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  1. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    I think EC has the talent and the coach.  EC all the way.
  2. Nederland Bond

    Well, she had one thing right.
  3. Nederland Bond

    It takes a village to raise a child.  This is a high price to pay, but I think it worth it.  We must continue to upgrade the school facilities to keep up with an ever changing world.  Like someone said earlier,  it's not going to get any cheaper.  The football stadium upgrades will in time save money on upkeep.  Bathrooms are a disgrace.  Nederland is one of the last districts in 5A (that regularly go to the playoffs) that play on grass, mud etc.
  4. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    About the time I submitted I realized what you meant.
  5. Way to go Newton. You keep putting the Piney Woods on the map.  God bless Coach Johnston.  What an inspiration.  Inspiration has an unusual history.  Figuratively means the drawing of air into the lungs.  I hope this win inspires Coach J.
  6. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Actually French tided Odessa Permian.  My X was a Buffalo Bell.
  7. Grandview 36 East Chambers 35/FINAL

    Tuff loss Bucs.  It would have been nice to get that win, but none the less fantastic season.  Best season in my memory.  One less turnover and we win.  Now you know you guys can compete with the best. 
  8. Heck of a game.  Watched in on Texan Live.  Both played hard.  Looks like Silsbee made less mistakes.  It takes a lot of planning for these games and I guess both coaches agreed on Friday night, took a chance.  All the kids riding buses and family traveling is the only issue I have.  Hope everyone made it home ok.
  9. East Chambers vs Cameron Yoe

    Forget about years past against C.Y..  New team new focus.  Geaux Bucs
  10. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    PNG will have to do some passing.  RJ will get his runs.  If the defense holds them a few times, you guys have a chance. Definitely keep the ball away from #5.
  11. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    Great Idea. Don’t know if we should make that kind of change at this stage of the game.  Pardon the pun.  
  12. Good to hear.  Going to miss Friday's game but I will be listening.  Geaux Dogs
  13. Area Round: East Chambers vs West

    Good luck Bucs.  May the momentum be with you.  Load the box and make them throw.
  14. I don't know how in heck we won this game, but the dogs hung in there.  Don't approve of the unsportsman conduct calls though.  I know this is a passionate group.  That is good and bad. Congrats dogs and lets play a perfect game next week.  We will need it. We knocked off Pearland Dawsen a few years ago and we can do it again. Was that the game plan not starting #11 or is he banged up a little?
  15. Willowridge @ Nederland

    I've seen Landon play for a long time and that's one few times that's happen. For his size they don't come any tougher.  Yes he got caught on his heels coming off a block.