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  1. For what its worth... Its early. Speaking for myself, I havent been to anything involving Ned football this yr. So I dont have much to add. With that being said, there are many who would love to see us falter.....I will wait and post when I have firsthand knowledge, not what someone has heard.Good luck to all and ....Im ready for some HS football!!!
  2. Memorial's Jones Commits to SMU

  3. TJ hasnt fielded a team in 15 yrs and still leads most teams in wins with 587.......Sting em Jackets Sting em!!!!! WOS hands down the Best....
  4. Congrats.......And Hook em!!!!    
  5. Nederlands Staff.

    Yes.....he coached at Ned in the 90s, and moved to PNG.....I believe he retired from PNG, sat out a yr,and coached at LCMlast year,and is returning to Ned this yr.  
  6. Nederlands Staff.

    Jay Stone has been added to the Ned staff also.....  
  7. Baseball

    Im hearing the same thing.......
  8. The Sup there now is making 185,000.00, and Cavness is154,000.00ish......He is from the Deer Park area, and the sup in Tx city's last day is June 30th.  
  9. The word on the street is that Cavness is headed to Texas City isd.....Stay tuned.
  10. Gotta agree, someone sure sounds like Smitty!!!!!!!