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  1. I’m not supporting Art Briles. I personally have not heard of anything 100% that proves he was in the know of what was going on. But if you are going to chastise him for covering all this up and say he should be banned for life from ever coaching again. Then kick that low life piece of sh__ Joe Mixon out of the NFL. He beat the sh__ out of a woman, had to sit out just one year, and now is allowed to make millions. He should be in jail without parole if you ask me. If I was a defensive guy in the NFL, my first priority when my team played them would be to go head hunting for him. 
  2. TASO All Star Games

    It’s June 13th.
  3. Does anybody have a list of the players who made All District?
  4. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    Thank you for clarifying that for me.
  5. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    In a travel league game the field umpire called a balk on the pitcher. The pitcher followed through and delivered the pitch. Batter swings and hits a double to score the winning run. The ump that made the balk call said it was a dead ball and made the runner go back to second and the batter back to the plate. Then advanced the runner to third. My question is, when a ump calls a balk and the pitcher delivers the pitch and the batter hits it. Is it a dead ball when the ump yells balk or since the pitcher delivered the ball it is live and in play. Hard to believe but I’ve seen it called both ways.
  6. PNG @ Ned - 7:00 Thurs Ned @ PNG - 7:00 Fri PNG vs Ned - Sat 8:00 @ Lamar
  7. The winning run wasn’t gunned down at the plate. Runners hand hit the plate long before the kid tagged  him. The umpire was not in the right position to make the call. He was horrible for both teams. There are plenty of videos of it. 
  8. Weather updates

    All games in Crosby are cancelled.
  9. Area Round Matchups/Please Post Here

    Just found out PNG’s 1st game Friday has been moved to 10:00 am with the second game immediately following. Games are still at Crosby.
  10. Area Round Matchups/Please Post Here

    PNG will play Shadow Creek in a 3 game series at Crosby.   Friday - game 1 @ 5:00  Friday - game 2 following  Saturday - Time to be determined.
  11. Galena Park @ Barbers Hill GM 2

    Good job BH!! Good Luck next week.
  12. Due to weather concerns and Nederland having to cancel and play a DH at Ball. PNG will now play a doubleheader tonight in Crosby. First game starting at 5:00.
  13. WOSGrad needs your prayers

  14. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    Don’t know if it’s true are not but, I’ve heard a rumor that PNG is looking to pass another bond to build a new Elementary school. Unlike some Nederland residents, not all, we try to give our kids a competitive advantage with up to date technology. The kids at Nederland deserve this too but some people just don’t care. I know of one school for sure has to keep getting repaired because of leaks when it rains and the AC doesn’t always work properly. Like I said before get the younger crowd out to the poles and get this bond passed. 
  15. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I call it like it is. I call a spade a spade, a coonass a coonass and a dumbass a dumbass.