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  1.   Cue tu fans rebuttal links.
  2. Not too sure Kalon is faster than Chopper. Also, Vincent from PA Memorial ran a faster 200 this year than Barnes. Corey Dauphin also ran faster 200 times than Barnes.
  3. BIG CONGRATS!!!! Southeast Texas with 3 state championships covering the three main sports! WO-S football Silsbee basketball PN-G baseball
  4. Kirbyville prayers

    No disrespect intended here, but that would be the first I have ever heard of a someone doing a benefit for a family who lost a loved one due to suicide.
  5. Barnes ran a 10.22 to win state in 100 meters then ran a 20.54 in 200 in the Prefontane National meet a few weeks ago.
  6. Silsbee High School will be hosting their Summer Tournament June 16-17. Entry is $165 with a 4 game guarantee. Pool play followed by bracket play Contact Joe Sigler at 409-980-7877 for more information
  7. Exactly! I have never had an issue.
  8. Never been an issue with me getting enough sponsors in a week to do a state tourney game. If little ole me can do it, I would think a radio station could swing it. In fact, SETXsports will be broadcasting the PN-G state games with just a week notice. So it can be done.
  9. 10 days till the best golf tournament in Southeast Texas begins. The 50th Annual Silsbee MGA Invitational starts June 15-18 at Silsbee Country Club. 4 days of competition and fun for all. Still have plenty of player spots available. $350 entry fee for Championship flight, $150 for all other flights. Sponsorship's are available to purchase. Please contact me here or call me at 409-429-8348 or the Pro Shop # at 409-373-6016 for all the details.
  10. Kalon just won the Adidas National Boys Dream 100 in Boston with a time of 10.34. Beat national leader from Florida who wan 10.41. Where are those two from Orange who kept saying Kalon wasn't all that fast? Said he would only run 10.6 at best.
  11. I was told Mitchell and Jock were transferring to other schools.
  12. Saveat Out at Ozen.

    Mike Thomas has already been promoted to the head coaching position.
  13. Kirbyville prayers

    Thank you
  14. I agree. And to follow up on my previous "speculation" post, I admit I was wrong about who was fighting who. I was going only off of Gary Stelly's broadcast and I assumed when he stated a fight had broken out, I thought he was speaking about the teams fighting one another. Looking at this video, that was not the case. My apologies