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  1. West Orange-Stark turf

    Have they started building the jumbotron?
  2. West Orange-Stark turf

    When will the jumbotron start being put in place? The goal post should not take that long.
  3. West Orange-Stark turf

    So the new jumbotron is bigger or as big as Texan Drive one?
  4. WOS 2019

    With the region they are in and what they have coming back, I see WOS getting to the past regionals and perhaps a state birth.
  5. Low scoring game?
  6. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    Game day go Bucs
  7. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    I do not believe in wishing teams good luck, just play your best and accept the rest. With that said hoping for a Bucs win. Game is tomorrow, go Bucs. As some has said in the past, one game at a time.
  8. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    I got this information from the Texas UIL website. FOX Sports Southwest and NFHS Network will combine to televise and webcast the UIL Boys Basketball State Tournament March 7-9 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.   NFHS Network will provide a live webcast of all 2019 Boys Basketball State Tournament semifinal games and the 1A – 5A state championship games online with a subscription at Subscribers can also watch on the go by downloading the NFHS Network app for iPhone and Android devices.   The 6A championship final on Saturday, March 9, will be televised live on FOX Sports Southwest Plus at 8:30 p.m., and will also stream on the FOX Sports digital platforms.
  9. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    Just a friendly reminder that for those who cannot be there live, you can watch the games online at: As always you must subscribe to watch them.
  10. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    I still say Bucs by 7+. How is the match up between these two team, up and down for both or what?
  11. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    Ok, just sucks that is the way it is.
  12. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    Was the other two teams even ranked?
  13. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    I agree. The two top ranked teams in state and you match them up in the semis, explain that to me. I find it hard to believe that these two teams had records that demand they meet in the semis.
  14. Who is the Bucs next opponent