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  1. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    I predict New Caney to be 8-2. NC will be on the road at The Hill and Crosby this year which will be tough places to win. The other contenders come to Texan Drive where I believe NC will have the advantage.
  2. Question ?

    Thanks, I didn't feel like looking it up. One of my daughters was a slapper and I knew that was how she was instructed. Of course she was called out a couple times. Man I miss those days! But I do have a granddaughter just now starting ( 6U allstar) so she will keep me busy from the stands now .
  3. Question ?

  4. A public plea to the SETX board

    Have to say I agree with Kicker on this. A lot of good info is posted after game has ended on the threads. Do they sometimes get out of line, yes they do, but I for one would hate to see this happen.
  5. Splendora 2 Crosby 0/FINAL

    I know Crosby and BH are in. What does it look like for 3 and 4? Does the KP vs Splendora game mean anything to end the season? If it does I may try and go see that one.
  6. Splendora 2 Crosby 0/FINAL

    Congrats Splendora, sounds like this was one exciting game.
  7. Sub topics lacking

    My three daughters graduated so I don't see as much softball as I used too. I still check in here and see if anything's happening. We had some lively discussions back then, to the point where admins had to step in. I still love the game, and watch when I can.
  8. Softball standings

    Bigdog, Thank you for this. Much appreciated!
  9. Porter Girls 3 New Caney 0/FINAL

    Porter girls now 15-0 after beating NC 3-0
  10. Woden vs. Tenaha/Post updates here!

    Woden advances 47-42
  11. Woden 45 LaPoynor 42/FINAL

    Great win!
  12. Beaumont Ozen 58 Porter 46/FINAL

    Porter missing one of the twins. I believe he is no longer on the team.
  13. TGCA Top 10 - February 20th

    Wonder how Woden fell out of 2A poll.
  14. Kingwood Park 57 New Caney 59/FINAL

    I was not there but heard NC won 59-57.
  15. Porter wins 58-49