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  1.  Jordyn and Devon have been to state as Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. Winning two of the three.....misread your post. I see now. 
  2. Maybe they have a good communications program. 
  3. Wonder which group of refs will be there? The group in the Yates game yesterday let both teams play. Didn't bother with the touch fouls.....The group in  the Silsbee game called it very tight. Not real sure which style would favor Silsbee today. 
  4. I disagree....Silsbee is playing great and will definitely be firing on all cylinders against Yates. Life Wax is the type of team that would have given Yates trouble also...guards that break the press, good 3 point shooting, and two good bigs that can get up and down the court. A fast paced game is exactly what Silsbee is waiting for. 
  5. Yates and Silsbee each won their semifinal by 14. Should be another good one tomorrow. I'll take Silsbee by 9. 
  6. Wax Life Vs Silsbee

    There is a game thread
  7. Half Yates 51 Connelly 35 Yates shoots the 3 well. Connelly guards can't handle the press. Yates big is a non factor. 
  8. 17-4 Yates  3:50 1st
  9. Yates up 12-4 early. Refs letting them play. 
  10. I hope not. The Silsbee/Yates game is always one to look forward to. 
  11. Wax Life Vs Silsbee

    Any news on Bush's ankle?