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  1. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    no respect huh?
  2. Week 8 Junior Scores

    Who da ghost?
  3. Week 8 Junior Scores

    Something like that. 
  4. Week 8 Junior Scores

    DIdnt png purple play vidor on Wednesday?  Well play is a strong verb. 
  5. Is STJFL Dead?

    problem with tyfa is I believe they are enforcing playing 4 out of 8 games in houston
  6. Week 7 Juniors Scores (Scores Only!!!!!)

    Nederland jr black 35  LCM 6
  7. Week 7 JR Scores

    Ned I don’t want to be the devils advocate but you cursed a lot. Called the bc filmer a n********, and suggested you meet him in the parking lot. Btw, they got that all on video. Hood rat rick
  8. Week 7 JR Scores

    Important information. I could just tell you how to win a game but that’s no fun. Look, take your Prius and your hippy Bernie sanders supporting self and jump on a parking cone. 
  9. Week 7 JR Scores

    Lol you’re right. You’re so smart, I forgot all the contributions you make to your league or stjfl. When we want a whipping boy we will call upon the village idiot. That’s you Incase you’re too dense to figure it out.
  10. Week 7 JR Scores

    Lmao you check tape, I was there. When the second half started #23 was in the parking lot playing tag. He only played 3 plays the second half, but it’s about the kids
  11. Week 7 JR Scores

    Haha you number one pick. 
  12. Week 7 JR Scores

    Btw speaking of hand in the cookie jar, how’s that waiver going? You got a nederland report card, who you playing for next year? Asking for a friend 
  13. Week 7 JR Scores

    Its ova lmao
  14. Week 7 JR Scores

    Check it click clack, go run back to demond. Get your facts straight, we were not there to video you but we did get your little outburst with your questionable language and derogatory language. 
  15. Week 7 JR Scores

    Lol when pa red forgot the parade float and dog leashes at home