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  1. LH. is playing smart making FF. come out to press and opening up wide open shots under the basket. Smart it seems to be working 
  2. That was a good shot tho" 
  3. Faith Family vs Yates

    Who ever wins this game . WILL destroy the winners of this first game..
  4. Great season EC. BROCK was just a better team.
  5. EC. Just needs pop some 3's 
  6. This Brock team is good.. They are straight up out playing EC. 
  7.   Cartwright - Jones - Harris - Miller" will be something to wacth starting 2021.Them four years could be as good are better then these last 4 with 2 State Championships ....With this team in there own way... Silsbee is about to be loaded with in the next two years.
  8. Faith Family vs Yates

      Here is a good look at Faith Family 
  9. Faith Family vs Yates

    Yes two are three.. But they got their main big who is a monster #23... He would start probably on any team in the country. But #10 is the player that's hard to stop he doesn't miss many shots...
  10. Now yall see wy I" said Martin will be the only true starter on the court next year after football. 
  11. Im wateing to see what kind of schedule coach Sig has planned for next year. Want have a true starter on the team till after football. Silsbee should have what ever starting 5 on the court till then ready to go if the schedule is like it has been the last few years...
  12. Argyle Sports Question

    $$$$$$ Town of Dallas 
  13. Bush - Martin - Thomas - Cartwright - Jones