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  1. Has Silsbee and Dallas Carter played any one in common?
  2. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Game day. Will be listening but also watching online, best of both worlds. Could not make the trip.Go Tigers!!!
  3. You can listen to the audio for free but too watch all the games it is worth it for me. I will listen to the Silsbee game while watching it. The next best thing to being there.
  4. For those that cannot make it, it is worth the money for all the games. The travel expense, hotel, food, and tickets, make up the difference. The experience of going is great but for those who cannot, second place is ok by me.
  5. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Yes, whom did get suspended?
  6. The following is quotes from the Houston Chron web site from Greg Wise head coach of Yates. “The teams that make it to state will all be good, but I don’t know that they’ll get challenged like this,” Yates coach Greg Wise said. “They’re the No. 1 team in the state, but I don’t think we’re too far behind.” “They took my best player out of the game, and I didn’t feel like that was fair,” Wise said. “You’ve got to give Silsbee the credit for the win, but once (Seraille) came out, that took away our inside game. That took away a lot of the things we had planned to do.” He gives Silsbee the credit for the win but feels like he was cheated for not having his best player in the game except for 8 minutes for the entire game. To me he is a tad bit soar. Who know what would have happened but that is basketball.
  7. Silsbee vs Somerset

    If you cannot make it to state to see Silsbee play I believe it will be broadcasted live on the net. I found the following link, Will it be on tv? I do not see if it will cost to view online. I cannot make it to state and any help would be grateful. Thanks
  8. Who will the tigers play in the semi final per the bracket
  9. Yates is getting ready baskets driving down the lame. Very poor defense by tigers. Yates doing more offense rebounds this game.

    Yates does not go for the offensive rebound, at least they did not in their game last night. Hit or miss on offense they quickly set up the press. With all their height they could get easy put backs against the team they played but no. Press, press, press, no crashing the boards. Silsbee does go for the rebounds. With that in mind I agree that Silsbee is battle tested more to me with their schedule. Go Tigers.  Be safe on the roads,

    I will be going back to see the final for sure.

    I was at both games and both teams will run, but if Silsbee shoots like they shot in this last game then I think they will lose. Silsbee had to play the harder game to get to the finals, period. Yates full court press is good but do give up the easy shots if your break it, if. Silsbee did not double team press in the backcourt. Could be the team they played had good ball handlers. If both teams shoot well and play at full strength it will be a great game.