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  1. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    That's not saying much. Everyone else beat him too.
  2. another commit

    Colton Beeson senior linebacker for Nederland committed to play for Texas Lutheran University early this morning.
  3. 2018 NSD

    There may be at least two more signing from this group. I know of one that is being talked to by at least two schools.
  4. I enjoyed watching my grandson playing regularly on Fridays. And especially watching him have a descent MCM game in front of a lot of out of town family that hadn't been able to see him this year. Really thankful that he will have these memories for the rest of his life. He was #30. There were many others, but this was my favorite.
  5. The football player in this house is very happy. First thing he said was "that is great news!"
  6. I really can't say much about this game. We have a grandson playing on each side of the ball. A senior at PNG and a junior at Nederland. I guess it's a no lose game for me. 
  7. Beaumont Central @ Nederland

    According to my grandson, who is on the team, yes he will be the qb.