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  1. 2018 March Madness

    and has never won. On the fence with this one.
  2. 2018 March Madness

    The #1 overall seed loses to a team that lost to Albany by 40 this season. ALBANY!!
  3. Silsbee did not "build" anything in regards to these current players. It was already built by the time they were high school. You act like Silsbee pulled players from all over Southeast Texas to make this team. That simply isn't the case. All home grown talent.
  4. 2018 March Madness

    Gutty win by Nevada
  5. 2018 March Madness

    Nice win by the Ags today.
  6. So because Bush chose to go to middle school at Legacy( and the decision was not basketball related) making it the only two years he did not go to a Silsbee school, that makes him an outsider?  You are reaching on this "building" thing.  Those kids are Tigers. 
  7. Silsbee v Whitehouse 3/15

    Excuses excuses. Man up! lol

    Silsbee with 3 20 point + players and all three return. Braelon Bush - 24.9 avg. Jordyn Adams - 23.1 avg. Devon McCain - 21.1 avg.   That's 69 points per game returning. Throw in Tyler's 6 points and Martin's 7 points, and that's 82 points returning for next season. I'd say that makes Silsbee the favorite to win it all again.
  10. And yes, the year is not over. I fully expect Kalon Barnes to repeat as 100 and 200 meter state champion. And who knows, if the Silsbee 4X100 can finish high enough, a possible state track championship could happen as well.
  11. 10 seniors. Only 1 returning player that played significant minutes.
  12. SETX Top 40 Recruits

    So true. But haters gonna hate.
  13. In regards to a Memorial vs. Silsbee match up. In a best of 7 series, give me Memorial 4-3. A 1 gamer, flip a coin.