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  1. I totally agree bro, if they lose this one, it will be a llloooonnnnggg rest of the season.  Saying that, and the defense that I seen the other day, I say they get the 1st win in United football history.  Now it will be up to the offense if it is a 1 score game or a 3 score game.   
  2. The Rangers come in @ 2-1 with wins over Aldine Nimitz and Houston Austin and a loss to Clear Creek.  The Timberwolves come in 0-3 with losses to Houston St. Pius, Nederland and Port Arthur Memorial.  With both teams at 0-0, these are the ones that matter...
  3. Sabine Pass cancels the rest of the season?

    I don't agree with you too often but on this part I do.  For the sake of the well being of the kids, Coach Thibodeaux made the right call. 
  4. Titan Tempo??

    I recall seeing them try to go "uptempo" but after a good run or two, like you said, either they would have a bad snap or the D would make a good play and then they would go away from it.  Seemed to work when they tried it...
  5. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    According to DC, 1,331. 
  6. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Week 4

    1.    Crosby 2.    Diboll 3.    Deweyville 4.    Vidor 5.    Splendora 6.    Huffman Hargrave 7.    Jasper 8.    Lumberton 9.    Hamshire-Fannett 10.  Silsbee 11.  Tarkington 12.  Hemphill 13.  Mexia 14.  Corrigan-Camden 15.  Beaumont Kelly 16.  Mt. Enterprise 17.  Hull-Daisetta 18.  KIPP Houston 19.  Lovelady 20.  Tenaha 21.  Timpson 22.  Oakwood 23.  Orange Community Christian 24.  Houston Lutheran North 25.  Baytown Christian
  7. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    Ok, this wouldn't be the first time someone from BISD gave out false information...
  8. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    Yes, West Brook now has Vincent and Marshall while United has Smith, King and South Park.  Odom is kind of split because of the academic program over there but most of those kids will go to United as well.
  9. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    Danny, from what I was told is that it took $120K to lure Louis back into football.  Then they had to bring Peevy up to the same pay...
  10. I've ignored most of your post since football season began this year but I will make these comments and then walk away from this thread after this.  Injuries are part of the game.  You all were not at 100% and neither were we.  I didn't see any major injures during this game and hopefully both teams can be healed up as district play starts in 2 weeks.  What you seen as for the United defense Saturday night is the result of the defense being turned over LAST WEEK to a former Central coach and a few other changes.  If that defense can stay healthy and play like that every Friday night, they will have the 2nd best defense in district, only behind North Shore.  We just have to get the offense to execute and shore up some things on special teams. I wish the Titans luck and I hope they run the table on the way to state.  Hopefully, if nothing else, Saturday's game showed  them some things that may need to get fixed so they can do that. 
  11. The coaches may not want to cause confusion in the Vaughn household, but it's time to give the younger brother the reins...
  12. Titans 10 Timberwolves 3 Final
  13. Regardless, on the pregame thread, EVERYONE except US expected a blowout.  This is what happens when you play a defense that can match up with you.  Now our offense, in 3 weeks,  has been non-existent...
  14. 7 yard TD pass for Titans... Titans 10 Timberwolves 3 6:11 left in the game...