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  1. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    There are lots of fans at both PNG and Nederland who have had season tickets for decades and don't go, or go only when it's a hyped up game.  That's probably why you see empty seats most of the time Soulja.
  2. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Nederland will return 4 O-lineman, their QB, and second best receiver, they will be very good offensively.  Defensively, they lose a lot in the front 7, but make up for it with a group of outstanding DB's all returning.  You can cover a lot of gaps if you can cover man to man and Nederland will have the secondary to do it.
  3. 2018 Early Chatter

    Great pitchers, but come on, 93 and 94...  something magical must've happened over the summer / fall.
  4. Ozentral

    Matt Stepp reporting tentatively that Ned will play new Central/Ozen week 2.
  5. Lumberton Raiders

    Get the Trophy, will there be a parade?
  6. Possible realignment

    Same-ish number of teams, same number of districts, the density should be similar, there will be 8 and possibly 9 team districts??
  7. A couple of big resignations today

    This could cause some major dominoes to start falling as these two giants get filled.
  8. Many say he's overworked and over exposed to injury as it is getting 30 plus carries in games.  
  9. This doesn't sound right, I think folks are getting stirred up over nothing.
  10. Did you read about the supposed Why?  If true, he would be making the right decision for his future, but I can't imagine this would not be addressed by PNG administration
  11. These kids aren't robots where the. Coach's have a controller???
  12. KOGT is killing me with these commercials right when big plays happen 
  13. Not sure about burning your gadget plays on that last series... woulda saved em
  14. I can admit I was wrong

    5a d2
  15. I can admit I was wrong

    The irony of the title of this thread is rich, not talking about Cardbacker