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  1. Bmt United New Ranking

    Moved up one spot...  Not bad...
  2. Yea, the drum line had a solo...  Very nice and clean.  Nice mini routine.  I was thoroughly impressed...
  3. Beaumont United 49 Deer Park 37/FINAL

    I wish I had went to this game to see what happened...
  4. JAN. 22 PICKEMS

    At home, yes...
  5. Cold and windy but fun.  There were 12 Bands there to compete along with the Host PA Memorial Marching Heat and special guest TSU 'Ocean of Soul'. Beaumont United's 'Soul of the South' band got 3rd place!  The United dance team 'Golden Girls' and the 'Dynamic' Flag/twirler team finished 1st overall.  Congrats. Special shout out to the WO-S band who, IMO, had one of the most crisp marching routines and the best sounding bands there.  I would love to know how their band and dancers placed last night....
  6. Lumberton 45 Silsbee 122/FINAL

    Now the part a out Cartwright being pushed in practice and having to go hard against Devon, Bray, and Jordyn just tells you everything you need to know.  That's why this outburst of points by him dint surprise me.  If he can play like this in the playoffs, it'll make it that much easier to capture title #3...
  7. Deer Park @ Beaumont United
  8. Bridge City 56 WO-S 69/FINAL

    The real stat.  
  9. Lumberton 45 Silsbee 122/FINAL

    Seems like the bench players got more minutes tonight due to the starters putting it away so convincing, which is fine.  Those bench kids need burn too... 
  10. Lumberton 45 Silsbee 122/FINAL

    Coach Sig got vocal after that 2nd unit started firing up nba 3s and playing lackluster defense...
  11. Beaumont United 49 Deer Park 37/FINAL

    Yea, true.   But the detractors pop up like daisies in the springtime if and when he loses....
  12. Lumberton 45 Silsbee 122/FINAL

    Dunk count 2-0 Silsbee
  13. Lumberton 45 Silsbee 122/FINAL

    Wait, WHAT?  They are supposed to be cocky.  They're the 2 time state champs... Why wouldn't they be cocky?
  14. Lumberton 45 Silsbee 122/FINAL

    I seen two weak blocking fouls called on #22 for Silsbee and be clearly was just standing there to take the charge...   And Silsbee isn't fouling, their hand are on the ball.  Lumberton has weak dribblers and it seems pretty easy to pick their pockets.   But no shame in this.  Silsbee won't be tested untill deep in the playoffs....
  15. Lumberton 45 Silsbee 122/FINAL

    Looks like a varsity team playing vs middle school team...  Lumberton is outclassed I'm every aspect out here....