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  1. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    and those are the maxprep brackets
  2. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    Incorrect. Your first mistake is to look at maxprep brackets
  3. 2016 Willie Ray Smith Award winners

    My WRS vote: Offense Tyler Defense Joseph
  4. Offense Calvin Tyler Jr.    RB   Silsbee   Defense Kary Vincent Jr.    DB Port Arthur Memorial   Congrats to these two fine young men.      
  5. Kountze vs Newton Area round

    LaMarque is no more a 4A than East Chambers is a 4A. Enrollment numbers for both schools: LaMarque           458 East Chambers  418
  6. Kountze vs Newton Area round

    Oh, and I refuse to make a prediction on this game to keep from being labeled a "hater".
  7. Kountze vs Newton Area round

    Interesting comment on the state. You do know that Texas has had more McDonald's All Americans the last few years than they have had in the prior 20+ years combined.
  8. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    I could, but some folks on here would get offended and call me redundant. Let's just say that in recent years (last 5-6 years) the "rivalry" is a bit one-sided.
  9. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    This will be the first time these two will have met in playoffs since the 2010 regional final that Silsbee won 53-50.
  10. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    Trust me, I really hated to bring that up.
  11. La Marque vs Crockett 7pm Thursday at The Woodlands HS
  12. Texas City vs Port Arthur Memorial 7pm Friday at Channelview HS
  13. Dickinson vs Kingwood 7:30pm Friday at Phillips Field House
  14. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    If North Forest, my guess would be Channelview If Shepherd, my guess would be Livingston
  15. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    Why should this game be any different? 2009 season Silsbee/Jasper