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  1. Jasper Tournament/Post updates here!

    BC pitching was almost equally impressive in that game. The only hit they gave up was a two out bunt single in the sixth. By the way they BC boys found a way not to lose a game in which they did get no hit. The next day they bounced back with 20 hits and the probably another 10 against Nederland.  As far as the Rodriguez kids is concerned he is one of the best HS pitchers I have seen. Most kids with that kind of velocity tend to get the ball up at times which makes it a little easier to scratch a few hits or runs. Grayson sat 90 plus at the knees with plus off speed as well. I was able to see the older Kolek (sat 97-98) kid a few years ago and he wasn't nearly the PITCHER Rodriguez is. 
  2. Jasper

    They were good last year, just lost a ton of close games. Returned nearly everyone. They have been vastly overlooked by the media.
  3. 1st Weekend Tournaments

    Any word on what teams like Silsbee and Orangefield plan to do now?
  4. 1st Weekend Tournaments

    I posted it earlier this week on Jasper Tourney thread. I saw that Liberty was scheduled to be in Kountze Tourney, but now I see that they are in the new,y formed LCM tournament. Did Kountze cancel their tournament or did Liberty just back out to go play more games at LCM?
  5. Jasper Tournament 22-24

    Found one! 2018 Kountze Tournament  Thursday February 22 9:00-Liberty vs. Hamshire-Fannett 11:30-Onalaska vs. Spurger 2:00-Kountze vs. Onalaska 4:30-Orangefield vs. Memorial  7:00-Orangefield vs. Silsbee  Friday February 23 8:00-Liberty vs. Orangefield 10:30-Silsbee vs. Onalaska 1:00-Spurger vs. Liberty 3:30-Memorial vs. Hamshire-Fannett 6:00-Spurger vs. Kountze 8:30-Kountze vs. Memorial Saturday February 24 9:000- Spirger vs Orangefield  11:30-Silsbee vs. Memorial 2:00-Hamshire-Fannett vs. Onalsaska 4:30-Silsbee vs. Liberty 7:00-Hamshire-Fannett vs. Kountze  
  6. Jasper Tournament 22-24

    Well can we get a Kountze Tournament schedule now for the Silsbee fans?
  7. Injuries

    Any updates on the Dunn kid? Hope his recovery goes well. Really enjoy seeing him play the game. He is a hard nosed gritty player. Plays the game the right way!
  8. WOS Baseball

    Good luck Pick!
  9. WOS Baseball

    New Kirbyville FB/AD   WOS asst Ryan Pickering taking over on interim basis.
  10. 4A Region 3 Tougher with additions of Carthage and Sweeny one again. 
  11. Could also be a possibility Silsbee goes north to Jasper, Hudson, Shepherd, Diboll, Huntington district to make it a six team district.
  12. 2018 Early Chatter

    Poor coach won't have enough innings to pass around. Good problem to have.
  13. Countdown 2018 Season

    31 days!
  14. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    Woody McClendon at Woodville is what I found.