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  1. Charles Runnels. And he has a son Sir Charles Runnels  I hear is pretty good. 

    I hear Silsbee need a DC. Allen took job at TSU. At least that's what I heard. Not sure of its validity. 
  3. 2018 Willie Ray Smith Finalists

    You reaching. The kid is good. 
  4. What about Runnels from Jasper?  
  5. Newtons Kevin Watson. Newton has a freshman  D  Gatson that move up during the playoffs that is the next face of Newton RB. Not to mention a rumor of a kid from Silsbee transferring to Newton next year who is a all around athlete. He will just be a freshman. Newton not shy about playing talent. 
  6. Thursday State Championship Games

    Piney Woods   
  7. For the last two games Newton was without Brown. Key player. That made the difference. 
  8. Newton has won games without Brown this season. Hate to see him leave. The young man need lots of prayers. 
  9. Newton was missing a key player. Brown out sick. Score would have been definitely higher had he played. 
  10. Duncanville and lake travis

    Duncanville. Coach Samples is one of the best coaches in the state. 
  11. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    Wasn't enough. Now was it. Almost doesn't count. If that's the case. 
  12. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    Can't win a championship just running the ball. That gets shut down quick. Hopefully next year their passing game will be better. 
  13. Yall pretty cocky for a team that has never won a state championship oh wait never even been to a state championship.  Slow down.. Silsbee not even the topic of going to state other than in this forum. SMH.