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  1. Best Program in SETX? (Golden T)

    My gut tells me Nederland has had a better body than PNG since 2006.
  2. Best Program in SETX? (Golden T)

    Plus, they have never really had a time with the program was in a major lull...  All these other programs we discussed have had that over the past 30-40 years.
  3. Best Program in SETX? (Golden T)

    Currently: 2-5 Newton Crosby / WB Ned / PNG / Dayton???  Best guess
  4. Hopefully, the QB's stay healthy, it was a revolving door due to injuries and both played hurt all year long when they did play.  Let's see em healthy.
  5. Goodness, there is no team in the area more athletic than WOS, some folks are just easily distracted by what they want to hear... not talking about you here
  6. I wasn't saying that WOS could beat anybody in 5A, I was referring to their defense.  I do think they had one of the top defenses in the state, even at the 5A level and I stick by that.  The comment was in reference to why I thought WOS last year would've beaten PAM, which I think they would have.  WOS 2016 defense was elite at any level, that doesn't mean I think they beat all of the 5A and 6A top teams.
  7. The comment was SPECIFIC to their defense and made no comment about scores or outcomes of games.  It was specific to how good the WOS defense was last year... at any level.
  8. WOS wouldve beaten PAM last year, soundly.  That defense was too much for all but the states elite 6A teams.
  9. Ill help you math, Nederland has veen one of the very smallest big schools each year, good try
  10. Dreams are nice
  11. You'll get that Central over Nederland pick wrong, look at the history and look at last year's game when Central should've rolled Nederland with all the circumstances in play. 
  12. Nederlands Staff.

    So looks like Barrow will keep the play calling duties which I think is very understandable with his background. 
  13. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    Thinking folks may have an eyebrow raised at Nerdlands record when its said and done.  They stay healthy and they will brawl every night, time will tell,.lets.put the pads on
  14. 7 on 7

    Uuuuhhhh, yes, this.