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  1. Livingston vs PAM

    Play your JV team against them and you will be ok. Rest your Varsity.LOL!!!!
  2. Mass shooting in Vegas

    The security guard may have been involved in one way or another. What was he doing on the floor at that time and he was supposedly shot in the leg. It kind of sounds fishy to me.
  3. Now you know where the kids get it from. Like I said previously, PAM got beat by a better COACHED team. Poor discipline from coaches results in poor discipline from players.
  4. Any time PAM loses it's because of the Ref's. It's not because they got beat by a better disciplined, better conditioned or better COACHED team.
  5. If they would have had time to throw PNG would have won by more.
  6. Hardin's defense is not as good as you think. They played against a JV offensive line. Oooh. When PNG QB had time the receiver's where wide open 95% of the time. PNGs coaches wanted to win this game but also wanted to try working on the run game more.  If PNG would have tackled better on defense that game would have 6--0  PNG or a 6-6 tie..
  7. To the brave NFL players who ran into the hotel

    Here's my opinion. If they want to protest violence, then kick all the guys out of the NFL that has committed domestic violence. Kick Joe Mixon and the rest out. If they want to protest then tell them to quit their multi million dollar job and go overseas and fight with the young men and women who risk their lives for them to play a game they love. All I see is the NFL protesting about oppression. What about the women being abused by these NFL guys. Not just blacks but all other ethnic origins. I'm not a racist guy at all. But to me if you want to disrespect the flag and the anthem. Then quit you multi million dollar job and go fight with those YOUNG MEN and WOMEN who are fighting for your FREEDOM.
  9. NBA violates players rights

    Applaud the NBA. Wish the NFL wasn't so scared to do this.
  10. Real nice Rangers

    I didn't say that Tampa was giving the revenue to the Astros like the Rangers offered. They are giving to the HURRICANE CAUSE. That's the difference. That's how much more class Tampa's owner has.
  11. Real nice Rangers

    Because that would mean the Astros fans that got out and would want to see the game would have to rent hotels and eat out at the restaurants there. If I were Reid I wouldn't give that place even that much revenue. Tampa is going to donate all the revenues to the hurricane cause. That's how it should be. Rangers owner just thinking about 25 men's lives who are able to go to there homes each night and not the hundreds of thousands that can't at this point. What an A _ _!!!!!!
  12. PN-G Indians

    He's still there. He'll be starting in the secondary.
  13. If Elliott gets 6 games with no evidence how is Jo Mixon even allowed to play in the NFL?
  14. Prayers

    Prayers for Braden and his family.
  15. Crograts to the young men from PNG!!! They deserve it. They are a group of hard working young men that play with a lot of heart. I am proud of them. I say this because I had the privilege of coaching some of them or coached against them and know how hard they work and know they have the passion to do this. Bring it home guys. Y'all can do this.