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  1. For grins and giggles

    Lmbo:  No I wasn’t. I’m 47 years old. Thank you very much. Just get your facts right. 
  2. For grins and giggles

    Actually Newton won both games.  2012-35-12 Newton  2013- 44-20 Newton 2014-45-14 Newton     
  3. For grins and giggles

    See you back here in 4 weeks. 
  4. For grins and giggles

    And this means What?  Do you people really think Newton is hurting because they lost some excellent kids on both sides of the ball. It’s obvious you don’t know anything about Newton, the history of the football team or the kids. Newton is the kinda team that don’t sit and wait around for change.  These kids start preparing to win championships from Pee wee.  Silsbee have some good runners  but they will not get through that purple curtain. IJS    
  5. Newton Football 2019

    Not to mention they have some very fast and good sophomores and incoming freshman. Newton is not shy with utilizing underclassmen. They definitely will be moved up during the playoffs. 
  6. For grins and giggles

    First how is Silsbee going to stop Newton’s speed. 2nd. If it’s one thing about Newton is defense. They don’t give up too many yards or points. Silsbee does not have the components to stop Newton. I know it and so do you.  
  7. For grins and giggles

    Silsbee is no challenge for Newton. Never have been. Never will be. 
  8. 11 4A DISTRICT

    And now he is transferring to Kilgore 
  9. You don’t talk or listen to too many people from Silsbee I see. Trust me just because you haven’t heard it doesn’t mean it’s not noticed or discussed. There are a lot racial issues being discussed pertaining to Silsbee and especially the school district. 
  10. Those guys were good. Silsbee didn’t know how to utilize them. All that speed at WR and they didn’t have the numbers they should have. Carthage coach spoke with TRE after that game in 17. I was told he told him if you were on my team we will definitely keep the ball in your hands. When you have a good QB the coach has to connect with the WR especially when you have a Tre Lowe and Kalon Barnes. 
  11. Camps and 7 on 7 is not a determiner of greatness. I personally think the kid is over-rated. I am impressed on the hype. Any kid can go to these combine-camps and look good. I'm going to wait to see what his Varsity years look like. 
  12. 3a Division 2 rankings

    I can see Newton winning again. Yes everyone talking about the players the lost but I’m looking at the players coming back. Defense wins championships and that defense is solid. 
  13. His brother graduated this year.