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  1. Was Jesus A Socialist?

    Great video.....I am sure it would hurt some liberal feeling msg.
  2. I never really have felt sorry for a multimillionaire.   
  3. Woodville had a couple Colmesneil kids starting for them also 
  4. Colmesneil hires new coach

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire!   
  5. UIL Legislative Meeting

    So anybody can cry foul or anybody can say sure let em move? 
  6. My Grandfather was a sheriff back in the day and he said to me “Jon Vernon never underestimate the fight in a Hooker”  congrats to Jacob and his fighting Hookers of Big Sandy. 
  7. That is a broad brush stroke....how many of his players from Stephenville, before Stephenville, Texas Tech, UH and Baylorndo you know to make such a statement? 
  8. So hammer them all, but I knew some girls back in the day who cried wolf and knew some who did not mind going into rooms with multiple dudes in them.  So yes, hammer folks yet at the same time things can be really complicated in a sexual free society 
  9. They had a couple of Colmesneil kids in woodville too. 
  10. Colmesneil does not like good coaches. 
  11. They believe it, and they realize it don’t be fooled. 
  12. West Hardin

    That’s a nice way of saying it 
  13. West Hardin

    What’s crazy is we pay good money for that pay...and then most tell kids to go to college in order to be successful and smart like them 
  14. West Hardin

    Well WH has nothing but hard working superior athletes with a great school board also. 
  15. Poop Patrol?

    When you have compassion without rules people will crap on it. Literally and figuratively