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  1. Go STANGS!!!!!   Safe travel to all.
  2. WOS@Jasper

    I had asked a question some time back that who would you consider WOS's rival. I meant like PNG and Nederland. Most reply's were they really do not have one. At one time I agree that Jasper would have been the closest team to fill that role. With WOS's schedule so far I say 27-10. The defense is playing great. I agree that the offense needs to come together and they must cut out the mistakes. This team is good and young. Let the students come into their own and find their game. They will be fine. Love and support to the players, coaches, and family that support WOS. Again WOS will be fine. And in the next couple of years they will only get better.
  3. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Looking forward to this game and hope it lives up to the hype.
  4. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Could be the best game that week in Texas.
  5. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    I hate to say it but I think Newton 38-24. I do not think WOS will run out of gas, just Newton has the team this year.
  6. How much time left in game?
  7. This one at WOS. Let the predictions begin.
  8. Time and score update please  
  9. 4A D2 top 10 teams scores

    Many upsets happening. 4A2 may be wide open to state this year.
  10. Newton 56 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Score update please?
  11. Ball Game WOS wins 47-0. Safe travel home for all. Congrads to WOS.
  12. 4A D2 top 10 teams scores

    Hey it is all good. Just nice to see other scores in 4D2
  13. 4A D2 top 10 teams scores

    Thanks for the updates.
  14. 47-0 on a 19 yard FG. WOS had 1st down.