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  1. Assessments after day 1 of Pads

    Woodville looked very good in the 30 minute sample of the 1st team offense that I saw. A few very interesting position changes that could potentially make them even more dangerous than they already are, as well as fill some big holes on the defensive side. Left tackle Cade Bass is a beast and is easily one of the top offensive line prospects in SETX. It was a very small sample size, but if it continues on the same path.....the rest of the district better bring their A-game. 
  2. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    I have alot of friends and family, as well as many many great memories that stem from the town of Kirbyville. I will support them fully any week except for when they play my Eagles. 
  3. Roschon Johnson commits to The University of Texas

    Congrats and Hook Em!!
  4.       One of the more underrated prospects in SETX. Pre-season District Offensive MVP according to DCTF. Class of 2019. Take a look.   5'10" 190lbs.  1,300yds/14 TD's as a sophomore sharing carries with two other primary backs last year.    Enjoy. 
  5. Best Program in SETX? (Golden T)

    WOS easily. 
  6. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    Go Eagles

    6-4, 2nd place in district. 

    3-7, with a shot at 4-6. Much improved from last year though. 
  9. Top 15 Running Backs in SETX

    No Zack Martin from Woodville?? That's odd....unless they're highlighting the seniors? But other than that, I thought it was a very good list. 
  10. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    I feel like Buna will be Coldspring's best competition for the second spot. Woodville is the favorite, but nothing is set in stone by any means. They'll have to work for it just like every other team. Hopefully I can be there to watch Woodville/Coldspring this year.
  11. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    How confident are you in a second place finish for the Trojans?
  12. Coaching Carousel/Coaches Hot Seat

    Leland Hand is a hell of a coach. Won several state titles at Troup and even took Warren to the Regional Semis a couple times. 
  13. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    Cameron doesn't have any superstars. Just alot of above average players and a hell of a coaching staff and fan base. 
  14. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    The last 2 (Lafitte and Standley) have left for better jobs at larger school districts. Nothing especially abnormal is going on. Just the luck of the draw. 
  15. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    That'll be tough. They return alot this year.