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  1. Letter Jackets

    Still have it, doesnt fit.....37 years ago......
  2. Mid County Madness predictions

    Makes me thankful for our sponsorship with Lacrosse.....Simmons sure can scoot in those knee high cleats. 
  3. I was in complete awe of Shug running to the tune of 292 yards on that muddy disgraceful field. Cant believe he managed. You would think that football was invented on grass !!!! WOW!!!!!!!!
  4. MCM 2017 Thoughts

    Faircloth had him working the concession stand at halftime, and so said he drove the bus back to the reservation!!!!!!! 
  5. MCM 2017 Thoughts

    Total yards for both teams was pretty close.....425 -375 or so.....I believe Shug rushed like 42 times for close to 300 yds.
  6. Monte Barrow...A new era begins

    Didnt agree with going for it on 4th and 8 close to midfield...But that's his job and not mine.. No doubt NISD made the right choice with Barrow. Let the ERA begin!!!!!!!!
  7. MCM 2017 Thoughts

    Couldnt agree more......There jobs are on the line.
  8. Monte Barrow...A new era begins

    It was the only call to make......And it worked...So....I guess we will never know.
  9. Monte Barrow...A new era begins

    Barrow still has a long way to go to get out of Daddy Larry's shadow but, he took a huge step last night. So many thought Ned's ship had sailed when Daddy left, Im thinking it hasnt. 
  10. Just seems obvious to me that Faircloth is bound and determined to do it his way...He was convinced Roschon was going to beat us, and he ALMOST did. As effective as he is and was, look at how much better he could be if the football was put into someone else's hands. I know some wont like hearing this but the Dogs are year in and out more physical and smashmouth. On both sides of the ball. No shock and awe, just hands in the dirt football. JMO
  11. Congrats Big Ned

    No doubt about Roschon, hes the real deal......Wish he would skip next year and head to Austin!!!!! HOOK EM!!!