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  1. Nederlands Staff.

    Jay Stone has been added to the Ned staff also.....  
  2. Baseball

    Im hearing the same thing.......
  3. The Sup there now is making 185,000.00, and Cavness is154,000.00ish......He is from the Deer Park area, and the sup in Tx city's last day is June 30th.  
  4. The word on the street is that Cavness is headed to Texas City isd.....Stay tuned.
  5. Gotta agree, someone sure sounds like Smitty!!!!!!!
  6. DeRouen was an excellent OC but  not so much a HC. The talent level at TJ in the late 70s and early 80s was on a different level than anything DeRouen had in his reign at Ned. Then you add the fact that nobody had seen anything like the TJ offense at the HS level, much less the athletes and that's pretty tough to defend. Lots of factors in the formula for success.One is time,lets get behind Monte and give him some......Im all in.
  7. PNG Colors

    No Dog in this fight but, gotta agree. The Gray just doesnt rep Png imo. All white unis with purple trim looked the best.
  8. Best news Ive heard in a while....  
  9. And FYI... don't believe for a second the board has no influence in the hire. The board hired her (new Sup) over two homegrown, x-coaches- asst sups... why? Cause they knew if one was promoted to Sup it would make it much more difficult to get rid of ole Larry....
  10. Folks I don't know much but this is fact.... Several board members have made it known...1. They want Neumann out. 2. They want English as AD.   Heard it straight from the mouth of 2 board members....and guess what? Here we are. Simmons won't take job without AD imo. Barrow might not either. Let's see what happens!
  11. Money wont be right without the AD title...