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  1. State Semifinal Schedule/Scoreboard

    Wow! The streak is ova!
  2. Fair play to East Bernard. They made this game closer than anyone thought they would!
  3. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    lol Newton is so unfair in 3A DII
  4. Gotta respect someone willing to die on the hill even when it's not looking good for em. And I'm not saying one side is right or wrong bc I have no idea. 
  5. Newton 69 Omaha Paul Pewitt 0/FINAL

    I guess you could say it's down with OPP
  6. Congrats to Kenny on the win!
  7. Crow thread

    That's fine, but the last time they played was when? MaxPreps says 2013. I'm not going to pick LCM to beat Lumberton because LCM has beaten them a lot years ago. I'm going to pick LCM if I think they're the better team than Lumberton this season, this week.
  8. Crow thread

    What has LCM done this season for anyone to pick them to win? I mean Lumberton has been okay themselves but it's not like LCM was undefeated or anything and ppl just picked Lumberton for no reason. LCM has been below average for years now.
  9. Should Temple try to lose?

    lol Temple has been one of the best teams in the state of Texas for a few years now. If they lose I doubt that's going to keep them from going far in the playoffs. Actually the situation may make them advance even farther. It's not like they played the starters the entire game and they sandbagged it. They put the backups in and backups did what backups do against another team's starters
  10. Question about filming

    Is the rule that got PNG to forfeit a Texas-only rule? Because I know Hudl Sideline is a big thing to schools that can afford it in Florida and other states. But it gives you the film in real-time from the camera to a TV on the sideline. I'm very surprised that Texas has this rule of all states. But if someone knows, let me know. I'm curious.
  11. City War

    Since I'm living in Lake Charles now, I might try and hit this game up tomorrow. Gotta get one of those turkey legs
  12. McNeese

    I know it's an SETX board but I know there are a few McNeese fans or at least followers on here. I'm back in sports reporting, covering McNeese for the American Press. So if any of you guys want to follow, my twitter is the same as my name on here. 
  13. Newton 71 Kirbyville 0/FINAL

    Good teams in 3A D2 usually have 1 big time stud and a lot of solid parts around him. Newton has 4-5 big time studs with a bunch of really nice parts around them. And great coaching.
  14. Newton 71 Kirbyville 0/FINAL

    Unless you know the details of Newton substituting kids in and passing the ball late, it’s probably best not to say this. Very possible backups on the team took a running play and scored late. I’m not gonna tell a kid not to score when he just gets in.