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  1. Is this a honest prediction or are you being sarcastic again? Just curious my friend 
  2. Start off to laid back. Gotta have 5 dogs on the court for 4 quarters
  3. Yates would beat Center. Silsbee should have won comfortably. They need to get it together and come out there and kill from the beginning. Need to have a killer instinct from 1st buzzer to last  
  4. I have been wrong a lot lately lol but this one I am pretty confident. Yeah I know you will lol
  5. Not going to happen! Silsbee will win it but if not, it will be Yates and no one else!
  6. Silsbee would beat Midlothian Heritage by at least 30 points. They have 4 loses this year and Lipan beat them by 20. 
  7. Yates is pretty good. They are deeper than us this year but our 5 is better than their 5. So we will see
  8. Silsbee should win comfortably against any 4A school this year. Give me Silsbee 94 Center 68
  9. Realignment

    Lumberton is a lot better than what people realize. Which, in the district they come from is understandable. They are losing Ward which is a huge loss, but they have another back that is going to have a great Sr season. Also, they return a good group of youngsters, 
  10. An opinion is just that! What matters is what those colleges see. Hefner is the real deal and is just a soph. No matter what happens with Nederland the next 3 years, He will be one of the most highly sought after HS kids in the country. 
  11. Same result is almost a given unless something bad happens. Should be a great season for the smoke!!
  12. Hats off to the coaching staff at Ozen. I believe they did a great job. I hate to be the guy that has a "excuse" but this game should have been ugly the whole time. Silsbee would get a nice lead and then give the nice lead away when a different group would come in. I know they are working on getting a rotation going, but this year is going to be much more difficult to go 5 in and 5 out. They just are not deep enough against above average teams. Silsbee got the W and that is what matters, but from what I witnessed, could have been easily 30 + game. Great job to both coaching staffs!
  13. Realignment

    Lumberton moving to 4a D1 will be huge for them and with the team they have coming back, they would make a playoff run. 2-3 rounds deep 
  14. If football players do not play..... Silsbee 81 Ozen 68 If football players play.... Silsbee 97 Ozen 63
  15. Roschons Final Stat line

    Had the privilege of coaching him in 8th grade on my select football squad 409 Elite. I also coached against him flag football - Sr football. He is the best kid on every level I coached against and actually coached. The best thing about him is his attitude, work ethic, personality, etc. he is the best football player in this area for sure. Hands down.