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  1. While we are talking about Roy Moore how about

    He claims to respect Women & resent guys that don't. Did this guy even Graduate HS?? Lol where do they find these Idiots?? I'm sure he wouldn't want this sort of thing to happen to the Women of his family. There will be more heads rolling, hopefully there's some sort of footage like there is for this Predator. SMH, NO means NO!!!
  2. Slavery - Active in Lybia

    Y'all are absolutely correct on this one. Words really can't describe my disgust. Radical Farrakhan & his hateful agenda are just as divisive as Nazi & other hate groups.
  3. Question ( and I mean PRECISELY what I say

    No doubt about it. Hollyweird has far too long been given a pass for very inappropriate behavior.
  4. West Brook vs. Ozen Predictions

    I said Ozen wins by 6, well they win by 3 Go Panthers!!!!
  5. Info for Tobie

    No need for deep thought, the issue is Transparent. (Singing) She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes. Heheeee!!!
  6. Info for Tobie

    Keep on keeping on Baby. Most of the words used are yours, not mine. Try that double talk on someone else. Cuz all I hear is blah blah blah. Lol
  7. Info for Tobie

    That's not what we're speaking of Nash. Sure you're not a politician? I try to read carefully. I've been watching you & it hasn't always added up with you. Tobie is a easy target, but you try to be slick with yours. It's cool, but I see you. 
  8. Info for Tobie

    If that is factual, Mr Trump is doing a great job of trimming the fat. If true, this should be news to every American voter. Whether you like him or not, from the report our President has made a tremendous financial crunch at the White House. Present the facts at the beginning Nash & cut The Shenanigans. Lol i
  9. Info for Tobie

    So you're  doing the same as you accuse him and that's supposed to be right? Sounds like how our Government & parties operate. Tit for Tat. Doesn't matter how Tobie governs himself, you're supposed to be the difference for you
  10. This should be appalling to anyone that hears of this. Needs to be handled swiftly with no further press other that he has been booked for Assault & move on
  11. Info for Tobie

    I understand, but let's say Tobie posted this without proof, what would overwhelming response be? No need for proof for me. Just keeping my eye on the standards
  12. West Brook vs. Ozen Predictions

    No way does WB beat Ozen by 20. This will be a good one, Ozen by 6 at home
  13. Info for Tobie

    I get it, but you're always on Tobie for facts yet you post this without actual proof?? Isn't that what you & many on here accuse him of?? As for Mr Knight, as I stated many times on the Subject of his Coaching & actions. My kids would play for him any day. His kids Graduated, I've never heard of any in trouble(stealing in China) so if he has to Rule with an iron fist, so be it. Having kids 100-1000's Miles away, you must be an extension of their Parents. If my kid got out of line at home I would check him, I expect the Coach to do the same. We're raising Men to be accountable & responsible 
  14. Info for Tobie

    You're the first to want facts, but in these findings you believe they are true?? Lol I don't do Current VS Former Admin bashing, but for the sake of topic, looks like Mr Obama fleeced us. Only real proof Nash, no fake news please