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  1. NBA Finals

    Ariza would probably be gone but I wish they could unload Anderson on somebody and get that $20 million back that he will make next year. He didn't really help in any aspect this year to be making that much.
  2. TASO All-Star Game

    Tuesday June 11 @ 7:00 Lamar. Is what I heard.
  3. NBA Finals

    George would be a good sign if they can make cap room without losing to much.
  4. Does anybody have a roster for this game?
  5. NBA Finals

    He's not coming to Houston. They have already come out and said they would have to give up to much to fit him in. I personally don't want him to come to Houston. He may be one of the GOATs but he is also a cancer to a team. You saw what he did with the Cavs. he would not be able to mesh with the Rockets like Durant did with the Warriors. James would come in and start trying to take over and disrupt the team chemistry. then he would start whining like he does EVERY time he gets a foul called on him and ruin everything D'Antonio, Morey, and Harden have done to get this team where it is at right now.
  6. These two series were about as scripted as the WWE. Now LeBron is going to miraculously pull out the championship in 7.
  7. The only thing I can see, and it's quick because you can't see the whole play, is it looks like the 3rd baseman may have been holding his glove out for a  throw and then moved it to put it on his knee. But from what I see it should have been left alone, no interference. But all in all that should be the 3rd base ump's call and he didn't say anything. He didn't even converse with the home plate umpire. That's what gets me. Two very good teams are playing and that is what is the deciding factor. Those umps need a little lecturing from the head of the association.
  8. PNG at Porter

    PNG played great defense and K. Curtis pitched a great game.
  9. Tyler Sterling is a Junior.
  10. Tyler Sterling - West Brook - 1
  11. They will buddy.......What happen to him?
  12. Yeah, pitchers were off there game. Most of the balls were almost impossible to block. Errors behind them hurt the most. They’ll get it cleaned up though.
  13. It’s going to feel like playing the old TJ back in the day with the new colors of BUHS.