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  1. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    And just for the record, I think it's a lame call. Didn't play any part in winning a game. But rules are rules.
  2. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Haven't seen a single high school baseball game this season. Just going off what a very informative person told me. It was my 2nd guess.
  3. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Oh, and just when folks thought it was quiet in here.
  4. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Somebody near by tattled.
  5. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Can't imagine Coach Landry letting this happen. He knows how Bridge City baseball is under a microscope.
  6. March Madness

    Now just need Tech to win. $1000!!!
  7. Pubs - Let Me Get This Straight...

    Easy. God is our creator, Jesus is our savior.
  8. March Madness

    I'm thinking about taking the over. Taking Tech
  9. Trump's 2020 Teaser Video!

    When one person constantly floods the forum with 20 topics a day (sarcasm) it gets pretty redundant in here. But, carry on.
  10. March Madness

    Hmmmmmm..... VA -1.5 118   Decisions decisions. 118 is scary
  11. Quiet

    Pecking order for the site: High School Football Politics Boys High School Basketball College Sports High School Baseball   Maybe I will start stirring some pots in here.