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  1. Good to hear.  Going to miss Friday's game but I will be listening.  Geaux Dogs
  2. Area Round: East Chambers vs West

    Good luck Bucs.  May the momentum be with you.  Load the box and make them throw.
  3. I don't know how in heck we won this game, but the dogs hung in there.  Don't approve of the unsportsman conduct calls though.  I know this is a passionate group.  That is good and bad. Congrats dogs and lets play a perfect game next week.  We will need it. We knocked off Pearland Dawsen a few years ago and we can do it again. Was that the game plan not starting #11 or is he banged up a little?
  4. Willowridge @ Nederland

    I've seen Landon play for a long time and that's one few times that's happen. For his size they don't come any tougher.  Yes he got caught on his heels coming off a block. 
  5. Willowridge @ Nederland

    who's banged up in the secondary?
  6. East Chambers vs Crockett @ WDVille 7:00 Thursday

    Good luck to you Bucs.  Should be close, but I think you guys take em.
  7. Shug

    As a Bulldog and Aggie it was still an honor to watch RJ play.  When I saw him first as a freshman It wasn’t hard to see that he would be special.  
  8. Willowridge @ Nederland

    All info is on NHS website. 
  9. Great game Indians. Your offense is what I expected, your defense was not. They stepped up. The dogs did not have the intensity the Indians did in the second half. The most mistakes I've seen the dogs make all year.  Can't do that in this game. RJ was on a mission and no body was getting in his way. The dogs were a little to conservative at times last night in my view.  It would be pretty cool if we get another chance to play again.  
  10. Should Temple try to lose?

    It would be very enticing to loose.  But  I think it's the wrong message your sending your kids.  The big picture is always play to win. 
  11. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    All right game day.  Looks like it will will be cold and wet.  That will be an advantage to the running game.
  12. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    That's why they call it madness, let the kids play.  But please no flare guns.
  13. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    It will be a hard fought game on both sides.  They're are no underdogs in this game.  The winner will be the team wakes up Friday morning and says we cannot loose.