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  1. I used Kelly Catholic in stories I wrote when I was there. Way back in 2013, when Danny was a wee lad, barely out of grade school.
  2. Newton players receiving FBS offers

    Hope you enjoyed the fresh air up there after dealing with the aromas that Beaumont and surrounding areas offer you
  3. Both Newton and WO-S have the defense to go all the way. Newton has the playmaking ability on offense, I'm not as familiar with WO-S'. 
  4. Temple 33 Port Arthur Memorial 29/FINAL

    Pak, I see your opinion on the whole thing. I don't agree, but obviously nothing I say will change your mind so I'm not really trying to do that. Clearly there are other ppl in this thread that agree with you. I think it's an insult to say that they have no coaching. I see teams here in Florida that have tons of talent with a true lack of coaching (low pay, no resources don't make for great coaching situations here). Could he do better? Sure. Does he have some of the most talent in the area? Yeah. But to say that the players are basically doing all of this in spite of him seems wrong to me. You say that the players will run through a brick wall for him, that's part of coaching. I give him credit for staying at PAM with a relatively unappreciative fanbase. Based on what you're saying, you're not the only one that wants him out. I don't get it, kind of reminds me of Mark Richt at UGA. Maybe another coach can take them to the next level. No guarantee though. Whatever's best for him and PAM, I hope happens. If that means he stays, I hope yall learn to deal. If he leaves, I hope they find a good replacement. Lord knows he's gonna have to deal with fans that want him out even if they go to the 3rd round.
  5. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    If you're/they're gonna do gators, use the one that my school that I've coached at has used. It's in my avatar but here's a bigger version: 
  6. Newton players receiving FBS offers

    Going up to Newton? If so, stop by Jennys for me.
  7. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    Ohhhh so you're talking about a shirt that was made 30 years ago. Got it.
  8. I know it's no shock, but Newton has a trio of players that have received FBS offers in the last week or so. I love rooting for Newton bc they always treated me awesome when I went up there. And they (along with WOS) always kept football coverage going until December lol. 2019ers Tamauzia Brown and Darwin Barlow along with 2020er James Sylvester all received offers from Baylor recently. Brown and Barlow were also offered by Southern Miss. Brown also has prior offers from Lamar and Oklahoma State. I'm always amazed at all the talent that comes out of that small town lol.
  9. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    Lol who is it known as that to? You keeping that tired narrative up
  10. Temple 33 Port Arthur Memorial 29/FINAL

    PAM would be crazy to drive Kenny out of that head coaching spot. They didn't just make the playoffs, they made it three rounds deep and were 50 seconds away from beating a very good Temple team (all 3 teams that beat Temple this season are still playing this week). Pak, I'm sure you're not the only one with high expectations for them. Once you get to this part of the playoffs, all the teams are good or great. But, if for some reason, Kenny was let go, I hope PAM doesn't pull a Tennessee and listen to the fans on who to hire. Be careful what/who you wish for. And Kenny would find a job just fine in that case. I'm sure he makes calls that fans don't like (I see it on here), but you're assuming the replacement will be better.
  11. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    Everybody thinks they're a coach
  12. Should Roschon Transfer?

    Forgot about Bob Hope. It's right there.
  13. Should Roschon Transfer?

    The UIL's rules make it so that it's really tough and it's almost a moot point. But I'll say this. If he had that same exact situation in Florida, I think it would make sense for him to transfer. But it's also way easier to transfer here. I disagree with WOSGrad's implication that wanting to transfer makes automatically gives you a low set of values. It's a different time. Some transfers don't make sense, some do. I think this one, if it did happen, would make sense. He'll be successful at PNG next year, I'm sure BF will find him some good weapons. But he's asked to do a lot with no defense to support him.
  14. Temple 33 Port Arthur Memorial 29/FINAL

    It means they shook hands. Which all I've heard for weeks is that they didn't.
  15. Temple 33 Port Arthur Memorial 29/FINAL

    Well, if you want to call coach Harrison and personally ask him for an apology/explanation, go ahead. Because no matter what you say, this clearly is still bothering you. Anyways, you hijacked a game board that had nothing to do with that, so congratulations. You are the arbiter of what any and everyone else should determine is sportsmanlike and unsportsmanlike. PAM could have made a mistake but can you voice your displeasure and move on? Apparently not. So yes, karma got those bad ol mean ol coaches by only letting em win two playoff games instead of three. You constantly try to separate players and coaches with your sympathy. I've been coaching for the last 3 years and I'll tell you something, pretty hard to do that. I don't even agree with Pak on a ton of stuff he says but to bring this up again unprovoked is ridiculous. But congrats, you get to dance around as the PAM players (AND coaches) are done today.