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  1. Tourney Thoughts

    You would like this huh CARDINALBACKER !!! Hater, don't make no sense....To late though, STATE CHAMPS BABY lol sleep tight hater
  2. Good question !!! I think he would but you never know.
  3. Has anybody seen are heard from CARDINALBACKER !!!!! 
  4. Big Time Haters !!! Smh 78Stang want us to lose so bad...
  5. He's just comparing what can happen in those 3 years 78Stang !! Trust me, we know the WOS history and were not even an inch close to what y'all have accomplish in football lol
  6. You again !!! We all know you hate Silsbee, so we know who you rooting for....
  7. I think so !!! Go Tigers
  8. Hey Cardinalbacker, this topic has really made your day I see . From calling Devon a thug and no telling what you called him off the internet. We're not perfect, he made a mistake and he's getting punish for it. I can go on and on about what bridge city has said and done, so Log off, cause people tired of seeing your comments bashing a kid.
  9. Y'all haven't !! I graduated in 99, I know. 
  10. REALLY !!!!!! Come on man lol
  11. You have said hand check in the face about 20 times...Did somebody slap you in the face and you still feeling the effects from it !!!!
  12. Yeah right lol was about to get ugly and you know it !!!