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  1. I believe Adams and McCain both have offers from Baylor, among others. Not sure about Bush, but he is just a Sophomore. 
  2. You saw one last year, but he was only a Freshman then. 
  3. Yates vs WOS Area Playoff Game

    Thanks...try the game thread
  4. Yates vs WOS Area Playoff Game

    If the WOS team that played Silsbee the first go around shows up, I agree with Aggie...18 pts or maybe even closer. If the WOS that played Silsbee the second time shows up, it could get ugly. #35 needs to have a great game.
  5. Yates vs WOS Area Playoff Game

    Hmm....Yates plays Thursday. Silsbee plays Friday. Might have to go to both......Give em a good game WOS!!
  6. North Forest vs Silsbee

    Well duh!!.....so we get the opportunity to drive in that awesome 4-6 o'clock Houston traffic.
  7. North Forest vs Silsbee

    I think Yates won by 16 or 18
  8. Who would you say matches up better against Silsbee?
  9. Sometimes it's just hard to get motivated in these games. Looks like Sigler motivated them in the locker room at the half. Bridge City did a good job taking advantage of all the missed 3's in the first half. Good luck against Orangefield.  
  10. You only missed it by about 45...not too bad lol