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  1. Oh and that was a pretty cool onside kick...glad we recovered it though...lol
  2. Port Neches-Groves @ Beaumont Central

    Are y'all ready to talk smack or snuggle with PAM fans. Indians 40 something and a Jag coat for Mama.
  3. Good game. Pirates never hung their heads. Just kept on grinding. Good Luck the rest of the way. 
  4. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    I hope the field holds up also....I have a band kid with new shoes..lol And UIL is tomorrow. Good luck to Vidor, they always put on a good show.
  5. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    No game plan. We make it up as we go. Sometimes the Coaches get plays from the stands. We have a WHOLE bunch of Knowledgeable fans.
  6. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Don't go! You are liked!
  7. November 10th

    You can hear it better across the field...lol Hopefully it will be blasting all night.
  8. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Good grief, 10 pages!!!!  
  9. November 10th

    If you find a ticket, sit on Neds side..lol
  10. November 10th

    Strange things happen at MCM, and they have Simmons, which ate us up, but I think we got this one.
  11. November 10th

    That will be a good one also...not as good...but good..lol
  12. November 10th

    You know which on you should go to.
  13. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    They can't go back any further....no action back there..lol
  14. The Power of the Post

    When is the SETXsports News hitting the stands?  I don't get papers. If it's an article worth reading, the link usually shows up on here. One stop shop.
  15. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    That's what I was thinking and Crosby is at the top of several.