (5A and down) that would have a problem with that "nonathletic" team that HP had.  Not one.
  12. Coldspring open

    I watched every second of the game.  Highland Park had 6 seniors that signed to play D1 football..including a quarterback that signed with an SEC school.  Yeah just because they didn't seem as though they were as fast as Manvel DOES NOT mean they didn't have an athletic team as well.  They had athletes all over the field too.  Give me a break.
  13. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Is everyone assuming that there was just a large pool of choices for this job?  Coaches that are proven winners would never consider a job like this unless it’s literally the dead end of their career and money was the only driving force. Amd for the record I’d bet that the OC at Austin Lake Travis would rather stay than become a HC at Sterling...lol.  Hopefully that was a joke.
  14. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    It’s all good.  Honest mistake.
  15. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    I’m more than aware of that.  My granddaughter will have a tryout for youth volleyball in June as an incoming 3rd grader. I’m talking about playing for a public school.  I’m also talking about the vast majority of high school volleyball players that don’t start until junior high.  Which will include multiple future college volleyball players.