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  1. Silsbee v Orangefield 3/24

    No broadcast due to early start time. My apologies
  2. Official time was 10.3. He did not break his dad's school record of 10.2
  3. Silsbee 9 Bridge City 1/FINAL

    Thanks for the kind words. Been told I have the voice and face for radio.
  4. Silsbee 9 Bridge City 1/FINAL

    My apologies to folks listening to broadcast last night. I knew I would catch myself saying "you are listening to Silsbee Tiger basketball". Gonna take me a week to get in the baseball groove.
  7. Football is not a tourney that includes semis.
  8. Sub topics lacking

    Guess what, nobody is on the payroll at Smoaky and they don't keep up with baseball or softball near as well as this site. Maxpreps is apples and oranges.
  9. Sub topics lacking

    Nobody gets paid here, including Grad and myself.
  10. Need help with forum

    WOSGrad is currently in hospital. We could use some help keeping this forum updated with game schedules and results. Thanks
  11. Sub topics lacking

    Might be because WOSGrad is in the hospital and I am on break. Feel free to post games and update scores.

    He is currently in the hospital and I am on break. Feel free to post games and update scores.
  13. Tourney Thoughts

    Not unless SXSW leaves or moves to a different month. Talked to UIL officials this past weekend. They have no intentions of going back to Austin until then.