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  1. *7pm* *Abe Martin Stadium, Lufkin, Texas* *winner plays winner of Rockdale/Grandview*   Woodville by 21+ is my prediction. I'm saying Rockdale beats Grandview to set up Rockdale/Woodville in the 2nd round again.
  2. Diboll vs Buna

    It would be an upset if Crockett beats EC.
  3. Highway 190 Three-Headed Monster (Woodville/Jasper/Newton)

    Regional semifinals? Maybe?
  4. Highway 190 Three-Headed Monster (Woodville/Jasper/Newton)

    Buna isn't near the caliber of Woodville or EC, but this is the best team Coach Morgan has had in a long time.
  5. Highway 190 Three-Headed Monster (Woodville/Jasper/Newton)

    EC has the best receiver they've had suit up since Trumaine Thomas. They execute their passing offense better than they have since the Hank Jones era. Glenn Roberts is the only thing that separates those teams from this year's. Across the board, this year's team is more athletic than any of those teams. Take it from somebody who played many games against those teams from 2009-2012, including a nailbiter in the Area Round back in 2009-10. Lol
  6. Highway 190 Three-Headed Monster (Woodville/Jasper/Newton)

    True. I'm just confused as to why Buna and EC are "down" this year? Lol
  7. Highway 190 Three-Headed Monster (Woodville/Jasper/Newton)

    You do realize both records would finish in the 2nd round, right?
  8. Buna 70 Hardin 14/FINAL

    And next week you get Woodville on senior night.....ouch. Rough two weeks.
  9. Just some numbers to look at from the past 3 seasons. I was impressed. 2016-2018:  Newton (#1 3A-II) : (36-1) (13-0) 1756-347 / 2(3) district titles, 1 state title, 9 playoff wins ('16/'17 only) Jasper (#1 4A-II) : (26-6) (10-0) 1243-584 / 2(3) district titles, 3 playoff wins ('16/'17 only) Woodville (#9 3A-I) : (28-4) (19-0) 1249-483 / 2(3) district titles, 2 playoff wins ('16/'17 only) Total Combined: (W-L)(District W-L) PF-PA / district championships, state championship, playoff wins **(90-11) (42-0) 4248-1414 / 6(on track for 9) combined district titles, 1 state title (Newton), 14 combined playoff wins**
  10. Woodville 52 Anahuac 10/FINAL

    Halftime.   Woodville 35 Anahuac 7   Woodville not having much problem putting away this one. Nice looking new stadium here in Anahuac though.
  11. Buna vs Woodville

    I took a hietus from updating this week lol
  12. Woodville 42 East Chambers 31/FINAL

    Final   Woodville 42 East Chambers 31
  13. Woodville 42 East Chambers 31/FINAL

    EC completes a long TD pass. XP good.   Q4 4:37   Woodville 42 East Chambers 31