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  1. What will the final point spread be for the Bucs?
  2. This game is happening on 2/15 as a warmup to the playoffs.. Any predictions?
  3. Will setxsports do a live video any of these games?
  4. West Orange Stark Next Year

    With what is returning and the JV coming up it will be another deep run in the playoffs for the Mustangs. 4AII for this region is looking good for WOS. I am wondering what the other region teams have coming back?
  5. West Orange Stark Next Year

    I am trying to remember if we return most of our skill players on both sides, does anyone know? I believe we return 12 starters.
  6. Wos and Carthage

    WOS has a many players returning and with what is coming up to the varsity level they will be back to regional finals again. With this young team they need work off season and if they do work out before the season begins they could be back at state next year. IMO
  7. Is the game being broadcast live anywhere?  
  8. West Orange Stark Next Year

    so is 6 on offense and 6 on defense?
  9. How many starters on offense and defense are back next year?
  10. Go STANGS!!!! Praying for a safe game on both sides and safe travel for all. Hope they get the game in and if not then on to Saturday.
  11. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Saturday makes more sense than Friday. Why do you think many other teams rescheduled for Thursday or Saturday. Seems like common sense is very lacking in the world today. IMO
  12. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Where are all the people who have insight or know people from coaching staff or school admins. What went into this decision to keep the game on Friday night? Someone in the know have any insights? Perhaps just let their poor choice and bad decision speak for themselves.