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  1. Houston Northside@PNG

    Thank you! I tried to screenshot this and post it but it said my picture was too big! This is all I’ve been trying to say. They just want to be recognized as a team. 
  2. Houston Northside@PNG

    There are a lot of kids out there busting their butts. It’s not about who gets the touches it’s about the whole “one man team” comments. Go back and read what you said...TEAM players. Every single kid on that team loves Roschon and appreciates him and none of them downlplay who he is or what he does. 
  3. Houston Northside@PNG

    Not trying to create anything. I just know what some of the kids are feeling. Go check out twitter and see all of them responding to the “one man team” comments. None of this is on Roschon, that kid gives credit to his team every chance he gets. 
  4. Houston Northside@PNG

    My point is that there is an entire team out there working hard and everyone acts like there is only one kid in the field. Roschon is great but it takes all of them to win a game. He can’t do what he does without help from those other kids. 
  5. If we didn’t have that asterisk on our season we would have the Freshman Purple, JV and Varsity as undefeated district champs. 
  6. Houston Northside@PNG

    I would like to see them let all of the offense get some plays. The last couple of weeks have been frustrating for those kids on the field. 
  7. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    Yes he is
  8. From the PA News    Roschon Johnson rushed 36 times for 216 yards and Jose Ceja caught seven receptions for 144 yards. Johnson completed 12 of 19 passes for 230 yards and took three sacks. Tyler Pippin had one reception for 45 yards, Peyton Proenza pulled down two for 17 yards and Cooper Hammond caught another for 9 yards.
  9. You are right it was on the coaching staff, they weren’t even trying to utilize any other players. It’s very frustrating for those kids on the field. 
  10.  I really hate hearing about all of these injuries. This year seems to be a tough one. I know none of our kids want to miss out on MCM. Hopefully he isn’t a senior and will have next year.
  11. He is having surgery Thursday. Torn meniscus is what I was told. 
  12. Deslatte yes, Garth no
  13. And I forgot Conner, he just moved up from JV. 
  14. Lisauckis, Proenza, Wuenschel, Burt, Nail, Pearson, Caillier, Deslatte, Garth