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  1. North Forest vs Silsbee

    So the game is tonight ? 
  2. Silsbee vs Huntington

    Will their be a Broadcast for playoffs ?
  3. Silsbee v EC ?

    I would think coach Sigler already pretty much has talk an has been already getting the Silsbee schedule going for next year. And I don't see anything different then the last three years. Power houses 6A - 5A but do see LA Marque on it. Now if their was and if their is away to drop that game E.C. would be and good pick up. 
  4. Silsbee v EC ?

    Silsbee will be hard to handle next year.
  5. Hahaha  I love it.!! #BacktoBack
  6. I hope Barnes has a great night. He always seems to play good against WOS. Mite get one of his amazing dunks tonight. 
  7. Brawl in Duncanville

    I bet both their seasons are over especially the green team...
  8. The Tigers are just straight up showing how they play tonight. This game is about to get nasty 
  9. Devon said he was put up 40" on them tonight by himself lol
  10. Silsbee 30" in the first .Must not be playing around