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  1. Nike’s new face

    Like people of African decent mostly live in same neighborhood so more likely to get killed shot hugged and kissed by another person of Africans decent but black on black crime just got a certain ring to it.  Explain this.
  2. Nike’s new face

    People just love to hate. He should be focused on this or that, I don’t like the way he’s protesting. Stop following your idiotic president with trying to change the narrative of another man protest. Not to disrespect the flag the troops but to call awareness to social injustice. Talk about being a snowflake. Y’all really out here burning Nike’s.
  3. Farrakhan is extremely out of touch with today’s reality. Racist and poisonous to black America.    
  4. Stephen A. Smith says tiger woods isn't black

    Tiger woods do not consider himself black. He chooses to identify as something else. Nothing to do with liberals. 
  5. Stephen A. Smith says tiger woods isn't black

    Tiger woods is not black. This is not news
  6. Port Arthur Memorial 48 Deer Park 20/FINAL

    Titans by 14
  7. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    Blacks mans hero ..shows just how ignorant you ca be...  You just outdated 
  8. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    Google it if you don’t believe me.  Fdr 71%
  9. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    I guess the numbers magically drop. But if obama was still in office the numbers would be lies funny how the narrative changed.
  10. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    The thing is I don’t care what you think. You can think I’m a four eyed unicorn. I don’t have to prove to you anything I know to be true about me.
  11. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    Free thinker. Obama dealt with 16% unemployment with blacks left office with it around 8 trump has it now around 6 which I won’t ever complain about. but I consider that riding a wave.
  12. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    I’m well informed on the voters right act so I missed your point.
  13. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    What I typed was my feelings towards the Republican Party not stereotypes I just picked up. But you refuse to believe anyone that think other than you have the ability to free think.
  14. Black Student Leaves Left’s Plantation

    See the response on here by republicans is why blacks won’t vote republican. Rather than facts I see two users claim lbj welfare reform was what got blacks to the left which is just a lie to belittle the black vote democrats took the black vote from the republicans with fdr decades before lbj early 30s mid 40s Democratic was already approaching 80% with black voters. Lbj got 94% because the civil rights acts he will eventually sign (jfk got him that).  You can vote lbj who’s for the civil rights act or for Goldwater who opposed it. I’m more at awe it was only 94%. So I think history has shown that Black will vote will change parties for the side who earns the vote. the left haven’t earned it as late but the right haven’t even tried .