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  1. So what is the issue with the center? I cannot believe not enough practice. Does he feel pressure when in game situations and must deliver a long snap? With only 2 more games in district and a bye week either a fix must be found or new center. I am no coach but this must time and same mistakes, something is wrong.
  2. The Stangs keep the streak alive but the coach's are not happy with the way the Stangs played, count on that and hard workouts during the bye week.
  3. Coach T is really going to work the Stangs next week. He is not going to be pleased with this performance.
  4. any updates on time and score?  
  5. Coach T needs to make those halftime adjustment.
  6. Radar shows little showers but nothing bad, just a wet and sloppy field, hoping for the best for WOS and again no injuries  
  7. Is it raining in Orange? At work in Houston.
  8. Go STANGS!!!!! Focus on this game and get the win.
  9. I have not seen much about the WOS JV. Are they fielding a team?
  10. West Orange Stark vs Hardin Jefferson

    Game Day Stangs, Go get the win and keep the streak alive. One game at a time. Hats off to Coach T and is staff for week end and week out for getting the Stangs ready to play. Hoping for a safe travel and no injuries on both sides. Go STANGS!!!!
  11. Silsbee @ Navasota

    Thanks, that explains everything.
  12. Silsbee @ Navasota

    How good is Navasota this year?
  13. The Mustangs host the Hawks. WOS by 4+ touchdowns.
  14. the streak continues until next week. One game at a time. Way to go WOS.