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  1. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    Such a lovely day... LaMarque was the big bad boogie man for years.  Glad y'all got 'em...
  2. Trash Talk

    Or snooks...
  3. Trash Talk

    Skipper is back!
  4. Y'all know who I'm going to select for player of the  week?
  5. Lol...  To an extent, yea...  Except if your name is  Gregg  Popovich.
  6. Gotta get some contain on the edges...
  7. *the cheerleading section* Too old to be cheerleading. And I don't follow college basketball.  NBA and HS.   And Those guys would be coaching HS teams, you would think.  
  8. You missed the point all together...
  9. ...And most seem to agree that AAU coaches can coach just because they're former NBA players... But that's another topic for another day.  
  10. I'm aware of how good Memorial is.  But I've already explained why I called them the big 3.  And using Silsbee as a gage is weak because Silsbee will beat anyone in SETX with little to no problem, including Memorial.   Big 3, meaning big 3 in district.. 
  11. Well, I plan on seeing the kid play. And it's not 'MY' big 3.  They are the  3.  Ozen and Central almost ALWAYS finish in the top 3 in district.  Memorial is an added piece and will slide right in and make it top 3 as Memorial was pretty good even in 6a in talented districts.  And we all know our local 5a basketball district is EXTREMELY top heavy.. I really shouldn't have to explain this to a 'basketball guy'...
  12. They still haven't played the big 3, and BC isn't anywhere near that.  I hope you're right though (about his/their off game).  
  13. I had to ask because BC shouldn't be making a team with a player of that caliber to struggle.