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  1. Silsbee vs Bay City

    Time for some payback from the old LaBradford Smith days. 
  2. 6a - ? 5a- ? 4a- Silsbee/ Wilmer Hutchins / Faith Family 3a- East Chambers 2a- ? 1a- ? As you can tell, I haven't seen much on these teams. Just curious what others thought. Silsbee's path has some powerhouse teams, but I still would pick them to three-peat. 
  3. I was just trying to be a little funny. Actually agree with your post. All good points. Silsbee used to go in the four corners with a lead all the time. We practiced it every practice. 
  4. Wait ...they don't do this in high school?
  5. Dang!  So where would EC rank in the SETX 6a-4a rankings?
  6. It's almost as if the United coach knows a little something about North Shore. Congrats United. 
  7. I was messing with you. Your post posted three times. 
  8. I guess the four corners was working and the picket fence was not. 
  9. Both had very good seasons. If they continue to work and develop, they could be something special. 
  10. Harmon is solid. Glad to see him back. 
  11. Looks like they make some room on visitor side for Silsbee