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  1. Last time I predicted HJ by 1. They thought I was crazy. I’ll take HJ by 2 this time.
  2. HJ Finally Gets Lights

    Light poles were put up this week. I assume they will be ready for the season opener. 
  3. Davis out coached Sig tonight. He had his guys ready for a game that no one thought would be close. Kept his guys in it the whole time. HJ controlled the game well enough to give them a chance to win in the end.Just my opinion 
  4. I was hearing he was out because of a hip injury. But he was jamming in warmups. So i don’t know if I believe that
  5. Hell of an effort by HJ! Very gutsy 
  6. Same score 40 seconds. Hj with ball. In a timeout 
  7. 77-76 Silsbee. 1 minute left 
  8. It’s high school kids supporting their team. This is what makes these games fun.
  9. 63-61 HJ. 6 minutes left
  10. 61-56 Silsbee. Start of the 4th