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  1. Saw some summer highlights of Adams....wow!!  Gonna be a fun season.
  2. Super Gold Selections

    It's easy to argue that Jordyn should be on the first team, but at the same time, hard to argue who should be moved to second team. They all are great players. 

    Completely agree. I feel he doesn't get the credit he deserves, mainly because of the exposure the big three get. He can just flat out play. Probably the fastest on the team with the ball. 
  4. Silsbee vs Somerset

    ..understatement of the year
  5. Obviously both were pulling for Yates, but I don't think either has said anything too negative about Silsbee. Both just thought Yates was too deep to lose. 
  6. Have to say...best game I have seen all year. Bush is from another planet. McCain took the game over. They were not going to let their team lose today. Great job by all!!  
  7. Surely that's the half?
  8. That's a good thing. Still think y'all win this one. 
  9. Hoping Junkie will update. 
  10. I heard something incorrect in the books. 
  11. Flagrant possibly...not dirty. 
  12. No dirty foul at all. Not sure what he is talking about.