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  1. Good Read, I enjoyed the article.
  2. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Given where Porter was previously I would say Holley. However the area is growing and Porter is attracting some good athletes with the facilities. That helps a good coach turn a program around.
  3. Top WR's in 21-5a

    Dwight Mcglothern from New Caney will turn some heads this year, he's only a sophomore but is getting some serious talk in recruiting circles as a DB. He will also play some WR this year.
  4. Top QB's in 21-5a

    New Caney has the returning district MVP in Jordan Cooper. Over 2000 passing and 1000 rushing yards. I look for him to improve on those stats this year. He will be throwing to a number of talented receivers including a sophomore with 5 SEC offers.
  5. I was wondering what you were going to say when I first saw you had posted to this topic. It really did make me LOL when I read it. However, being the first game of the year and you're at home, I believe you will keep it close. I still think Manvel has too much and will ultimately prevail, but I think you guys will hang with them for the first half to three quarters.
  6. Who is your team game(s) of the year 2017

    Agreed, Just being athletic will win you some games, but being sloppy with penalties, losing tempers etc. will lose some games for teams with better athletes.
  7. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Matter of fact I wish we had some pull there. St Pius has a senior defensive lineman that was a all district selection for them last year who grew up in NC and went to school through middle school in NCISD. His family still resides in NC. He would have really helped the NC D had he stayed.
  8. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Nope, out of Conroe ISD I believe.
  9. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    I am hearing NC have a move in RB to help take the pressure off Allison on the Zone read. Although he will also be a key part in the secondary. So it may well be a RB tandem of three, with two of last years linebackers getting some carries as well. NC linebackers and secondary will be strength of the defense. As I said in a previous thread, NC plays at Crosby and BH this year so I would give the advantage to the home team. I may change that assessment after I see what we actually come out with the first couple of games.  
  10. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    I predict New Caney to be 8-2. NC will be on the road at The Hill and Crosby this year which will be tough places to win. The other contenders come to Texan Drive where I believe NC will have the advantage.
  11. Question ?

    Thanks, I didn't feel like looking it up. One of my daughters was a slapper and I knew that was how she was instructed. Of course she was called out a couple times. Man I miss those days! But I do have a granddaughter just now starting ( 6U allstar) so she will keep me busy from the stands now .
  12. Question ?

  13. A public plea to the SETX board

    Have to say I agree with Kicker on this. A lot of good info is posted after game has ended on the threads. Do they sometimes get out of line, yes they do, but I for one would hate to see this happen.
  14. Splendora 2 Crosby 0/FINAL

    I know Crosby and BH are in. What does it look like for 3 and 4? Does the KP vs Splendora game mean anything to end the season? If it does I may try and go see that one.
  15. Splendora 2 Crosby 0/FINAL

    Congrats Splendora, sounds like this was one exciting game.