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  1. Congrats to Silsbee Hopefully the Riders can get another good team put back together, get y'all back on the schedule and the Riders would be a lot more competitive like last season.
  2. I agree. Hopefully as the season goes on, more and more players will step it up, if you know what I mean.
  3. Center lost a lot of kids. One starter returning. So I'm not expecting it to be close at all. Silsbee by a lot
  4. Cowboys @ Indianapolis

    NFC East Standings: Cowboys  8-5 Eagles      6-7 Redskins  6-7 Giants      5-8   NFC East Remaining Schedule: Cowboys--- @ Colts, Bucs, @ Giants Eagles--- @ Rams, Texans, @ Redskins Redskins--- @ Jags, @ Titans, Eagles Giants--- Titans, @ Colts, Cowboys
  5. Eagles @ Dallas

    Prescot  C/ATT YDS AVG TD INT SACKS RTG 42/54 455 8.4 3 2 3-21 104.9   CAR YDS AVG TD LONG E. Elliott 28 114 4.1 0 20   REC YDS AVG TD LONG TGTS A. Cooper 10 217 21.7 3 75 13 E. Elliott 12 79 6.6 0 16 13 Dallas D held the eagles to 256 yards. 
  6. Cowboys coming off of a crazy ending victory over the Eagles. Giving them their fifth straight win. Colts coming off of a must win over the red hot Texans, (24-21). Ending Houston's nine game winning streak. Can the Boys continue their winning ways, or will the Colts end another streak. 
  7. Eagles @ Dallas

    Just when I was saying to friends, that I wasn't crazy about Maher after missing that previous fg
  8. Eagles @ Dallas

    Maher with a 62 yard field goal!!!! WOW!!! Longest in franchise history
  9. San Augustine 43 Tenaha 17/FINAL

    SA vs Mason next week in the semifinals
  10. San Augustine 43 Tenaha 17/FINAL

    Mason defeated Refugio 28-14, without their starting QB for most of the game after being ejected for targeting another player while playing the DL position on defense
  11. San Augustine 43 Tenaha 17/FINAL

    According to what Hicks's dad told me, he's not moving to SA. Even though that's what he's saying now, so you never know. 
  12. San Augustine 43 Tenaha 17/FINAL

    Congrats SA Wolves on a big win, and advancing back to the semi-finals. I'm hoping y'all will get to match back up with Refugio, and put those cocky buggers and their coach in their place. Also congrats to Tenaha on another great season. Nothing to be ashamed of, it's just that a better team won tonight, and I'm sure they'll represent region III real well.
  13. NFL...

    That's funny stuff. I remember watching a game where the losing team was down like three tds late in the game, and a CB started acting like a fool as if his team was up by three tds, and all he did was knock down the ball. smh
  14. Eagles @ Dallas

    How's anyone supposed to know you're joking? You didn't give any indication that you were. Besides, I don't know you. As far as I know is, what you're saying is really you. Ya get what trying to say Bra? The Boys will not only make the playoffs, but will at least get to the NFC championship game. I bet the farm on it. lol 
  15. Eagles @ Dallas

    Garbage? I'll admit, I've seen the NFC East a heck a lot better in the pass, but at least it's a stronger division then what your Patriots and Rams are in. In fact, when is the last time the AFC East had been a competitive division? By the way, it's something how all of your favorites teams, are currently having success. Maybe that's what I should try doing, then maybe I wouldn't be so stressed out after watching the games that I watch. lol.