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  1. Delbert Spell Retiring

    Hats off to a great coach......
  2. Delbert Spell Retiring

    Im hearing coach Theriot......
  3. Rivalries updated

    Good work Bigdog!!!!!!
  4. Livingston 0 at Nederland 12/Final

    12-o Ned.......  

    On O.... Qb and all but one on the O line.....I think the whole secondary, but not sure what else..
  6. Seems they don’t really like Head coaches... just looking for them.
  7. Agreed, thought the thread was about PAM.... 
  8. Owens never coached Memorial.......
  9. RT was a shell of the man. with a shell of the staff or support the 2nd stint. RT was way ahead of the curve in 78 when he roared into PA. His offense was way ahead of the defenses at that time, and the cupboard was FULL. He had a staff, administrative support, athletes, and as a hometown boy the community too. Throw in lots of 2 and 3 yr starters and a system no one had seen. Mix in a load of  Div 1 talent and you know the rest. Folks, timing is everything....
  10. Worst facilities in the area?

    Don't want to get too far off subject but......Nederland needs new blood on the school board. Out with the old, and in with the new. I smell change.
  11. Worst facilities in the area?

    No doubt the facilities at Ned could use some upgrades....I have to think the field is in bad shape due to the saturating rain's we've received. I will say this...Ned coaching staff does as much with less than anyone around.
  12. I can see playing him on D in certain critical situations..... but going both ways is a no-no imo.... he definitely shoulders too much load already....
  13. Agreed.....1 player doesnt make a team.
  14. Nederland has early graduation......js
  15. I can admit I was wrong