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  1. Restraining order filed against WO-S school...

    Simply because they are following school policies and procedures. Students have been sent to SAC in the past for these offenses. They don't follow procedure now, opens up a whole other can of worms.
  2. Restraining order filed against WO-S school...

    The meet has already taken place. It actually took place the day before the restraining order was put in place. Him not being allowed to participate in the area meet was what prompted them to get a restraining order on the school district. The RO was simply to keep him on the main campus and not the alternate campus.
  3. UIl ruling on fights

    Not my place to speak on other school's programs. I have spoke my feelings on this subject to several coaches at Silsbee High School along with some admins.
  4. UIl ruling on fights

    Let me rephrase my comment. Some of those kids in the "program" need to clean their act up. Been going on way too long and something needs to be done about it. When the team gets in confrontations with more than just one other team, then the team needs to take a long hard look at themselves. Of late, Silsbee has been the common denominator in several of these instances. As a long time Silsbee Tiger, I have been very embarrassed of late of some of the actions of our athletes. Clean up your act! Silsbee is talented enough to win without all that extracurricular.  
  5. #1☆SILSBEE☆ Vs W.O.S.

    Silsbee: self proclaimed state champions
  6. WOS vs. Silsbee

    Where did any Silsbee fan bring up football in this thread?
  7. 22-4A 4/21

    Spoke with Coach Nelson last night. If Silsbee defeats WO-S Tuesday night, he will want to play a #1 seed game. If one team wants to play, the other has to play or concede #1 seed.
  8. Newton is looking for junior high games on Oct.5th and a JV game on Sept. 28th. Call coach Johnston at 409 381 1027 or 409 420 6600 ext 2237
  9. UIl ruling on fights

    Expected Program needs to clean their act up.
  10. Innocent Man murdered on FB Live

    Don't necessarily follow. A past coach in this area and used to be a member on this site till he was banned for the 100th time.
  11. Innocent Man murdered on FB Live
  12. Innocent Man murdered on FB Live

    According to the comments I have read today on a certain person's FB page, it's way more than 3.
  13. Innocent Man murdered on FB Live

    Several on Facebook are convinced this is all a hoax. Something the government construed to divert attention away from Trump.
  14. Silsbee 11 Hamshire-Fannett 4/FINAL

    I haven't heard anything yet but my bet is this game ain't happening tonight.
  15. Silsbee 11 Hamshire-Fannett 4/FINAL

    Game will be broadcast, provided the game time and day is not changed due to weather.