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  1. PN-G Indians

    He's still there. He'll be starting in the secondary.
  2. If Elliott gets 6 games with no evidence how is Jo Mixon even allowed to play in the NFL?
  3. Prayers

    Prayers for Braden and his family.
  4. Crograts to the young men from PNG!!! They deserve it. They are a group of hard working young men that play with a lot of heart. I am proud of them. I say this because I had the privilege of coaching some of them or coached against them and know how hard they work and know they have the passion to do this. Bring it home guys. Y'all can do this.
  5. If I had to guess. The games against Tomball will be in Crosby.
  6. Nothing against the kid but being his first year to ever pitch he may be suffering from a dead arm.
  7. if Bonnin threw 46 pitches  he can't throw today.
  8. Lol. If both of their bats are hot it could come down to who is home team that day. Please keep me updated. The wife and kid were thinking about going but she said no.
  9. This should be a great matchup. Just depends on who's bats will show up. Wish I was in town to see it.
  10. Harden was ready for it to be over. He was done. You could see it in overtime the game before last. Houston will never win a championship with him leading the way. He doesn't have the drive or desire. He is in it for the money only. When he's ready for it to be over he gets lazy and doesn't care. You could see it in his post game interview. He made it sound good but it was like let's just get through this so I can get out of here and do what I want to do now. He's a lazy loser.
  11. PNG Colors

    As a matter of fact I did show it to my son as well as some of his friends on the football team and none of them liked it.
  12. PNG Colors

    It's silver, The memo didn't say no silver.
  13. PNG Colors

    That is ugly. I don't care if it would be purple and white the design is ridiculous. I would not want to see that on my kids head.