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  1. Black on Black Racism

    People been pointing this one out since our for a long time, but the rappers kept on rapping about it. So if it’s not the democrats fault could it be an overall low morality within the black community that is responsible for the breaking down of the family unit? 
  2. Dow tops 23,000!

    I agree with what your saying, and also there has been more than a few  POTUS during that time, so at the same time the POTUS has had little to do (though some and I agree that Obama hurt things) with the continued rise of the market from inception to today
  3. Dow tops 23,000!

    The DOW can drop just as quick as it rises, so while the POTUS has a small influence over the DOW, he has very little to do with the DOW.
  4. Racist?

    Obama is rallying the troops for November 4th..... https://refusefascism.org/2017/08/06/this-nightmare-must-end-the-trumppence-regime-must-go/ I could not find the video, and the article mentions everything except the protestor proclaiming Nov 4th the day when the revolution starts.... http://www.dallasobserver.com/news/jerry-jones-confronted-by-protesters-video-9981522
  5. Mass shooting in Vegas

    I do not want to be a conspiracy theory guy on the Vegas shooting, but those involved are not helping me at all. No footage released, no security guard, a nice clean suicide, the official story/ timeline has been changed, not a single person on the floor in their room, besides the shooter...... But I really think the security guard was scared to do anything and that is why he ran away , because of the shame and guilt of doing nothing while others died...there is no footage because the cameras are all pointed at the gamblers, people wanted the security guard to be the hero, so they jumped to conclusions.
  6. The silence from our friends on the left is defining!!!!
  7. Black on Black Racism

    I agree....:) 
  8. How Depraved Will We Get

    Our world will only get more and more depraved, and one day God will say enough and The Book of Revelation starts to play out.   Bible verses related to Signs Of The End Times   https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/bible-verses-about-signs-of-the-end-times/
  9. This Board Needs....

    honest slogans    Hallmark: “When you care enough to give a card mass-produced by 
a corporation.” Ritz crackers: “Tiny, edible plates.” CliffsNotes: “They’re still going to know you didn’t read the book.” Gillette: “We’re just going to keep adding blades.” ChapStick: “You’ll misplace it before the tube’s empty.” Hot Pockets: “Every bite is a different temperature.”