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  1. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    Would be nice to see one of those kids running collegiately. I guess I compare it to having a Devwah Whaley come through...would like to see a kid like that running in our offense. Nothing against our kids...y'all know how much I love 'em.
  2. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    I think we're at 1281 right now.
  3. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    The Pirate Defense and Offensive Line are really shining this year. Our special teams need work especially kicking which is usually a strength with us. Running backs are about as talented as they ever are...we never have break away speed. Gage is a good QB and manages the team well. We'll see in two weeks where we stand when we get Cosby then PNG but I like our chances vying for one of the playoff spots. Coaching is the biggest strength we have. Jeff and his staff are doing an outstanding job putting out a team that competes even though we keep losing dozens of kids every year. I'm thinking we may be 4A by 2020. Call me Homer all day long but we're in the playoff mix every year which says volumes about them.
  4. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    I agree with this statement. I've been to the state championship with WOS the last four years in a row; Pleasant Grove was the better team last year but not by much. PG won fair and square and WOS represented SETX as champions the way they always do. Close game between WOS / Crosby but I think Cornell gets the Mustangs on course and they get the W 31-28.
  5. Vidor 35 Conroe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    Only three things can happen when you pass, two of them are bad.
  6. Vidor at lcm....... predictions....

    Vidor O-line is the strength of the team. LCM won't be able to stop it.
  7. Vidor at lcm....... predictions....

    Vidor 48 - LCM 7. Not even close.
  8. A New Boneyard in Vidor

    Look at our record over the last ten years Mr. Dog; I think between the two of us we were the last to be a district champion. Go bark about that.
  9. A New Boneyard in Vidor

    I get what all of you are saying but I disagree about a bond not passing. Several people I've talked to agree with the things I'm talking about. The bond for the new high school, and it was without a new stadium, failed because they held it on a Saturday morning as basically a stand alone and there were no other elections at that time. It needs better PR and to be held during a general election where there is a better turnout and I think it would have a better chance of passing. It's a pet peeve of mine and may be something I pursue. At the very least, the old Boneyard needs turf and it needs it now. Not playing our home games because of weather is not acceptable. Maybe I can get President Trump involved.....
  10. Vidor 35 Conroe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    We'll all find out Friday. Haven't heard anything about Galloway yet.
  11. Since this is a football related topic I thought it appropriate to put it under this thread. I'm really tired of cancelling games, moving games to another stadium or even worse, playing games like the one we had against Barbers Hill two years in that cattle pen we call a football field. Last night was the perfect example of why we need a new BONEYARD! At the very least, we should have had turf five years ago. I'm hearing that a new high school is in the works at the site of the old Junior High; FEMA is footing most of the bill since those buildings went completely underwater. We should pass a bond to put a new football stadium right next to it on the interstate for everyone to see. Great communities center around their school system and Jeff Mathews has put our football team into the elite category of the area. Wouldn't it be nice for everyone driving through our community to see that? Wouldn't it be great for our kids and the winning attitude they now have. Every year they compete and we need to show we back them. Let's get this done, VIDOR!
  12. Candy creek at Vidor

    We're tuning up the band to put on a good halftime show for you....
  13. Vidor 35 Conroe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    For the first time EVER, you guys get to play at the Boneyard. Imagine that.
  14. Vidor 35 Conroe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    The real hero is our defense. They are playing really good football right now. Adonte Woodard is a BEAST at tackle for the Pirates.
  15. Candy creek at Vidor

    I can remember when we played six - eight homecomings a year. We don't get scheduled for homecomings other than our own anymore. Huuummmm.