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  1. Duncanville and lake travis

    Ducanville by 14
  2. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    I remember the fans ripping the coaches during the preseason which didn't make sense to me. I think their was something about he needed to decide on a QB and I was like isn't that what preseason is for.
  3. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Do you WOS fans remember what I told you guys during the first couple of weeks in the season? I'm not shocked at all yall made it this far. Best of Luck.
  4. Saw a poster on smoaky picking HH to win by 6. Stated that they have quite a few starters returning this week. Is there any validity to this?
  5. Lumberton vs Henderson

    Henderson by 14
  6. Lumberton vs Houston Wheatley

    I wouldn't call them a disgrace to the sport. You try to put yourself in the best position to go a far as you can in playoffs. Kids will always play hard but I have no issues with playing the 2's in a game that affects seeding. Work smarter not harder. Especially if the outcome doesn't hurt you AT ALL, let the benchwarmers play.
  7. Does Size Matter?

    I'll put it this way. Both those schools would beat the crap out of Carthage. Even if we had the team from last year. The same would happen to Newton.
  8. Question should read how far do you think Newton could go in 4A DII. That's a more fun argument to me.
  9. I meant Arlington.
  10. This thread is very interesting. The talk about coaching and the qb is crazy. Teams get better as the year progresses. Heck in 2016 Carthage wasn't very good until something clicked after we eeked by Silsbee. 16-0 isn't the only way you can win state. I'm from Carthage and I seem have more confidence than some of you WO-S fans. Yall lost to a phenomenal team. Learn from it and try to get back to AT&T. Funny how some of you had full confidence in the staff during the winning streak but not enough confidence that they can coach a team not as talented back to Austin.
  11. Just seems like everyone is overreacting the purpose of a scrimmage is to find your weaknesses. 
  12. This is hilarious. It's just a scrimmage. God forbid they lose a preseason game. Out of all Carthage's state title teams only two were undefeated and a couple of the teams looked really bad in scrimmages and preseason. WOS will be fine. If they played week 10 they'd probably bust the scoreboard on them. Your coaches get paid to coach and make adjustments. All of you who are freaking out shows a lack of confidence in the coaches (assuming it's WOS fans freaking out) 

    I agree for the most part with the exception of district titles. I couldn't care less about those either.

    I was hoping there would have been a way for them to play Carthage since they're not in the same region anymore.
  15. The video was seen in the Fall of 2016. Carthage has been covering up crap like this for years. At the time it wasn't about football, it was protecting the district.