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  1. Woodville 43 Buna 14/FINAL

    Of course, the one game I'm not able to attend. I will try to keep in touch with someone there though! Take your time, Scott. Don't rush at all. The game is only minor compared to what you're doing.
  2. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    Short answer......I think Vidor is a better team than Ned. On to a more important subject though....   Evadale? Really? Buna....meh, okay. I understand that. But not Evadale. Smh.
  3. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    What is the BE coverage area?
  4. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    Ahh okay. Then flip Liberty and LC-M. I wasn't aware of that, sorry. 
  5. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    You want the simple answer or do I need to provide details that support my statement?
  6. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    I wouldn't have Ned on this list.    1. West Orange-Stark 2. West Brook  3. Newton 4. Port Neches-Groves 5. Port Arthur Memorial  6. Vidor 7. Woodville 8. Jasper  9. Central 10. Liberty 10.5  LC-M lol
  7. Former Woodville kicker AJ Worsely attended several kicking camps over the summer and was heavily recruited by IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, who most believe is the top football team in the nation this year. IMG Academy is a college prep boarding school aimed at preparing student athletes for the next level of competition. Whether you agree with these types of schools and programs or not, we can surely all congratulate AJ on this awesome opportunity he's been provided with!! Woodville is pulling for you AJ!! Congrats!!
  8. DCTF's Matt Stepp Playoff Projections

    You're probably right lol looking like we could run into Yoe again, if they don't mess around and get bounced for losing a couple more games.
  9. DCTF's Matt Stepp Playoff Projections

    (5-1)(3-0). Rolling through district so far. Haven't played much competition yet though. LCM seems to be doing pretty well, by the looks of their Silsbee score. 
  10. DCTF's Matt Stepp Playoff Projections

    They're predicted as the runner up in District 10. 
  11. Woodville 53 Trinity 14/FINAL

    Final    Woodville 53 Trinity 14
  12. Woodville 53 Trinity 14/FINAL

    George with the 5-yard TD run for Woodville. 2-point no good.   Q4 4:20   Woodville 53 Trinity 14
  13. Woodville 53 Trinity 14/FINAL

    Trinity throws a TD pass. 2-point good.    Q4 8:12   Woodville 47 Trinity 14
  14. Woodville 53 Trinity 14/FINAL

    George takes it 37 yards for Woodville! 2-point no good.   Q4 8:38   Woodville 47 Trinity 6
  15. Woodville 53 Trinity 14/FINAL

    Woodville drives 99 yards with the second and third team offensive units, capped off by a 5-yard TD run by Mitchell! XP good.   Q3 0:52   Woodville 41 Trinity 6