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  1. Possible QB for Silsbee next year

    One of those RB could play QB and play it pretty good growing up... It will be interesting to see what they do. 
  2. Possible QB for Silsbee next year

    Wait until you see the Transfer Freshman RB they just got 
  3. I said that starting Devon's fr. year, SIlsbee will not lose a district game and they will win at least two championships. People ate me alive on here
  4. You remember what I said?? lol

    I can't... #1 I am a coach and don't want to seem like I am talking down on a player. #2 I have coached Alex in summer ball and again, do not want to seem like I am downing him. Earnest is a DOG. He is fast, strong, aggressive, can shoot, has great handles, and is a killer on the ball. Literally takes the ball from kids 2-3 years older than him. 

    Can't go of of that either. Hard to get all state with a average team

    Alex is a great player... I love his game. But stats does not make someone better than someone else. 
  8. Best 8th graders 2018

    They won't stay at legacy... Maybe one or two will but not as a group. I don't believe so anyways! But I love their game for sure!

    The best player in the district was 3rd from EC as a freshman. That’s hands down. Alex is a very good player no doubt but Earnest moving from BISD to EC this summer was huge for EC. That kid is special. 
  10. They did not build the team. Bush went to Silsbee his whole life until Middle School. I was the Legacy middle school coach when he moved there for school. He was born and raised in Silsbee. He went back to Silsbee after middle school. Jordyn Adams went to Silsbee middle school. So the only kid that did not play for Silsbee in middle school is BUSH, which moved school in middle school but came back HOME in high school. SO again, you do not know what you are talking about on this situation. 
  11. Best 8th graders 2018

    Bryce Anderson Chandler Rivers  Aaron Akhtar  Jermario Thomas - Jasper (Kid is very good on the court)  D'Mijah Reese - Kountze  Coby Elam - Silsbee  Partain - Silsbee  Anahuac has a kid that is like 6'4 throwin it down with two hands easily. And he can high jump like 6 foot 
  12. MAn you do not know what you are talking about then. They are all from Silsbee and have played together their whole life. Go check the little dribbler national championship pictures...
  13. It’s almost unfair thinking that McCain, Bush, and Adams are coming back next year. Devon looked like a dang created player out there.