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  1. My thoughts exactly.  I don’t think I have seen a Sterling team with such lack of discipline.  We probably had more penalty yardage than offensive yards.  The penalties tonight should have been corrected by this time of year.  The negative yardage trying to run backwards to try to out run the D and intentional grounding was horrible.  2 touchdowns in 3 district games...make it 4 after NS next week.   I see no passion, no fire from this coaching staff.  
  2. This could be the only district win for one of these two teams.  So, who wins and what is going on with LP?
  3. 21-6A

    Hill is a great running back.  Hawkins is a good RB and even better receiver.  Hill did attempt several throws against Channelview...all to Hawkins.  You just can't put a square peg in a round hole.  They have some decent receivers.  Everyone knows Hill or Hawkins are getting the ball 90% of the time.  Assign 2 LB to each, corners/DE's contain and you get what we continue seeing.  3 and outs and a dog tired D.
  4. 21-6A

    United surprised me for sure.  I though RSS would be more competitive.  The United D line manhandled our O line.  Our special teams were horrible.  The one punt returned for a TD where no one downed the ball even though it was bouncing back toward us should not have happened.  The other punt return was very similar.  The kick off returned for TD was poorly executed and everyone collapsed leaving wide open running. Our offense is going to struggle as long as there is not a threat of a passing game.  If opposing defenses only have to key on Hill with the linebackers and let the rest of the team worry about Hawkins pulling and running then it makes for a long day for our defense.  RSS did put one drive together when 3rd team QB went in and connected on several passes.  I believe that one drive was more than the rest of the game combined.  If we can keep defenses from keying on Hill only then we can be a bit more competitive. Our defense was on the field way too long and not enough depth.  Our D line is respectable.  Our secondary wound up getting burned trying to play the run and then giving up passing yardage.  I thought United did an excellent job in the red zone.  Too many weapons...running and passing.  United QB played well and made plays.
  5. 21-6A

    NS 60, King 7 WB 35, United 14 RSS 35, CV 28 DP 18, LP 12 (yep, another Sterling fan here)