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  1. Coaching vacancies

    Sumlin to UTEP!!!
  2. PN-G vs College Station

    Half Indian/wildcat, you mentioned about taking dead ball timeouts. That timeout was called to be able to gets Riggs back in the game so he wouldn't have to sit out a play after he went down. The coaches asked him and the trainer if he was ok and he said he just had the wind knocked out of him and he was going back in. So that's why they called the dead ball the dead ball timeout.
  3. Yea, I started watching and figured it out pretty quick. Another man sitting behind me must have been an ex coach because he caught on too and we were calling the plays in the stands.
  4. PNG vs Texas City

    There is only one really big change.
  5. I had the privilege of coaching him on the football field as well as on the baseball field when he was younger. Kids got skills.
  6. Tyler Jackson, #16, is a junior. He has always had a knack for finding the ball. He is a good kid and will be even better next year with the experience he got this year.
  7. You're the only one I've heard complain about it. Everybody I've talked to that was there, and that's a lot of people, even people from Nederland thought it was awesome. The kids didn't mean any harm and the administration that were there were just letting the kids have a little fun without causing harm. Now, the kid that shot the flare should be in alternative school the rest of the year or put him a juvenile detention home. That was just stupid.
  8. Just FYI. There was no powder it was just smoke bombs and the kids that had them ask the principals at the game if it was ok to set them off and they said they didn't see a problem with them. No, it wasn't my son but he was standing right next to the kids when they asked. So, don't blame the kids. The adults gave them the go ahead.
  9. Not taking anything away from RJ but, it sounded like Hughes and Stansbury did a lot of the work last night. They do have other athletes on this team. Now, RJ is one Hell of a leader and one of the finest young men I have had the pleasure to coach. He can take over a game if need be but these other young men need to be given credit for what they do in a game also. This is one of the most athletic teams PNG has had in a while and RJ is the most athletic QB PNG has ever had.
  10. Other then the fact I love baseball. I love it better then NFL or NBA because all the players come out and stand at attention with their hands over their hearts for the NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!
  11. Texas at Baylor

    Wish he could graduate now.
  12. Texas at Baylor

    Texas needs a kicker bad. This guy sucks.
  13. Livingston vs PAM

    Play your JV team against them and you will be ok. Rest your Varsity.LOL!!!!
  14. Mass shooting in Vegas

    The security guard may have been involved in one way or another. What was he doing on the floor at that time and he was supposedly shot in the leg. It kind of sounds fishy to me.