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  1. He's applied for a bunch of jobs through the years......Taken  a lot of heat over the ipad scandal. He's looking to move on no doubt.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Back atcha....And to all!!!!!!
  3. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    Blaysin will start if he's healthy....
  4. Agreed, Mazyck doesn't appear to be 100 percent......Ankle appears to still be tender.
  5. No doubt .....And kudos to Monte and the Offensive staff for scratching out enough O to get us the W.......Tough enough to win when your healthy.
  6. Bottom line....you lose your starting qb and top 2 tailbacks, that translates into over 2000 yds of offense. We are struggling on offense without our play makers. Tough row to hoe from here on out....
  7. Mazyck suited up but not playing....
  8. Blaysin with hip injury.....
  9. Willowridge @ Nederland

    I know nothing about Willowridge.. I’m liking our chances if Mazyck can go tonight....
  10. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Well if someone hadn’t dropped that giph on us, and pulled the scab off... Beautiful weather for HS football!!! Good luck to all!!!!
  11. West Orange Stark Bond possibles

    Turf looks great 
  12. West Orange Stark Bond possibles

    Elevator and a standby  generator ....
  13. Congrats Raiders!!!!!