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  1. Trump-Putin meeting

    do you got sources? I know some guys, who know some guys who know nothing and they would like to know something  
  2. Trump-Putin meeting

    https://babylonbee.com/news/boomer-longs-for-glory-days-when-america-russia-nearly-blew-up-entire-world/ Big girl, Longs For Glory Days When America, Russia Nearly Blew Up Entire World
  3. Trump-Putin meeting

    Obama would have bent over for them, and said please.
  4. He probably be for it if he was alive today. 
  5. Thank you

    A good coach and a better man.
  6. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/thrill-of-the-chaste-the-truth-about-gandhis-sex-life-1937411.html   With religious chastity under scrutiny, a new book throws light on Gandhi's practice of sleeping next to naked girls. In fact, he was sex-mad, writes biographer Jad Adams Monday 2 January 2012   As he grew older (and following Kasturba's death) he was to have more women around him and would oblige women to sleep with him whom – according to his segregated ashram rules – were forbidden to sleep with their own husbands. Gandhi would have women in his bed, engaging in his "experiments" which seem to have been, from a reading of his letters, an exercise in strip-tease or other non-contact sexual activity. Much explicit material has been destroyed but tantalising remarks in Gandhi's letters remain such as: "Vina's sleeping with me might be called an accident. All that can be said is that she slept close to me." One might assume, then, that getting into the spirit of the Gandhian experiment meant something more than just sleeping close to him.