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  1. The only thing I can see, and it's quick because you can't see the whole play, is it looks like the 3rd baseman may have been holding his glove out for a  throw and then moved it to put it on his knee. But from what I see it should have been left alone, no interference. But all in all that should be the 3rd base ump's call and he didn't say anything. He didn't even converse with the home plate umpire. That's what gets me. Two very good teams are playing and that is what is the deciding factor. Those umps need a little lecturing from the head of the association.
  2. PNG at Porter

    PNG played great defense and K. Curtis pitched a great game.
  3. Tyler Sterling is a Junior.
  4. Tyler Sterling - West Brook - 1
  5. They will buddy.......What happen to him?
  6. Yeah, pitchers were off there game. Most of the balls were almost impossible to block. Errors behind them hurt the most. They’ll get it cleaned up though.
  7. It’s going to feel like playing the old TJ back in the day with the new colors of BUHS.
  8. LeBron a Warrior?

    Warriors don’t want James. He is a cancer to a team. Look what he is doing to Cleveland and blaming Love. He wants things his way and doesn’t respect coaching and doesn’t respect other players. No team with good chemistry like the Warriors or Rockets need to bring in a cancer like James.
  9. Day 1 Thoughts?

    PNG looks to be pretty salty this year just from who I know on the team and what they are capable of. First practice is this afternoon.
  10. 2018 Early Chatter

    As of yesterday it is very true.
  11. 2018 Early Chatter

    PNG has 3 90+ in Hranicky (90-93), Holden Lane (90-94), and Jammison Simmons (90-92). Three more at (85-90) in Alec Lebouf and Austin Schaupper and Brandon Petix.
  12. I know he went to school all summer and had to do all his classes on line in the coaches office.
  13. My son is a varsity football player at PNG and has played with Roshon since junior league. He talks to him quite a bit and I haven’t heard him say anything about it.