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  1. Do they have a real chance???

    Region 3 is a tough one. Jersey Village may be the best in the region, there is also Cy Creek, Summer Creek, Atascocita, and Katy who are all Region 3 contenders.  United may get a test in the 3rd round maybe facing Atascocita.
  2. HJ @ Silsbee!!

    I think HJ wins - HJ has a lot of weapons PNG - Vidor - I will take PNG in a close one, but if Vidor is shooting the ball well it can go the other way. PNG has some significant injuries. Deer Park - Sterling - I like Sterlings big but I think Deer Park wins this. Huntington - Jasper - I think this should be a very entertaining game im gonna go with Jasper Lumberton - BC - Lumberton wins 
  3. 4A #4 HJ travels to Silsbee to take on the 4A #14 ranked Silsbee Tigers Friday at 630pm.  This should be a very fast paced and exciting game!  Who ya got and why?
  4. TABC Rankings - Jan 14th

    Rankings are updated.   6A Beaumont United #20 4A Silsbee # 17  Hardin Jefferson #5 3A Woodville #4 TAAPS 3A Beaumont Legacy #3  
  5. Dec. 27-29 Tournaments

    Silsbee loses to Mt Vernon  55-50 will play against Carthage at 5pm
  6. Dec. 27-29 Tournaments

    Silsbee lost to Glen Rose 2nd round 60-44
  7. Mid Season SETX Top 10

    HJ has also beaten West Brook 77-40, United beat West Brook 58-39.  In fall ball HJ played at Baytown Sterling against every team in United's district except for United of course, and not one team scored over 20 points against them HJ won every game by 40+.  Including a 73-2 win over LaPorte, now yes its fall ball and it wasnt any coaching but that HJ group is solid.  I would LOVE to see an United vs HJ matchup!  It would be a battle between 2 well coached and talented programs.
  8. Mid Season SETX Top 10

    I think this list is pretty accurate
  9. Mid Season SETX Top 10

    I would love to see a HJ vs United game!  Kirvan would be a problem for HJ but HJ's 1 thru 4 would be a problem for United imo.  They are long and all 4 of them are 3 level scorers ( 3pt, midrange, and driving to the basket).  It would definitely be a fast paced game!
  10. Mid Season SETX Top 10

    True United is undefeated but going to that Livingston tournament was kinda ugh.
  11. Mid Season SETX Top 10

    I would have Woodville vs Silsbee and a Jasper vs PNG rematch.  This would be some good basketball games!
  12. Woodville was without their big in this game.  She has been out with a concussion.
  13. Clear Lake won 41-38
  14. HJ did a very good job defensively on WB and their bigs.  HJ has a lot of weapons and can score multiple ways.  
  15. Very balanced attack by HJ.  I think the whole team or pretty close to it was in double figures.  This group gets after it on defense!