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  1. Congrats to the class of 2019!  
  2. Welcome back

    Welcome back! I'd pass out some cookies, but you know they're burnt.
  3. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    Those school aren't going to last forever. Do it now before it's REALLY an issue and becomes an emergency at one of those schools. 
  4. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    We get what we want over here..lol
  5. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I usually don't start posting again until football season, but......The Nederland bond has brought me back early. Will Nederland survive this???? It's gotten vicious on Facebook. 
  6. Under Armour Game

    That guy is listed at 167 pounds, he better get to eating before running against a college defense.
  7. Port Neches-Groves 2019.

    We always have a good offense and with that being said, a decent defense shut RJ and company down. We need a team full of RJ's to make it all the way.
  8. Under Armour Game

    Why would the #2 DT QB in the nation be at any other position? That would be like having Secretariat pulling a buggy.
  9. Under Armour Game

    Got to see RJ stance (crossed legs waiting for play) lol !!!!! They rotated him in more than the other QB's. If you want the job done, put Shug in.
  10. LCM vs PNG- This is awesome!

    They had a pep rally and everything. I hope this becomes something we do every year and more schools get involved. And RJ coaching!!!!!!!!
  11. FB Marshall Player Dead

    Sending prayers. RIP #3
  12. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    I went over there to read the thread....its 76 pages long...lol I read the last page, that was enough.
  13. Huntsville barely held off Marshall. Ive seen Marshall and FB Marshall. Marshall is good but IMO FB Marshall is in a different class. Everyone talking about the Huntsville D. FB Marshall's D aint to shabby.
  14. Bad weather

    Rain is one thing, thunderstorms with lightning are another. Need to reschedule in advance, so fans can adjust.
  15. Hornsby is highly recruited, including the Aggies and Longhorns.