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  1. Lumberton 45 Silsbee 122/FINAL

    And what's the reason for no broadcasting again? Also,  anything in the works for future broadcasts? A lot of us depended on this site in case we couldn't make it to games...its a shame..
  2. Is it really necessary to download Media player to listen...looks kind of shady..

    Looks like Carter has some shooters, and they have a little size...wont matter...lol
  4. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Im hearing rumors that Dallas Carter could have trouble with Seminole....the have a 6'8 285 pounder...ugh
  5. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Here's some highlights on their PG Isaiah Rivera...he leads them in scoring and assists...from this video, the competition he is playing average at best...The Tigers are not just gonna let him walk the ball up the court, or penetrate at will.  He has a very good set shot(not really a jump shot), but he is good from deep. Now...he is a REALLY GOOD passer as you will see in the video..      
  6. where the hell these refs from??? thats the only way anyone can play with the Tigers....smdh
  7. Any word of a broadcast?
  8. on a side note...I feel for whoever wins between HJ/LCM.....they get Yates next ...lol
  9. all the chatter and back and forth will be answered in Huntsville...Sports Junkie...we shall see