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  1. J V Scores

    JV Vidor Pirates                         20 Beaumont Central Jaguars    8 Jaguars 0-2
  2. Beaumont Central @ Vidor

    I agree.  The Titans D-line was destructive.  I don't know if anyone else in district will be able to replicate that.  Jags will be fine.
  3. Beaumont Central @ Vidor

    Good thing that he didn't have much to go off of from a film stand point from that game... The JV game kicks off at 5 pm tonight.  He'll have a better idea by watching the JV tonight then from watching the Varsity last night... 
  4. Beaumont Central @ Vidor

    Ok, so the 26th it is...
  5. The game was originally set for Tuesday, September 26th along with the other 22-5A games but was confirmed that it was moved to Wednesday, the 27th by an administrator of this website. 
  6. I really have nothing to say except good win for the Titans.  If they develop a passing game to go with that run, they will be tough to beat.   Jaguars, pick yourself up and get ready for Vidor...
  7. Matthew Phoenix.  Roster shows him as #12.
  8. Good, that way I can enjoy this "W"...
  9. Titans in white pants, white jerseys and black helmets... Jaguars in maroon pants, maroon jerseys and maroon helmets.
  10. Port Arthur Memorial @ Beaumont Central

    Big school game of the week, hope the weather cooperates...
  11. Port Arthur Memorial @ Beaumont Central

    Port Arthur Memorial 27 Beaumont Central 31
  12. Port Arthur Memorial @ Beaumont Central

    It's not good to drink and play on computers.  You wind up putting ridiculous things on the internet that you can't take back...
  13. Port Arthur Memorial @ Beaumont Central

    Long as it's not the Herman from week 1...
  14. Port Arthur Memorial @ Beaumont Central

    From what I was told, they are not revising the subvarsity schedule.  Our varsity plays PA Memorial tomorrow and back doors that Thursday with Vidor JV.