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  1. Nah, he didn’t throw his shirt to the ground.  Just took it off on the field when he was still representing the team and school.  He had a plain shirt underneath but it’s just a bad look, especially after a loss.  
  2. These unsportsmanlike penalties by RSS have got to stop.  
  3. Baytown Sterling head football coach and campus athletic director took off his Baytown Sterling shirt at mid-field prior to walking off the field after loss to North Shore.  If he is that weak and that disgusted, leave! Our city, school district, school and student athletes deserve better.  A leader is supposed to instill integrity and character to our student athletes.   NOT THE EXAMPLE THAT I WANT FOR MY CHILDREN!
  4. North Shore 63 Baytown Sterling 3/FINAL

    Exactly.  Great coaching move there.   
  5. North Shore 63 Baytown Sterling 3/FINAL

    None of the coaches addressed the players as a group at the end of the game.  Not the HC, not the DC, not the OC.   “Bus leaves in 10 minutes boys, lets go.”  That is it.  A home game.  Wow, I am pissed.    
  6. North Shore 63 Baytown Sterling 3/FINAL

    It is totally unacceptable for a head coach to take his Sterling Rangers shirt off at mid-field while walking off the field.   TOTAL DISRESPECT AND NOT THE TYPE OF LEADER I WANT FOR MY KIDS!!!
  7. North Shore 63 Baytown Sterling 3/FINAL

    We can’t even get the correct number of kids on the field for special teams.   Absolute worse set of coaches that I have ever seen in HS football.  Most undisciplined disorganized team I have seen.  Zero, I mean zero direction for these kids    63-3, start of 4th
  8. North Shore 63 Baytown Sterling 3/FINAL

    49-0 at the half.  RSS has 1 first down due to NS penalty
  9. North Shore 63 Baytown Sterling 3/FINAL

    North Shore has run 7 offensive plays and have scored 5 touchdowns.  Their D has scored 1.   RSS has run 9 plays for a total of -30 yards.   42-0, beginning of 2 Q
  10. North Shore 63 Baytown Sterling 3/FINAL

    Let’s get real here, a good showing for Sterling could be measured by... Defense - hold NS to multiple 3rd and long situations.   Multiple punts would be big.   Offense - have multiple drives where we are able to put together at least 3 first downs.  A score would be big.   Special teams - do not allow a kick or punt returned for TD.   Play with more discipline than last week cut out the nonsense penalties.  
  11. My thoughts exactly.  I don’t think I have seen a Sterling team with such lack of discipline.  We probably had more penalty yardage than offensive yards.  The penalties tonight should have been corrected by this time of year.  The negative yardage trying to run backwards to try to out run the D and intentional grounding was horrible.  2 touchdowns in 3 district games...make it 4 after NS next week.   I see no passion, no fire from this coaching staff.  
  12. This could be the only district win for one of these two teams.  So, who wins and what is going on with LP?
  13. 21-6A

    Hill is a great running back.  Hawkins is a good RB and even better receiver.  Hill did attempt several throws against Channelview...all to Hawkins.  You just can't put a square peg in a round hole.  They have some decent receivers.  Everyone knows Hill or Hawkins are getting the ball 90% of the time.  Assign 2 LB to each, corners/DE's contain and you get what we continue seeing.  3 and outs and a dog tired D.