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  1. Splendora 2 Crosby 0/FINAL

    I know Crosby and BH are in. What does it look like for 3 and 4? Does the KP vs Splendora game mean anything to end the season? If it does I may try and go see that one.
  2. Splendora 2 Crosby 0/FINAL

    Congrats Splendora, sounds like this was one exciting game.
  3. Sub topics lacking

    My three daughters graduated so I don't see as much softball as I used too. I still check in here and see if anything's happening. We had some lively discussions back then, to the point where admins had to step in. I still love the game, and watch when I can.
  4. Softball standings

    Bigdog, Thank you for this. Much appreciated!
  5. Porter Girls 3 New Caney 0/FINAL

    Porter girls now 15-0 after beating NC 3-0
  6. Woden vs. Tenaha/Post updates here!

    Woden advances 47-42
  7. Woden 45 LaPoynor 42/FINAL

    Great win!
  8. Beaumont Ozen 58 Porter 46/FINAL

    Porter missing one of the twins. I believe he is no longer on the team.
  9. TGCA Top 10 - February 20th

    Wonder how Woden fell out of 2A poll.
  10. Kingwood Park 57 New Caney 59/FINAL

    I was not there but heard NC won 59-57.
  11. Porter wins 58-49
  12. Tarkington 52 Cleveland 48/FINAL

    This is exactly what the radio announcer said. Said Cleveland tried to slow it down and it took them out of their game. Cleveland only scored 14 the second half. They said one of the Tarkington players got hot and they could not stop him.
  13. Tarkington 52 Cleveland 48/FINAL

    52-48 Tarkington final
  14. Dayton 57 New Caney 45/FINAL

    Final 57-45 Dayton 
  15. Dayton 57 New Caney 45/FINAL

    24-22 NC at half