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  1. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    12-1 huh? I'll take the under for $1500
  2. AP Preseason Poll 6A #9 The Woodlands #10 North Shore Receiving votes: West Brook 5A Receiving votes: PN-G, PA Memorial 4A #3 WO-S 3A #7 Newton Receiving votes: Woodville, Crockett 2A #2 Tenaha Receiving votes: Centerville, Groveton, San Augustine, Evadale, Alto
  3. Former Silsbee Tiger All-State basketball player DC Stallworth has been hired by Little Cypress-Mauriceville to be an assistant basketball coach and assistant football. This is DC's first coaching job. Big congrats to a fine young man!!
  4. Taking the year off, sort of...

    The secret to my decision is out.
  5. Taking the year off, sort of...

    There's some talk, nothing decided just yet.
  6. Taking the year off, sort of...

    It was a bit taxing, to say the least. Was averaging around 105 broadcasts (including weekly show) each year over the past 6 years. It was time to scale down a bit and recharge to see if I really want to continue full time.
  7. SILSBEE TIGER FANS: After much thought and consideration and talking it over with my family, I have made the decision to take a hiatus from broadcasting on a full time basis. It is a decision I have not taken lightly. There are several factors that were involved in my decision and not any one thing in particular. I am very much appreciative to SETXsports, my sponsors, fans, and other media partners for the support you have given me these last 10 years. As I step back to reevaluate and recharge and keep my options open, there will be opportunities for me to broadcast specific games of significance during the season and post season for Silsbee and other local teams, in all three sports. Thank you again for your support and understanding. It has been a pleasure being the voice of the Silsbee Tigers. I will see you at the games. Go Tigers!
  8. Silsbee running back returning to post

    Silsbee is practicing on the soccer practice field. New sod laid on football practice field so they are staying off it till it dries up some.
  10. Silsbee '17-'18 schedule

    So this non-district schedule you consider weak: Nov. 23 - Houston Christian, 108-85 Nov. 26 - Houston Westbury Christian 82-81 Nov. 29 - at Beaumont Central, 72-69 Dec. 1-3 - South San Antonio Tournament          San Antonio Wagner, 77-81          Harlingen South, 99-47          San Antonio Sam Houston, 83-68          San Antonio Johnson, 72-62          El Paso Bowie, 82-75 Dec. 8-10 - Raising Canes Fort Bend ISD Tournament          Baytown Sterling, 77-63          Fort Bend Hightower, 95-98 (OT)          Clear Springs, 90-84          Alief Taylor, 65-68 Dec. 16 - at Cleveland, 97-52 Dec. 17 - at La Marque, 98-73 Dec. 28-30 - Dallas ISD Coca Cola Invitational          Waxahachie, 104-101 (OT)          Frisco Liberty, 77-72          Wilmer Hutchins, 73-50          Dallas Lincoln, 76-70          Dallas Skyline, 52-64 Jan. 3 - The Woodlands, 65-64 Jan. 7 - at The Woodlands College Park, 95-100 Jan. 10 - Hardin-Jefferson, 81-51   and all this time I thought you were knowledgeable. You ooze with ignorance.
  11. DCTF 21-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Because he transferred after school had ended, he will have to sit the first 15 days of school. That means he shouldn't be suited up for Crosby game.
  12. 2-A-Day Numbers

    I find that very hard to believe. Sure that number includes JV.
  13. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Somebody needs to lock this thread before law enforcement arrests Grad for child abuse.
  14. Silsbee '17-'18 schedule

    So lame. Shouldn't you be busy selling NM stuff and buying LU stuff? Oh wait, give it another year and you will be buying some other school gear.