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  1. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    Blacks mans hero ..shows just how ignorant you ca be...  You just outdated 
  2. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    Google it if you don’t believe me.  Fdr 71%
  3. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    I guess the numbers magically drop. But if obama was still in office the numbers would be lies funny how the narrative changed.
  4. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    The thing is I don’t care what you think. You can think I’m a four eyed unicorn. I don’t have to prove to you anything I know to be true about me.
  5. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    Free thinker. Obama dealt with 16% unemployment with blacks left office with it around 8 trump has it now around 6 which I won’t ever complain about. but I consider that riding a wave.
  6. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    I’m well informed on the voters right act so I missed your point.
  7. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    What I typed was my feelings towards the Republican Party not stereotypes I just picked up. But you refuse to believe anyone that think other than you have the ability to free think.
  8. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    See the response on here by republicans is why blacks won’t vote republican. Rather than facts I see two users claim lbj welfare reform was what got blacks to the left which is just a lie to belittle the black vote democrats took the black vote from the republicans with fdr decades before lbj early 30s mid 40s Democratic was already approaching 80% with black voters. Lbj got 94% because the civil rights acts he will eventually sign (jfk got him that).  You can vote lbj who’s for the civil rights act or for Goldwater who opposed it. I’m more at awe it was only 94%. So I think history has shown that Black will vote will change parties for the side who earns the vote. the left haven’t earned it as late but the right haven’t even tried .
  9. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    When I say policies im not talking legislation more identity politics. Crack has been a problem in urban neighborhoods since the 80s  opioids move into the suburbs and its a national crisis.  Confederate flag confederate statues. The refusal to address even the slightest wrong doing of the police. The constant Chicago reference for only political points.  The assumption that we’re all welfare recipients that vote democratic to keep food stamps. The failure to even address us on the political stage.  I can go on and on.  
  10. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    It’s policies that matter to blacks. Blacks were once Republicans. Republicans struggle with blacks and Hispanic voters won’t change until policies change. Simple calling them puppets won’t change that.
  11. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    I believe free thinking individuals exist on both sides. I don’t think that if you don’t think like me your a problem. 
  12. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    So only those who chooses to be liberal are brainwashed. And one can only become enlightened when they choose to be a conservative. That’s a very interesting way of thinking. So the republicans are the enlightened ones. Got it.
  13. US and North Korea meet.

    I’m no Trump hater as mentioned I gave credit to the release of hostages. I’m just saying that doesn’t make North Korea any less of a threat. 
  14. US and North Korea meet.

    He succeeded in North Korea before the summit. Really? He got 3 hostages which is huge. But nothing else we stop war games with South Korea. And let me do you a favor because you will ask because it’s all you have yes obama failed with Iran I never tried to sugarcoat it. SMH The art of the deal.