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  1. PNG qback

    Shug is a great young man and very mature for his age. I personally would like to see him redshirt his first year just to be able to get the system down. But, with him getting to be in spring ball with them he is a very smart young man and if the others above him can’t get it done then put him in and let’s go. With his skill set and his passing getting better Herman can add some different twist to the game plans that he may not be able to do with the others.
  2. PNG vs Tomball

  3. PNG vs Tomball

    Does anybody know if they will be selling tickets at the gate?
  4. I   was just answering a question that someone asked. I did not say that I supported it or not. So don't accuse me of taking up for them. What they did was wrong and they need to be punished but it is up to the coaches to decide their punishment not the people on this thread.  
  5. I have heard the two suspended kids could be back the start of district but that is not from anyone with full knowledge of the situation.
  6. Why haven’t they started yet?
  7. And no it wasn't my son.
  8. My son text me the same thing. No need to give names out so people can trash them. I'm sure the names will get out through word of mouth but they don't need to be thrown under the bus on here.
  9. #23 Texas at Maryland

    I’m a lifelong Texas fan and I’m saying they suck. Offense is stagnant again and defense is getting man handled at the line and secondary couldn’t cover any one with a blanket.
  10. Possible Aggie NCAA Violations

    I knew something was fishy in aggieland with all the recruits they were landing.
  11. NFL tells players to STAND

    If Tebow was disciplined for kneeling to pray after scoring a touchdown then people should not be able to protest during the national anthem. God is the reason we are all here and if one can not express their thankfulness to him for that in the NFL then one should not be able to express any other feelings they have in the NFL or any other sport venue period.
  12. Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    I would like for someone to tell me how Urban Meyer is responsible for another grown mans actions outside of the work place. My boss is not responsible for what I do the minute I am off the premises. In this case there were no charges filed so in reality it is a she said he said thing. I don't approve of Domestic Violence and I believe if it is a proven case of abuse then that person should be thrown in the most dangerous prison in the U.S. and all the inmates informed of what he is in there for. In this case, Meyer may have known but if it was just a he said she said thing and no charges were filed in either instance then if Meyer fires Smith because of word of mouth and then it turns out to be false accusations, Smith can turn around and sue the university for wrongful termination. How many times has someone been accused of Domestic Violence and it turned out to be that the person filing the grievance is just trying to make the other look bad. As soon as there is something solid and a charge was filed against Smith, Meyer fired him. Like I said, I am totally against Domestic Violence but wanting to fire Meyer for not firing Smith until he had actual proof, I know the wife had pictures of her neck but that could have been faked, is totally wrong. My wife even thinks it is wrong for what they are doing to Urban Meyer in the press and also does not believe Meyer should be fired. She agrees that Meyer should not be held accountable for another grown mans actions on something that happened outside the work place...….. The Baylor situation is a different story. There was actual proof of incidents and Briles knew about them and chose to cover them up and basically ignore them and had people threaten accusers of losing their scholarships if they told anybody else. If they want to make Meyer think about how he needs to handle a situation like this if anything like this ever arises again, Lord bless it doesn't, then reprimand him and either suspend him a couple of games or fine him a healthy fine...….Everybody in the press wants Urban fired and all he did was wait to fire someone until he had actual proof of a charge against Smith. Nobody is going after Joe Mixon and he beat the Sh_t out of a girl and there is video proof. But, he gets to keep playing football and making millions of dollars to play. I think if the press is going after Meyer like this then they need to jump on the NFL's a$$ and demand Mixon be thrown out for life.
  13. UIL Train Horn Ban

    I agree 100%. They should be banned. They’re just stupid to have. Most stadiums don’t allow fog horns and they aren’t as loud as the train horns. Get rid of all of them.
  14. Renaming the Butch?

    Levias or Durley? Name the stadium one and the field the other. But definitely get the crooks name off the stadium. Keeping it the “Butch” is just a reminder of how bad things were in BISD. Give it a name of someone who truly deserves to be honored, who people respected, and who should be remembered by all.
  15. NBA Finals

    Ariza would probably be gone but I wish they could unload Anderson on somebody and get that $20 million back that he will make next year. He didn't really help in any aspect this year to be making that much.