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  1. Sylvester from Newton will rise to high-4 or possibly a 5-star when it's all said and done. Easily the most highly recruited player in SETX for his class.
  2. 12-3A D1 2019 SEASON

    Woodville will lose several key athletes. Martin and Brooks are obviously two huge losses. Well bring back 5/6. Or at least somewhere in that range. I still think we have the talent returning to enter as the favorite to win the district. If you can, will you post a link to the all-district picks?
  3. 3A Region 3 Regional Final Grandview vs East Chambers

    What I said had zero to do with your opinion of a balanced offense. I agree with that statement. I was referring to your comments stating that Franklin would easily beat Grandview. Lol
  4. 3A Region 3 Regional Final Grandview vs East Chambers

    Neither are faster than Martin from Woodville. They produce as well as they do because of how successful the passing attack is. It makes the linebackers and safeties have to stay honest, so once they hit a hole, there's alot of grass. They're very good though and this should be a great game. Wish I could make it. I'll be in Arlington though hopefully. Maybe I'll see them there with the other two SETX teams I expect to make it two more rounds lol
  5. 3A Region 3 Regional Final Grandview vs East Chambers

    Grandview by 7.   QB is too good. EC has a very good and physical defense, but I don't see them getting enough pressure on the QB to force him into making bad decisions with the football. Offensively, the Bucs will put up points in bunches, which will keep them in the game and make it a great ballgame. EC won't be able to run the ball unless they open up lanes with a successful passing attack. Grandview has beaten arguably the two best rushing offenses in the state in class 3A (Woodville and Franklin) in consecutive weeks. It'll be a great game. Go Bucs! Not too shabby for a "down" year lol   I bet longball feels pretty silly lol
  6. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    That's much more reasonable of a response. I understand your frustration, believe me. It is warranted, but coaches grow and develope just like players. Maybe this taught them something too.
  7. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    I guess you missed the part where I said there was alot of talent coming up for Woodville. You also may want to research the backgrounds of some of the coaches on our staff before you make the comments referring to their knowledge of the QB position lol
  8. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    Don't hold your breath waiting on that score prediction to materialize.
  9. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    I never doubted that it will be a great game lol I just think Grandview will be able to spread the defense enough to allow their QB to pick apart Franklin's secondary either through the air or on the ground with their triple option. It'll be a great game though. No doubt.
  10. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    When it comes to the offense, you all have expressed the right sentiment numerous times. The development of a passing game, which begins with the development of a QB from an early age. Grandview showed what a QB with a great football IQ and a reliable arm can do for a team.   On the bright side..... Our 8th grade QB can air it out and drops back to pass more each game than the varsity did all season. Next year will be a rebuilding year, if there is such a thing at the high school level, but trust and believe that there is a wealth of talent coming up in the next 2-5 years.
  11. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    Woodville was out-coached and took a good ole fashion butt whoopin. I hate to say it, but we may have needed it. Woodville was much more athletic than Grandview. It's amazing how much a well-coached QB and brilliantly designed offensive scheme can do for a team. Well done Grandview. I like them over Franklin next week.   How were the last three years wasted though? This staff has given several young men free rides to college, completed the first ever undefeated regular season, doubled our number of total playoff wins, broken our record for total wins in  a season twice, won 3 straight district championships, won 22 straight district games, and SHATTERED every rushing record but single-game yardage. There's more but you get my point. Look at a more broad view. State championships should be every team's seasonal goal, yes. But sending kids to college and keeping them off the streets is far and above a more rewarding accomplishment. We've got alot of work to do, but we're headed in the right direction for sure.
  12. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    Halftime   Woodville 14 Grandview 28   Grandview heating it up on offense. Mainly on the ground. The QB makes the entire team. Without him at QB/S, this isn't a contest. He makes the offense work as effectively as it does. Woodville has made a few stupid mistakes and given up a couple big plays for scores. Woodville needs to step it up on the offensive line and adjust to the fast-paced Grandview offense.
  13. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    TD Grandview. XP good.   Q2 0:21   Woodville 14 Grandview 28
  14. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    TD Grandview. XP good.   Q2 7:01   Woodville 14 Grandview 21
  15. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    TD Woodville! XP good!   Q2 7:55   Woodville 14 Grandview 14