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  1. That's what I was thinking. Why didn't surrounding fans come to teams defense. 
  2. Interesting Shug fact

    Beast mode for sure. And defense will have to have their best game and then some. 
  3. Interesting Shug fact

    A&M Conso will give them a game, but I believe FB Marshall should pull out the win. I wouldn't be surprised if they dominate and win by big.
  4. Attend game (Area playoffs)

    Still nothing in the inbox but I have the info PNG sent out: PNGtickets: Tickets for next week will be sold Tuesday from 8am-4pm at the stadium and Thursday at practice on the field. Cash/check only.
  5. Attend game (Area playoffs)

    Nothing in the inbox. 
  6. Attend game (Area playoffs)

    Definitely Ned and PNG. Maybe Huntsville and Manvel.
  7. Interesting Shug fact

    Indians are on a collision course with FB Marshall. Head on. The game Shug needs to break the record. I got the chills.
  8. Maybe they should throw him in the center of it..lol
  9. The kids without names are the JV. In previous years they don't even go in the lockeroom . I've seen them stand outside by the field house during halftime. 
  10. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    Is Ned the home team? We're the home team in ours. Hope we don't have to switch sides.
  11. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    Indians are the home team. Let's keep it rolling in the all purple.
  12. The Northside QB never have up. I gave up counting how many times he got sacked. Seems like he was running for his life most of the game Glad to see 1st string come out and some other kids getting to play. We're in good hands with Little Bost.  I guess we can just start calling him Bost now..lol
  13. We were pretty close, trainer was checking out the knee. He came back out on crutches. I feel really bad for him. He's such a good RB.
  14. 21 rows up isn't really that far when a fan is yelling down to the field. What does it matter what player.
  15. People are yelling down at the field every game. Some fans act like they have the bank account riding on the outcome. Coaches and players usually ignore it. Must have been really bad and uncalled for if BF  stepped in.