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  1. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    Hater.... lol
  2. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    DCTF Pre-Season Rankings have Woodville slotted at #14 to start the season. Any opinions on that? Are they too high? Too low? Just right?
  3. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    When you have a community that supports it's football program as much as the people in Kirbyville do, they will always rebuild and return to success. This may be a year of change and rebuilding for the Wildcats, but I'll never take our game against them lightly. Especially with it being in Kirbyville this year. 
  4. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    Let's not go there, please. This is a football thread. Please keep it that way so you don't get this thread locked or removed. 
  5. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    I just couldn't think of anybody else they lost that was any good lol Edwards and Adams were their two best players. 
  6. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    I think Woodville goes 9-1 with a good shot at going undefeated. We bring back alot of weapons. Liberty, who was our toughest regular season game last year, lost alot to graduation. They should still be our toughest game this year. 
  7. Now that baseball has ended.....ITS FOOTBALL SEASON

    Go Eagles!!    #repeat #11-3AD1 #champs
  8. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    It should be interesting to see him in the same backfield as Edwards and Adams.
  9. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    Trinity is also one of those teams I don't know a whole lot about. Thanks for your input.
  10. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    Buna Cougars 2016 : (7-5)(4-2) -Area Finalists Key Loss: RB/DB - Remy Connell Key Returning: Head coach: Bradley Morgan - If I'm honest, I don't know a whole lot about the football program over in Buna. What I do know is that Bradley Morgan is a heck of a football coach and the Cougars always come out and compete in every game they play. The team I saw last year lacked the speed to keep up with Woodville, but made up for alot of that with their aggressiveness and technique. I expect alot of the same out of Buna this year. Coldspring-Oakhurst Trojans 2016 : (5-6)(4-2) -Area Finalists Key Loss: RB - Don Taylor Key Returning: QB/FS - Richard "Trey" Higgins III - Sr. Head coach: Mark Byrd - The Trojans take one of the biggest hits from graduation, losing several key pieces on both sides of the ball, including All District back Don Taylor. Higgins is a good QB, but it will all depend on these young guys coming in and filling the gaps left in the backfield and out wide. In the end, Coldspring-Oakhurst will have the athleticism and size to compete well. Kirbyville Wildcats 2016 : (8-4)(4-2) -Area Finalists Key Loss: RB - Ty Dennis Key Returning: QB - Tadarian Jackson - Sr. Head coach: Todd Doughty - Kirbyville, much like Coldspring, took a heavy hit from graduation as well. The loss of Ty Dennis on offense is a major blow, along with the loss of All-State linebacker Austin Reeves on the defensive side, as well as two-way starter Joseph Fentress. QB Tadarian Jackson is shaping up to be a stud if he continues his improvement as well as he did a year ago. Kountze Lions 2016 : (3-7)(1-5) Key Loss: RB/DB - TJ Stanford Key Returning: QB/OLB - Dallion Edwards - Sr. Head coach: Duane Joubert - The Lions were probably the youngest and most raw team in the district in 2016 and their inexperience showed at times, but so did the large amount of athleticism Coach Joubert has developed in his few years as head coach. QB Edwards is a great athlete with a great football IQ. RB Adams is a good athlete in the backfield who can grind away chunks of yards at a time. I don't think Kountze has the depth or size to compete in this district quite yet, but don't be surprised if they play some competitive games with the top 4 teams in this district. Trinity Tigers 2016 : (3-7)(2-4) Key Loss: RB/CB - Javonte Oliphant Key Returning: QB - Brady Bauer - So. Head coach: Eric Droddy - The Tigers return a few starters from a team that underachieved a year ago, after making the playoffs in 2015. They showed spurts of the athleticism and discipline they possess, but looked very unorganized and overwhelmed in their game against Woodville. Trinity loses their best athlete in RB Oliphant and their best defender in MLB McMillen, but they do return a promising young QB in sophomore Brady Bauer.  Warren Warriors 2016 : (1-9)(0-6) Key Loss: OT - Kobi Evans Key Returning: RB - Devin Hadnot - Jr. Head coach: Jay Buckner - Warren was an extremely young team in 2016, so naturally, they are bringing back alot of starters from last year's squad. I expect them to take a step forward and compete more this year. I don't see them being at the bottom of the district this year, but unfortunately, they're still a long ways from competing with the top of this district. Woodville Eagles 2016 : (10-2) (6-0) -Area Finalists Key Loss: DE - Chris Castle Key Returning: RB - Zackary Martin - Jr. Head coach: Ty Robinson - The Eagles are coming off one of the most successful regular seasons that Woodville has ever seen, going 9-1, with their only loss coming to a very good Liberty squad. The losses of Ivan Lockhart on offense and Chris Castle on defense will sting. Castle will be impossible to replicate in the upcoming year for the Eagles, but RB Zackary Martin should fill the void left by Lockhart very nicely. Team him with senior CJ Wooten and you have one of the best running back tandems in class 3A. They should win this district again this year. Should.     2017 Prediction: 1. Woodville  (6-0) 2. Coldspring-Oakhurst  (4-2) 3. Buna (4-2) 4. Kirbyville  (4-2) 5. Kountze (2-4) 6. Warren  (1-5) 7. Trinity  (0-7)
  11. Matchups I would love to see

    I'd rather Shoemaker. 
  12. Matchups I would love to see

    I'm glad. Hopefully they replaced Hemphill with them. How many of those track athletes are seniors though? Also, we've got a size advantage on most teams that allows our speed to take over. I'm excited though. Should be a good challenge, even if it is only a scrimmage. 
  13. Matchups I would love to see

    And who might that be? Has there been a schedule change?
  14. Matchups I would love to see

    They should be more worried about Double-Wing racking up 500 rushing yards on that lackluster defense
  15. Matchups I would love to see

    I had to check their record before I said that, because I know they're a way bigger school than us. But after a little info gathering.......my confidence level is extremely high that Woodville would handle them fairly easily. Lol