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  1. Roschon Johnson article

    I need to get his autograph before the season is over.
  2. Thanks for keeping us entertained while we're waiting for the season to start!
  3. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    Walmart on Twin City has them by the registers.
  4. Who are SETX's best returning quarterbacks?

    Can't throw??? Were you at the Crosby game? Have you seen his highlights?? Sorry to disappoint us? Trust me, Shug does not disappoint.
  5. What a miracle!
  6. Nice article about Mr. Roschon Johnson

    Great article! Going to be sad watching him play his last game as an Indian, but I plan to make a trip to watch him in burnt orange.
  7. Prayers for a speedy recovery!
  8. Prayers for you and a full recovery! I have a friend that is waiting on a Heart transplant. Chemo destroyed his.   I can do the preview of Nederland..lol
  9. I watched a documentary on something similar to this. Very few ever get in trouble and its the victim that catches all the hell.
  10. We are blessed to get to watch this young man on Friday nights! Congrats to Him!
  11. He said "bubble school" not "schools". So he's probably talking about just Ned.
  12. The Walking Dead

    I've never seen it take so long after getting bit. Carl managed to do quiet a bit before his demise. And after that build up, we didn't even get to see him end it and why wasn't Rick by his side when he did it?
  13. The Walking Dead

    RIP Carl!
  14. Lots of potential for a new coach to do something great. I hope they get the right guy for y'all.
  15. Worst facilities in the area?

    Nederland needs new schools before they even think about upgrading athletic facilities.