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  1. 2017-18 Willie Ray Smith Award Winners

    Purple & white takeover
  2. PA Memorial Head Coach to Summer Creek

    It was my opinion that Kenny would have probably left PAM earlier if not for his son being in high school when he was. I will say, I give the school board and school district credit for sticking with him through that rough two-season stretch right at the end of them being in 6A. Whoever gets the job next will have a ton of talent and a heck of a fan base lol
  3. I like the idea of one color from each of the old schools. Timberwolves, meh. Beaumont United, meh. But if that got the vote then a lot more people liked it than didn't. The basketball team should be amazing. And so should the band. Might look like Bethune-Cookman. Football team certainly won't lack for talent. But moving up to 6A will be a beast. Best of luck to BUHS!
  4. PA Memorial Head Coach to Summer Creek

    I’m not sure if you were expecting him to torch the place on the way out, but I don’t think he was gonna do that. I didn’t know he’s still without a house. That may make it a bit easier to move, I don’t know for sure. But I have to imagine that’s a factor. Maybe increase in pay, better facilities, who knows. But he wasn’t gonna be negative leaving in my opinion.
  5. PA Memorial Head Coach to Summer Creek

    Seems like the carousel around there has been slow so far. Only one I remember seeing is Kirbyville. Now there's PAM, what about the CentrOzen school? Should be some interesting hires.
  6. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Again, don't play yourself. Neither team needs the other to be successful in their given classifications. To top that off, the two teams just played a two-game series not too long ago where Newton won a game where they were huge underdogs. They decided not to play WOS this last cycle and whether I agree or not is irrelevant. But they've already played other times when a win wasn't assured (a win is never assured playing WOS anyways).
  7. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Newton will reload just like they usually do and just like WO-S does. Don't play yourself trying to prove a point.
  8. A couple of big resignations today

    If that’s what you think and that’s what you took from what I said, ok. But you said DeSoto was like that Rams. I gave you numbers to say that’s false. The Rams were a mediocre team that was made good. DeSoto was a contender that went the next step with Peterman. DeSoto was nowhere near struggling like the Rams did. That’s unarguable.
  9. A couple of big resignations today

    Not at all like the Rams. Mathis won double-digit games 5 straight seasons before he left DeSoto. Then Peterman went 6-6 in his first season before winning state the next year. He took them over the hump but to make it seem like he rebuilt the program is not accurate at all.
  10. A couple of big resignations today

    Man this was a total fail of a rebuttal on your part. Because I looked back in this thread to see if you asked me a question that I missed and I don't see one. Please, ask it to me again and I will answer. I look forward to it. And you want to talk about flipping? I ask about when OF/BC/Lumberton will hire a black coach and instead of you answering, you respond with a question about Central/Ozen hiring a white head coach when they JUST had one for a few seasons. So I'll ask YOU again, when will Orangefield, Bridge City or Lumberton hire a black coach? Meanwhile, I will continue to search for the question you said I'm not answering.
  11. Willie Ray Smith Award Finalists

    Oh wow that's crazy! Are you only allowed one player on each side of the ball? I can't remember lol
  12. Willie Ray Smith Award Finalists

    No Tamauzia Brown on the defensive side? Didn't he lead the state in interceptions or something?
  13. http://texashsfootball.com/southlake-carroll-hc-hal-wasson-placed-administrative-leave/
  14. A couple of big resignations today

     DeSoto had two white head coaches prior to Claude Mathis. I couldn’t find pictures of coaches before that. So since they’ve had more than one white head coach in the long history of the program, I’m going to say that you did not give an apt comparison. Besides, you know the answer to your question anyways. IF you’re going to say DeSoto is racist/reverse racist, you’re gonna need some pretty concrete evidence. Now, does it make sense that they’re letting go of Peterman after what he’s done? I don’t think so. But I don’t know everything that went on behind the scenes there. And neither do you. So to call the community racist doesn’t hold water. 
  15. I think it will be a powerhouse. They will have a lot of competition from the Houston-area. But they have too much talent. Question is, who will coach them? Despite BISD's reputation, I'd imagine this will be a highly sought after position.