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  1. Why troll on this website. U should devote your time elsewhere deleting posts that hurt your feelings. LMFAO!  Ridiculous.  By the way the DAWGS  are gonna beat the brakes off center again next year.

  2. Rams @ Saints
  3. I've never been a Patriot fan, but it just comes down to folks that are just envious or jealous. So I guess I'm either envious, jealous, or both. lol Kinda like back when the Cowboys would be in the playoffs season after season. You either love'em or hate'em. And for the Cowboys, majority of America love the Dallas Cowboys. That's a good part of why they're "America's Team".   
  4. I'm pulling for the Patriots to lose.
  5. Rams first appearance since 2001, (SB XXXVI), when they lost to the Patriots, 20-17. And the Patriots....well, y'all know about the Patriots. So I guess we can call this a rematch.
  6. Patriots @ Chiefs

    I think when it comes to the playoffs, both teams should have the opportunity to have the ball in OT, regardless if the first possession is a touchdown. Then if it's still tied, then next team scores wins.
  7. Congrats to the Rams. I definitely underestimated them.
  8. JAN. 11 PICKEMS

    Beaumont United  Beaumont West Brook  PA Memorial  Cleveland Vidor  Friendswood Goose Creek Memorial Center Huntington  Huffman  Livingston  Lumberton  Silsbee  WO-S  Central Heights Woodville  Newton  Hardin Orangefield  East Chambers  Shelbyville Broaddus  Big Sandy Evadale  High Island Tiebreaker: West Brook/North Shore total score   115 
  9. CFB Championship Game

    Now that the National Championship game is over and with our memory still being fresh, could the Longhorns beat either Clemson or Alabama?
  10. CFB Championship Game

    Wow... Bama is getting BULLIED
  11. CFB Championship Game

    I'm really was hoping, Bama would get it together in this last qtr and make a game of it, so I won't regret missing the Bachelor tonight because of this game. Man ol' man.
  12. CFB Championship Game

    WOW......Lawrence finds his tall receiver in the endzone after hanging in the pocket and releasing it late......TD Clemson!!!
  13. CFB Championship Game

    Clemson in control now on that big reception.......Bama cannot stop this Clemson passing attack.
  14. CFB Championship Game

    Maybe this game ain't over yet......Clemson misses the XP and now the margin is only 21