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  1. Beaumont United 56 Peabody 66/FINAL

    BU Basketball‏ @BUBasketball2 15m15 minutes ago Final Score United 56 Peabody 66 K Harrison 15pts 4ast 2stls J Subject 13pts 9rebs
  2. Silsbee 74 Nederland 56/FINAL

    Hefner scores 26 of their 56. That's pretty good.
  3. Silsbee 74 Nederland 56/FINAL

    uR Sports‏ @uRiSESports 3m3 minutes ago 5A/4A Non-District @SilsbeeTigerss 74 @NederlandHoops 56 F SIL: @thebraybush 27pts 5asts 3stls @LandynTyler15 15pts 6asts 3rebs @Devon_McCain3 14pts 10rebs @jayadams_5 12pts 8rebs 6asts 5stls NED: @HaydenHefner5 26pts 10rebs
  4. Beaumont United 56 Peabody 66/FINAL

    BU Basketball‏ @BUBasketball2 47s48 seconds ago Halftime United 26 Peabody 38 K Harrison 9pts J Subject 6pts 4rebs      
  5. BU Basketball‏ @BUBasketball2 1m1 minute ago End of the 1st United 8 Peabody 20
  6. Silsbee 74 Nederland 56/FINAL

    You got that right!
  7. Silsbee 74 Nederland 56/FINAL

    IMO, which obviously doesn't matter, I would have a hard time putting those kids on the floor today after playing their guts out last night on the football field till 10:30. Then not getting home till probably 1am. I just think they need some rest. That's just me. This game is a non district game. Nothing on the line but pride. I would like them to get their feet wet next Tuesday against Bridge City at home. District ball game.
  8. Yep. Hear he will be out a week or two.
  9. Silsbee 74 Nederland 56/FINAL

    Are you serious? He has no business playing today. Shouldn't even be suited out.
  10. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    Game doesn't start till 4pm
  11. No. Go back and read your first post about the subject.
  12. Glad you clarified that. Your first post basically stated Newton couldn't beat any 6A and 5A teams.
  13. Caldwell at New Waverly, 6:30 pm Normangee at Anderson-Shiro, 6:15 pm Beckville at Timpson, 6:00 pm Zavalla at Mt. Enterprise, 6:30 pm