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  1. WOS@Jasper

    Gotta take the Dawgs in this one! Gonna be one for the books but the dogs keep rolling.  Looking forward to a great atmosphere also might be a packed house!
  2. Jasper at Lumberton

    Gotta take the DAWGS in this one. Will be a good game. Just think the O-Line for Jasper has figured it out and that Defense is pretty tough.  Jasper 35 L-Train 17
  3. Don't know much about Tarkington
  4. Hudson @ Jasper

    Big District Matchup between the Dawgs and the Hornets in Jasper tonight.
  5. Madisonville vs. Hardin Jefferson

    Going to be a good one Going with Madisonville in this one
  6. Jasper VS Atlanta predictions

    7:30 Friday in Carthage 
  7. Round 1 Bi-district playoff game between the Dawgs and the Rabbits. Who yall got??
  8. 11/9/17 JV Final Scores

    Jasper JV Jasper 42 Diboll 6
  9. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    True. But the dogs not gonna wanna share the District crown. Its gonna be a good one Good luck to both teams.
  10. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    lol just some country boys that like to play a lil football
  11. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    lol they strap up just like everyone else.
  12. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    Yes that sounds about right. 
  13. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    Expecting a physical game especially from that dog defense those guys can get to the football and they get there quick