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  1. 4A #5 Center defeats 4A #6 Abilene Wylie 52-46 Final The Roughriders are champions of the Whataburger Tournament
  2. #5 Center vs #6 Abilene Wylie for the Whataburger Tourney championship. Sat Dec. 30th @ 4:30pm
  3. Center 61 Ponder 44 final Center plays the winner of #6 Abilene Wylie and #3 Seminole for the championship game
  4. Center vs Ponder in semi-final
  5. Sometimes Center seems to play at the level according to who their opponent is. Which is not always a good thing. I don't want to see Center lose early in playoffs because of it.
  6. The rematches...

    9-3 Carlisle vs 12-0 San Augustine SA won the first game 20-7
  7. Silsbee v Carthage

    The deception in these two final scores against Center from both teams is, Carthage had us at their mercy. Center may have gotten one first down in the 35-0 beat down we received in the first half. But Surratt being the class act that he is let up and put a lot of his jv in the game in second half. The Bulldogs could've easily put 80+ on the board if not for that. And then, and only then were we able to move the ball and still only manage to score a measly 12 points. Now against Silsbee, they are no doubt a good team, or they wouldn't still be playing in December. They're just not a great team. I think if Silsbee fans were honest, they know it. When playing Center, Silsbee was up only by 10 at the end of the 3rd before the Tigers started to pull away in the 4th. Which I could tell after that last Silsbee TD it took the air out of our sail. There is no doubt in my mind that Carthage will win this game. All I can suggest to all you Tiger fans is to sit back and enjoy watching the greatest team that has ever came through the Carthage Bulldog football program, at least that's what coach Surratt said. Safe travels to both teams.
  8. Timpson 57 Hull-Daisetta 36/FINAL

    Congrats Bears. Keep it going!!
  9. Timpson 57 Hull-Daisetta 36/FINAL

    I guess the defense forgot to show up for both teams.
  10. Timpson 57 Hull-Daisetta 36/FINAL

    Timpson 50 HD 36
  11. Timpson 57 Hull-Daisetta 36/FINAL

    Come on Bears you got this!!!!!
  12. Timpson 57 Hull-Daisetta 36/FINAL

    Timpson 42 HD 28 4th
  13. Timpson 57 Hull-Daisetta 36/FINAL

    Let's go Bears!!