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  1. District 11 4a d-1

    I stand by my sources.
  2. Butch to be renamed...

    Rename that one at West Brook. Call it Bruin Stadium. Also I am not for completely eliminating Thomas name from BISD. Rename a school or name the admin building after him. Just think a sports venue should be named after a sportsman.
  3. Butch to be renamed...

    Name it Jerry Levias Memorial or Alex Durley Memorial.
  4. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Thanks for the info. Probably go to Lercy's in week 11 instead of eating in Stallworth Stadium press box.
  5. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Then I'll change that night to Elijah's. Thanks for the info.
  6. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    I've eaten at Billy Joe's many times. May have to make that switch. Thanks
  7. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Here is my list of eating establishments I will be visiting for my pregame meals: Week 1 Friday   Papadeaux's   Beaumont Week 2 Friday  Straight off the Road BBQ  Crosby Saturday  Papacita's  Katy Week 3 Thursday  Corkscrew BBQ   Spring Friday   Al T's   Winnie Saturday   Carraba's   Beaumont Week 4 Thursday    Mama Jack's   Kountze Friday     Cookie's Soul Food Kitchen    Liberty Week 5 Friday     Press Box Tiger Stadium     Silsbee Saturday   Italiano's    Humble Week 6 Thursday   Lercy's Diner     Winnie Friday      Pappadeaux's     Beaumont Week 7 Thursday     Texas Roadhouse   Baytown Friday       The Hut         Orange Saturday    Elijah's      Woodville Week 8 Thursday       Floyd's      Beaumont Friday         Press Box Eagle Stadium   Barbers Hill Week 9 Thursday    Press Box Stallworth Stadium  Baytown Friday       Elijah's       Woodville Saturday     Pappa's Seafood House    Humble Week 10 Friday       Hamburger Depot       Nederland Saturday     Al T's       Winnie                    Lupe Tortilla      Beaumont Week 11 Thursday     Lercy's Diner     Mont Belview Friday        Neches River Wheelhouse     Port Neches     I am open to any suggestions to possibly replace any on this list. 
  8. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Uh, nothing I say is random.
  9. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Going by our schedule
  10. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Give me some time and I will make a list.
  11. District 11 4a d-1

    Pretty sure this will be the only two years Livingston will be 4A. They will be going back up next realignment
  12. Here are my predictions for the districts we will cover here at SETXsports: NOTE: no predictions for our 6 man and private school districts yet   21-6A 1. North Shore 2. West Brook 3. Deer Park 4. United   9-5A DI 1. PA Memorial 2. New Caney 3. Kingwood Park 4. Houston Austin   10-5A DII 1. A&M Consol. 2. Huntsville 3. Lamar Consol. 5. Montgomery   12-5A DII 1. Crosby 2. PN-G 3. Barbers Hill 4. Nederland   11-4A DI 1. Huffman 2. Livingston 3. Lumberton 4. Splendora   9-4A DII 1. Jasper 2. Center 3. Shepherd 4. Huntington   10-4A DII 1. Silsbee 2. WO-S 3. Liberty 4. Hardin-Jefferson   11-3A DI 1. Franklin 2. Diboll 3. Coldspring 4. Crockett   12-3A DI 1. Woodville 2. East Chambers 3. Orangefield 4. Kirbyville   12-3A DII 1. Newton 2. Corrigan-Camden 3. Kountze 4. Hemphill   12-2A DI 1. Groveton 2. San Augustine 3. Shelbyville 4. Hull-Daisetta   12-2A DII 1. Grapeland 2. Lovelady 3. Evadale 4. West Hardin  
  13. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    The United/WB game is high on my priority list.
  14. District 11 4a d-1

    Move ins. Several.
  15. District 11 4a d-1

    1. Huffman 2. Livingston 3. Lumberton 4. Splendora