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  1. 4A Local district Bridge City Hamshire Fannett LCM Silsbee WOS   Other possibilities to replace Orangefield which dropped to 3A: Lumberton droping down from 5A Hardin Jefferson moves back into local district  
  2. Jan. 26th   72 days away!
  3. District Schedules

    Just wondering everyone's thoughts on district schedules? Tradional (play everyone twice in a first and second half) vs New (home and home against same opponent in one week.)   Seems as though the new trend is the home and home vs the same opponent in one week. I know our local 5A did this and was wondering what people thought about it compared to the old scheduling.
  4. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    Sam Moore going from Sulphur assistant to Sulphur HC
  5. Re-Alignment Changes

    Wouldn't BISD petition to keep Ozen in 5A? I think their numbers were low enough last time to drop them into the local 4A district.
  6. Jasper 2018

    Kickland had a great run in Jasper. They just got screwed by a coin flip and ran into a hot LCM team in 2016. Jasper was by far the better team that year, but that flip for one evens things out. 
  7. New WOS Coach

    Good this helps keep 22-4A strong.
  8. Jasper, Kirbyville talking State

    Robinson still the team to beat in 4A Region 3 until someone in our area finds a way to knock them off.
  9. Baseball

    Well they do have the state champs in their district. Those two always battling for supremacy.
  10. 22-5A District Honors??

  11. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    Robb Kirkland taking over at Liberty. 
  12. Jasper 2018

    Maybe try getting behind the guy and support him, rather than throw doubt his way.
  13. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    He was the guy at Texarkana Pleasant Grove when they made six straight state tourney appearances. 
  14. Jasper 2018

    He was HC at WOS in early 2000s.
  15. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    I think they have three starters back. Dallas Ramsey Robinson