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  1. 3AD1 Discussion -

    It was bumped. No longer scheduled. So we will settle for EC instead I guess.
  2. 3AD1 Discussion -

    Woodville had Newton scheduled, but had to bump them when the new districts were released and we were placed in yet another large district. Lol
  3. 3AD1 Discussion -

    I still stand by my first statement bout Martin being the best player on either team. At the same time, it is but merely an opinion. When I say Woodville is easily  the favorite to win this district, it's not a knock on EC, who will undeniably compete for the title this year. Don't misunderstand me. The Bucs will be better than any district opponent we faced last year and give us a reason to worry. This is also probably the best team Woodville has fielded in the last 10 years lol looking forward to a great game!
  4. 3AD1 Discussion -

    Martin ran a 4.41 40 at TCU. I don't think CJ was anywhere near the threat that Zack is. A big loss, of course. But we return 1 DE, 2 OLB, 1 MLB, 1 CB, and 1 FS. All 6 of which recieved district honors. That's not too shabby lol and the players replacing them have alot of talent as well. We even return our kicker lol 
  5. 3AD1 Discussion -

    Woodville returns 7 starters on offense, including their entire backfield. They also return 4 starting linemen. RB/FS Zack Martin is better than any player EC can field by a large margin, sporting his unanimous MVP selection from last year. The defense returns 6 starters, including reigning Defensive MVP, MLB/FB Marcos Broom.    This is a team that was beating defending state champion Rockdale after 3 quarters in the 2nd round. Unless somethinghas drastically changed that I'm unaware of, they will be a tough cookie for EC to chew... and then some. EC has a great program and will no doubt be a tough game for the Eagles, as they always are, but Woodville is easily the favorite in this district after back-to-back district titles.   
  6. This is a good hire. Congrats to BU and Coach Bennett!
  7. This is a little late, but SFA has offered 2019 Woodville RB/DB, Zackary Martin.    Congratulations Zack! This is only the beginning!   2019/2020 are completely stacked on the 3A/4A levels in SETX! 
  8. **Urgent prayer request in Woodville**

    **UPDATE** After further evaluation at Memorial Hermann, all signs are looking up. Surgery has not been ruled out, but is looking like much less of a likelihood than first thought. Thanks for the prayers!
  9. Woodville senior and star basketball player, Christian Williams, was struck in the ribs during last night's game, causing what appears to be a full collapse of one of his kidneys. He is currently being rushed to Herman Memorial Hospital in Houston for emergency surgery. Keep the prayers and good vibes coming for this young man!
  10. Not sure of a score. Woodville lost. Woodville star forward, Christian Williams, suffered a pretty severe injury during the game. No details are being released at this time, at the request of the family. Just please keep this young man in your prayers.
  11. Woodville 6 Lufkin Hudson 3/FINAL

    Bryant for Woodville is a solid pitcher. The Eagles are also very consistent at the plate, look good defensively, and have a high baseball IQ as an overall team. Central Heights is still the clear and easy district favorite, but I think Woodville is easily in the race for 2nd with Pollock Central and Garrison. 
  12. Woodville(16-8)(8-4) holds wins over #7 Leggett, #14 Newton, #4 Pollock Central, and Buna (RV) this year. Also finished seeded ahead of Newton in the playoff seedings. We can't even get a single vote? Lol tough poll I guess. 
  13. Homerun Thread

    I didn't know it was that bad. Geez. Looks like BBCOR regulations have made highschool kids learn to actually swing with technique to develop power instead of relying solely on the bat.
  14. Homerun Thread

    I may be wrong, but didn't SETX see a drop in homerun numbers the last couple of years? I could very possibly be wrong. If I'm right, I hope that number is improved this year. 
  15. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    It impressed me that he scheduled the game, considering most teams seem to be casually avoiding a matchup with Newton this year. It shows me that his eyes are set much higher than a district championship. How was HJ last year?