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  1. I totally get what you're saying, just don't think it will happen. Can't take anyone for granted. 
  2. The Coaches of the 2 Teams you mentioned don't believe that. Lol
  3. Yeah Hoops, we like the "what If" factor here between Normandy & Weston
  4. Yes Sir they can, when they do intersect, there's still no need to panic. I'd expect a similar record for any other Team in the State of Texas under the same circumstances. I'll say again, No story
  5. Lol, you stated how & the reason for their performance  @ Gamble. Then say their last 4 min vs Nederland was Awful. I saw Nederland take a 14 pt Loss at home. Unless I'm missing something, Nederland needed to do something or it would have been 25 pt loss. Heck if Ozen hits FT's it's still 20pts. No story here fellas
  6. There was never any nervousness coming from Ozen. Just because they had a few losses early(pre district) doesn't constitute panic. If WOS had lost a few games in football early in the year would we be thinking they wouldn't make the playoffs?? Programs don't operate in this fashion, that's for teams satisfied getting in the playoffs. Some of you guys need to stick to your Day jobs SMH
  7. BTW, no Disrespect, but please quit comparing Nederland Basketball to Ozen
  8. Ozen is not Weak & will be fine
  9. If your Team can win games against Teams 1-2 classifications bigger, you're definitely on the right path. I haven't seen Silsbee play this year, but I'm sure they are just as good as last year. The reason I say this, where they may lack the depth of last years team, the guys now know they can Win a Title. Years before Silsbee has been told they could or should win, they actually did it last year & that journey will stoke the fire burning inside players from last years Team & the new faces. The Coaching staff benefits also, there won't be any bigger games played before Spring Break in San Antonio, so they can relax & ride the waves of Coaching. The program has been established long ago, now it's time to Reap the benefits. That Championship Validated all other Tiger teams that had the talent, but fell short. Lastly, no need to panic. Now that they don't have the pressure of an undefeated season they can just play ball. I don't care if they lose 5 games as long as they are where they want to be when March gets here, everything else is par for the course. Good Luck & God Bless Tigers
  10. While we are talking about Roy Moore how about

    He claims to respect Women & resent guys that don't. Did this guy even Graduate HS?? Lol where do they find these Idiots?? I'm sure he wouldn't want this sort of thing to happen to the Women of his family. There will be more heads rolling, hopefully there's some sort of footage like there is for this Predator. SMH, NO means NO!!!
  11. Slavery - Active in Lybia

    Y'all are absolutely correct on this one. Words really can't describe my disgust. Radical Farrakhan & his hateful agenda are just as divisive as Nazi & other hate groups.
  12. Question ( and I mean PRECISELY what I say

    No doubt about it. Hollyweird has far too long been given a pass for very inappropriate behavior.
  13. West Brook vs. Ozen Predictions

    I said Ozen wins by 6, well they win by 3 Go Panthers!!!!
  14. Info for Tobie

    No need for deep thought, the issue is Transparent. (Singing) She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes. Heheeee!!!