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  1. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Tomorrow night looks like perfect football weather. 
  2. There is a Dallas ISD Holiday Invitational app for Apple or Android that has all the info. Prob wouldn't see WH unless it was in the final. 
  3. Pretty balanced scoring from the big four. 
  4. The schedule makes it look like a 4:30 Varsity game? Seems odd
  5. Watching the video again...Johnson player was shooting a free throw, made one then the ref sent the Silsbee players to the bench and Johnson shot 5 more, making them all. 
  6. Im guessing with that score, the core of the team are not playing?
  7. Where are you watching
  8. According to the bracket, you are correct. 
  9. Not sure what happened there.  About 5 in a row. 
  10. Johnson looks big and fundamental. That 3 at the buzzer hurt. Alamo city hoops has the live video on Twitter.