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  1. City War

    Since I'm living in Lake Charles now, I might try and hit this game up tomorrow. Gotta get one of those turkey legs
  2. McNeese

    I know it's an SETX board but I know there are a few McNeese fans or at least followers on here. I'm back in sports reporting, covering McNeese for the American Press. So if any of you guys want to follow, my twitter is the same as my name on here. 
  3. Newton 71 Kirbyville 0/FINAL

    Good teams in 3A D2 usually have 1 big time stud and a lot of solid parts around him. Newton has 4-5 big time studs with a bunch of really nice parts around them. And great coaching.
  4. Newton 71 Kirbyville 0/FINAL

    Unless you know the details of Newton substituting kids in and passing the ball late, it’s probably best not to say this. Very possible backups on the team took a running play and scored late. I’m not gonna tell a kid not to score when he just gets in.
  5. Evadale Assistant Football Coaching job

     Not always true. I guess it depends where in TX you are but a first year teacher/football coach can make near $60k, which is more than a good amount of head coaches make in Florida. But I can’t speak for a smaller school like Evadale.  
  6. lol this is like when they tried it on the DeSoto coaching topic
  7. Manvel/Seven Lakes/George Ranch

    Bro, I'm not at work 24 hours a day. Bro, I'm not breaking news, I put a tweet up in a thread that seemed like it would be useful for. Thanks for being concerned with what I do with my time though.... bro.
  8. Manvel/Seven Lakes/George Ranch


    Nobody said he wasn't at Central.
  10. the sun can give you skin cancer but you go outside don't ya?
  11. Memorial's new QB

    Speaking of PAM QBs, I just saw that Kadon Harrison just switched from QB to WR at UL
  12. Not that it was expected to be Peterman anyways, but he got named the head coach at Brewer in Fort Worth.  I'm real curious as to who PAM will hire.
  13. RIP Blain Padgett

    Not sure if anyone else saw this yet, but Grayson Padgett hit a walk off home run for Houston against San Diego in the 12th inning. Said in interviews and tweeted pretty much that he did it in Blain's name. Pretty cool story in such a tragic time for the Padgett family.    
  14. That wasn't quite what he said. He said the family wasn't willing to relocate. That makes more sense in my eyes if that was actually what was said. FSU went after the UM WRs coach but I think the wifey helped put the clamps down on that. So he's still in Coral Gables.