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  1. I'M HOME!

    Glad to hear, but do not work too hard.
  2. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    Finally got mine.
  3. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    Walmart, Target, nor HEB in Tomball has them yet.
  4. Focus on your health and get getting better. This site is secondary to your health and family. Praying for a quick and speedy recovery.
  6. Coldspring open

    Any news on the hiring?
  7. The time and effort it takes is great. Hope you take a vacation at some time, you deserve it with all the updates for the site. Thanks.
  8. Coldspring open

    That could happen. Feel very sorry for Coldspring. I also stated this will be late to put a good staff or work with the existing staff. Again the real people this might hurt is the kids, especially the seniors. Multiple coaches over the last couple of years is not good for the program.
  9. The Dark Side of 7-7

    My daughter plays for a select softball team in the Houston area. She is the catcher and has been for several seasons. The coach has told the players and parents that their are tournaments as you get older where colleges coaches come to watch and entice players to sign. YES softball is worse but my daughter loves it and likes playing the position. Very, very intense when you get in the high school age to get a good scholarship from a college.
  10. The Dark Side of 7-7

    The same can be said about select softball.
  11. Coldspring open

    I know they want to get the right man for the job, but at this late notice the real people who suffer are the fans and players. Also trying to bring together the staff there or get the people he wants will be hard.
  12. Playoff home-field for 4A and below

    The UIL is all about control, power, and money. More team mean more money. More money mean more control and power to enforce their rules and control. Let face it the UIL is the new mafia in Texas, and we let them have take control.