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  1. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Week 8

    1.    La Porte 2.   New Caney 3.   Porter 4.   Nederland 5.   Crosby 6.   Dayton (fingers crossed) 7.   Vidor 8.   Bridge City 9.   Lumberton 10. Splendora 11.  Jasper 12.  Silsbee 13.  Liberty 14.  Kirbyville 15.  Orangefield 16.  Warren 17.  Anahuac 18.  Corrigan-Camden 19.  Hemphill 20.  Hull-Daisetta 21.  West Sabine 22.  Lovelady 23.  Colmesneil 24.  Katy St. John XXIII 25.  Galveston O'Connell
  2. PNG@Dayton

    I can't wait to see the sea of PURPLE! And takes some pics of that awesome mascot...  Oh and some of y'all might wanna go to the home side. Y'all travel well. Might not be enough room on the visitor side.   
  3. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    I didn't see where he was bad mouthing players/coaches. He is basing his opinion on what the season has been so far. Everyone feels the pain of being 0-6.  I will agree that it is sad that Dayton doesn't come to the games for these kids. Win or lose. 
  4. Crosby V. PNG

    Lol thanks
  5. PNG@Dayton

    It's so heartbreaking seeing them defeated every single game. I love all those kids pooring their hearts out every Friday night. My heart says Broncos. But my head says PNG. Either way PURPLE wins.... GO BRONCOS!
  6. Crosby V. PNG

    CONGRATS PNG!!!! Upsetting Crosby's state rank!!!!! 
  7. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    That was pretty classy for the Nederland coach to sit out the starters I thought. Backups did a pretty good job too. Nederland looks like they are gonna be  good for a while.  And PNG pulled off the upset of state ranked Crosby!!!!! Had to say it.... Sorry, not sorry. 
  8. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Nederland band was bogging in the mud on Dayton side. On the sidelines before they went on the field. I love Military style marching. Wish Dayton did that. That's the kind of marching we did when I was in high school. 
  9. Week 7 Pick'ems

    La Porte Channelview Deer Park Sheldon C.E King New Caney Dayton Crosby Vidor Lumberton Bridge City Splendora Center Hardin-Jefferson West Orange-Stark Coldspring Warren Woodville Hardin East Chambers Deweyville San Augustine West Hardin Evadale The Woodlands Legacy Prep Corrigan-Camden
  10. Dayton@Nederland

    Ok so now that we have established Nederlands field is a disaster. How bout the game being played tomorrow night?   It's Homecoming for Nederland. Good luck to all the candidates.   I am praying that Dayton can get their first win of the season. Lord knows those boys want/need it.   Pray no injuries for either team tomorrow. Safe travels.     Is the parking better on the home side? Not sure I wanna be parked in a unfamiliar neighborhood at night being I will be traveling without the hubs this go around.           
  11. Dayton@Nederland

    https://m.panews.com/2018/10/04/bulldog-sidelines-in-a-bog-nederland-practices-on-beaumont-field/   "We try to save our fields for Friday nights." ???? Didn't they just play a 8th grade game there? SMH
  12. Crosby Qb

    Aww. So sorry. Always hate it when these young men get hurt and can't play the game they love. Is he a senior this year? 
  13. Dayton@Nederland

    Well then... Hmmm two opponents schedule Dayton for their homecoming. SMH
  14. Dayton@Nederland

    They should move it to Dayton if Nederland field is to wet.