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  1. Whether he wins or not, he was the best and is one of the best in Texas.  Soak this up folks, our area doesn't get this often if ever at this level
  2. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    Run it between the tackles, don't get too impatient.  Hit a couple action shots down the field.  Defensively, from what I've seen, they want to beat you with the pass, so go nickel and hope Forney/ Spell and and company can stop the run with as few men in the box as possible.  
  3. Fun Tool to predict scores

    Maybe they read this board and have a 2-3 TD negative bias factored into their program
  4. Fun Tool to predict scores

    Last week it had Nederland losing to Porter
  5. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    Just go hop back on PNGs jock, we know the deal here
  6. 21-5a vs. 22-5a

    Dogs most ridiculous loss in 2 decades, dominated the Jags and still lost. Hats off to Central, but doesn't change how that second half went, and the Jags even had a chance to win on the last drive
  7. James Mosley,

    So now you have a history of trashing Micah Mosley and Roschon Johnson, thats a pretty solid record you have there.  But like Soulja said, You're knowledgeable, so you get a pass from the guy looking for the mythical Spring game in pads
  8. PNG vs Texas City

    They exist over there.... 
  9. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    There are no delusions over here, we know about Preston and the other D1 commits at Manvel.  We've played some very athletic offenses in PNG, Crosby, and PAM, but probably nothing along Manvels talent.  We are the decided underdog, and rightfully so, they are the best team in the State.  But, we still get to play the game, and I love how our team competes, can't wait!  State Championship comes to Nederland in round 2, we're lucky as I see it
  10. 21-5a vs. 22-5a

    Almost a sweep versus almost break even... a bit of a differnt.  The top half of 22-5A was much better than 21-5A this year. 
  11. I'm not taking anything away, but the play calling has got to be balanced as the season goes on and better defenses are faced.  You gotta trust one of the best HS QB's on the planet.
  12. He was unstoppable running, but Nederland shut the pass down in the first half when they did attempt to be balanced.  
  13. Has anyone ever given up over 800 yards of offense and still won... wow.  Congrats on doing what it took to get the W
  14. Nederland 35 Porter 3/FINAL

    Nederland absolutely hosed on an offside call that gave Porter a first down, wow, clueless