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  1. Coldspring open

    Offensive Co. Bird promoted to head coach
  2. Playoff home-field for 4A and below

    I have always been an advocate for a district champion and the runner up to host the first round playoff game. Just a perk for winning district.
  3. Barnes will play football and run track at Baylor
  4. No question he is the most decorated athlete to come out of silsbee
  5. Next Year

  6. Next Year

    East Chambers, Beaumont United, Shelbyville to name a few
  7. I just assumed the Jasper AD would have had his baseball coach forfeit this series to avoid playing silsbee
  8. Got to get the invite first.
  9. GET READY! The 2-TIME STATE CHAMPS will be apart of a National Tournament, “The 2019 All-State Sugar Bowl Classic” in New Orleans on January 2nd-5th, 2019! This tournament will feature some of the top-ranked teams in the country!! Mark your calendars NOW!!

    Probably looking for a former head basketball coach that doesn't mind coaching football.
  11. Segregation Now

    I think Dove is good with the status quo. Gives him something to live for.
  12. My Trump Supporters

    Maybe the emphasis should have been on academics. 4 different schools in less than 7 years. Coincidence? You state you are racially bias. Are you raising your sons to be that way?