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  1. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    indian4ever, you a 2 decade long broken record... and you skip, and you play the wrong song most of the time.  
  2. Crosby@Nederland

    Thus the comment about being the underdogs all year.
  3. Nederland @ Vidor

    Some teams are all about the stats, like it wins games... Nederland just wins games, especially against you know who.  
  4. have at it, discuss.  You got two who led the area in picks coming back, plus two more starters.  
  5. Nederland ISD growing

    However it's formulated and calculated, it adds up to a number, and NISD's is the lowest in the area.  Industry, no industry, bonds, whatever, it's the lowest and has been for a long time.  Folks in Nederland have been getting a really good deal.
  6. Nederland ISD growing

    If Nederland suffers from low industry tax base, to maintain a functioning district, wouldn't the tax rates be among the highest, instead of the very lowest???  Please explain.  
  7. Nederland ISD growing

    NISD tax rate is the lowest in SE Texas, and has been for a long time.  
  8. Nederland ISD growing

    With the big push to legalize marijuana, I'm thinking a bong issue has a chance this time prepball.
  9. Regardless of the times, those three have outstanding football / game speed.  They can go with most anybody.
  10. Should see a lot of Noah Lewis and Landon Hiltz on offense and Burnett was solid last year.  I hear they have two stud running backs, but don't know much about them.  Running behind that offensive line should not be an issue.
  11. Nederland should be loaded on offense and will have the best secondary in the area, returning 4.  A lot to replace on the front 7, but with their secondary, it will make filling the holes a little easier.  
  12. PNG may have the most highly recruited lineman, but I think overall, Nederland's line will be better.
  13. The ump blew the call, we can stop talking about it.  It's 2 out of 3, hopefully there are no opportunities for runs to be granted for either team going forward.  Let's just watch some good baseball today, time to move on, good luck to these two quality teams.
  14. Delbert Spell Retiring

    Nederland had some dominant defenses over the years.  45 years as a coach in the same district is pretty impressive.  Congrats.  
  15. You just described why it's the 3b umps call