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  1. Did the apology tour ever bring this about?

    Good positive development for Trump... I would by skeptical.. But this can be a drop the mic moment for The Donald.
  2. Beaumont United Logo Revealed

    ..... Said Michael Vick 
  3. Attention Bluedove

    Tell me you didn’t watch all 59 minuets.
  4. President Obama & Melania Trump

    The site does it for me.
  5. President Obama & Melania Trump

    Starbucks, chick fil a and now this hair salon conversation.
  6. President Obama & Melania Trump

    You all have very bad taste in women.
  7. Segregation Now

    STARBUCKS you guys will argue over any and everything. 5 day conversation.
  8. I graduated in 10 from PAM was coached and educated in biology from coach Morgan. When Harrison left the first name I thought of was coach Morgan.
  9. Top 10 Sports Movies

    Friday night lights. Texas football boobie miles.
  10. The Walking Dead

    TWD at first I was hooked now blah. I’m just waiting on all to die.  I think game of thrones is up there with sopranos as best thing to hit tv.  This is Us have superior acting and Amazing storytelling from different point of views. The episode when randal biological father dies is moving. You can relate to every single character.
  11. Gun Control

    The whole car argument just make no sense cars were made to drive majority of car deaths are accidents people are not accidentally shooting up schools.  I’m not for or against gun control.  Thats why I asked is this the new normal? 
  12. Gun Control

    Not trying to argue but, you don’t believe the gun was made to kill. I know many use it as self defense but it was made to kill
  13. Gun Control

    Cars were invented to be driven guns to kill. We have added air bags seatbelts tail lights break lights etc etc to make cars safe. Its harder to get a license than to get a gun. It’s also easy to have a judge void your drivers license than a gun license.  Why compare the two. Im not saying we take guns or whatever I’m just asking where can we start. Talking about cars and liberals will not fix anything.