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  1. Cowboys Fire.....

    Jerry may be waiting to see when New Orleans is through so he can see where Sean Payton stands. Jerry may have already struck a deal with Payton for all we know and can’t let Garret go just yet due to it would look suspicious.
  2. How does a offensive line sack his QB?
  3. Coaching Carousel

    If Riordan leaves Crosby’s football team will be non existent. No coach worth hiring would put his name in the hat for that position with all that’s happened in that school district.
  4. Kary Vincent Sr. has passed

    Prayers for the family.
  5. LCM vs PNG- This is awesome!

    Lauren Hantatty at PNG High School is the one who got this all together. She did a great job. ESPN was there as well as local stations.
  6. LCM vs PNG- This is awesome!

    This was an awesome event. The kids had fun as well as the fans. My son said he had a blast coaching the PNG kids.
  7. #7 LSU at #22 Texas A&M

    Once you see it you'll see how bad LSU got screwed many times by the refs that helped a&m win that game. If I was Orgeron, not that it would change the outcome, but I would demand a review of that crew and accuse the crew with corruption and favoritism that aided the a&m win. I would demand that crew be suspended and not be allowed the officiate any champiinship games or bowl games the rest of the season.  
  8. Yea, Francis is a good dude.
  9. Cowboys @ Atlanta

    In Dallas this is the coaches call.
  10. This is not hear say. The guy was yelling that the o-line sucked and shouldn't be allowed on the field. Then started singleing out certain kids and berating them and that's when Faircloth went off on him. This comes from a person in the know and heard everything. This guy is lucky I wasn't near him. These young high school men bust their butts and work hard all football season. These coaches put in a lot of hours if their own time to help these boys get better. I think they all have done a great job of getting better through the season. So if any of you bleacher coaches think you can do better then go out there and spend the long hours the team puts in and lets see what you can do. If your not willing to put in those hours and not get paid a whole lot for it. Then sit down in the stands and keep your mouth shut or stay home and listen to the radio becausebi don't want to hear your stupid comments.
  11. I don’t know what was said. My son was coming of the field and didn’t hear it. But for Faircloth to do that it had to be bad and probably going on for a while. If it was a lineman the guy was berating, he’s lucky Medlock didn’t go off.
  12. There was a fan sitting near the railing in the stands that said something. If it’s true he was bashing a player then Faircloth had every right to yell at him. The fan was escorted out after the incident. And no, they don’t need to have a parent teacher conference as you suggest. Just ban the fan from the stadium. People like you are the reason this world is soft today. Back in my day if the coach didn’t go after the guy in the stands for berating a kid, then another fan would take care of it. 
  13. Anybody know why Faircloth went off on somebody. Look like he was yelling at someone in the stands.
  14. The Hill vs Manvel

    Well aware it was PNG that used it. I just thought coach Whataburger might want to borrow it for this game to help his team out. Sure didn’t help him turning in PNG right before we played him with accusations we used it to benefit our team.
  15. The Hill vs Manvel

    You might want to use an IPad too for this game.