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  1. Hats off to the Brook !!!! Proud of, and for you guys!!!! REPRESENT BABY!!!!!!!
  2. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    Made that one, Todd kept trying to run Ehlinger but, NS threw up a brick wall....
  3. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    Didn’t Dodge lose the SC game to North Shore at NRG?
  4. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    Cant make it but , I will be listening for sure........
  5. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    The cakewalk is over......Good luck to the Injuns!!!!
  6. Kenny Ray

    Congrats to Kenny Ray!!!!!  
  7. Sounds like Roschon took over in the 2nd half.....
  8. Huntsville 34 Manvel 10/FINAL

    Huntsville with the solid D........  
  9. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    Yes...... although in his defense he was gimpy, he doesn’t hit the hole like Scott.... He’s more of a scat back, great receiver out of the backfield. Kid has lots of talent, would love to see him healthy this week...
  10. He's applied for a bunch of jobs through the years......Taken  a lot of heat over the ipad scandal. He's looking to move on no doubt.