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  1. Nederland at Livingston

    Please note, these folks complaining are not Nederland fans, we are one of the few 5a and up programs playing on grass as well, we dont talk about others facilities, but we do play pretty good football 
  2. Lumberton @ PNG

    If Lumberton can't get the offense going, they'll hold PNG under 50...
  3. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    Was that a defensive TD? Any details on these scores
  4. Nederland 26 Dayton 14/FINAL

    Based on how Barrow has handled himself and the way his team has been focused and playing so hard, I'd say Nederland made the right move by handing him the reigns.  He has this team rolling in the right direction.  That second half performance last night was reminiscent of the Neumann  era and then some.
  5. Nederland 26 Dayton 14/FINAL

    Stats can be deceiving.  The second half was completely dominated by Nederland.  20-0 before the starters were pulled.  Very encouraging start for the Dogs.  And if I were Dayton, I wouldn't push the panic button just yet, Nederland moved the ball all over Crosby as well.
  6. 22-5A Question

    If Vidor indicates they are moving toward restoring their season, you absolutely wait until they are ready and then you deal with the ramifications as a district.  We can't kick a team when they are down, we need to be working with them to lift these kids up who are dealing with so much.
  7. 22-5A DEC Meeting This Week

    After Rita, they also had to play a reduced schedule, didn't play each team in the district.  I think that race ended in a coin flip.
  8. Crosby vs Manvel Week 1

    Crosby has one of the best backs in the state and a very good QB.  Receivers did not show much, but it's early.  Their defense was not as good as past Crosby teams.  They can feed that RB and beat most in the region, especially with the QB they have.... HOWEVER, Nederland will give Dayton more than they want... I don't care how much this guy has irritated you.  Nederland has as many if not more horses than Dayton.
  9. West Orange Stark vs Nederland

    I hope we get to play this game, even if WOS gets to beat the snot out of us, like all the WOS fans are predicting, we need to see the speed. 
  10. SHHHHHHH, we're doing a good job of biting our lips over here.
  11. A reminder, I need your 6A/5A, 4A/3A and 2A-Private Rankings tomorrow.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. WOSgrad


      St. Thomas and St. Pius aren't eligible.  The only private schools that are eligible are Kelly, Legacy, Baytown Christian and Orange Community Christian

    3. Brubaker


      5. Alto

      6. Gilmer Union Hill

      7. High Island

      8. Iola

      9. Legacy Christian

      10 Hull Daisetta

    4. WOSgrad
  12. Crosby is good, QB is a stud and the running back will have a big year.  Lots of tinkering by both teams, they both got good work in, and both teams left healthy.  
  13. I will say, you have a wonderful imagination, you should write books.. one thing that's been no secret, Nederlands record against Central this decade
  14. And Fernandez looked like things are coming together for him, he threw the ball very well tonight
  15. Although nobody wins a scrimmage, Nederland got some very good work in and took a step forward.  They have potential, a couple of game changers on offense and the o-line play was impressive.