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  1. Yep!!  Tight strike zone and not hitting the corners. 
  2. Silsbee v SA Wagner

    Not the best matchup for Silsbee....very good guard play plus size in the middle. 
  3. Silsbee could easily be winning this.  I think the groups will look a little different in the second half
  4. Football players coming in in groups of five. Looking VERY rusty, but getting minutes. 
  5. Some are saying 6:30 ... others 7:30
  6. Anyone know what time it starts?
  7. https://texashoops.rivals.com/news/texas-hoops-takeaways-from-south-san-tournament
  8. Wagner wins 100-68 Good tournament Silsbee
  9. 2 consecutive buckets for Journee Phillips as @WagnerboysBball trails by 16-15 #AlamoCityHoops #txhshoops