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  1. Final was 41-0. At least that’s what it was when I left with 3 minutes left in the 4th. 
  2. Bridge City 13 Anahuac 6/FINAL

    Congrats Coach Deshazo on his first win!
  3. HJ is not looking good. Way too many penalties 
  4. Jasper 45 Bridge City 7/FINAL

    This guy gets his feelings hurt too easy. What a clown. 
  5. Newton 56 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    I gotta give it to Silsbee they are playing some tough teams. I wouldn’t be worried about the 0-2 start. This schedule will pay off when the Tigers start district and move into the playoffs.
  6. Orangefield 41 Livingston 0/FINAL

    Does OF play anyone good this year or do they have a cupcake schedule?
  7. Jasper 45 Bridge City 7/FINAL

    They are good. But BC is bad too. I wouldn’t look too deep into this.
  8. Someone keep me updated 
  9. EC v HJ

    They didn’t have Pomirko starting last Friday. They had another sophomore starting. EC is always coached well and is always a solid group. This game will be closer than y’all think. HJ defense was something serious last Friday. Hopefully they can carry that into this week. The offense is still young but they are getting better. 18-17 HJ.
  10. Jasper vs. Bridge City

    I’m hoping BC. But in reality it’ll probably be Jasper. 
  11. Newton by as many as they want.
  12. HJ showed up tonight. Great confidence booster for the Hawks. Dubois picked up right where he left off at HJ. The offense looked good tonight. Still can improve on some things. Defense looked great! I don’t think CS made it past the 50 yard line in this one. All around good win for the Hawks. 
  13. Don’t know anything about Coldspring. But I’ve got HJ winning this one.
  14. Jasper at Lumberton

    Jasper by 3+ TDs
  15. Bridge City vs Diboll

    Didn’t Newton score 40 on Diboll?