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  1. Silsbee 48 Bridge City 14/FINAL

    I already know that,  it all of his passes were dead in accurate and he had wheels to evade pressure.  He's a d-1 athlete playing QB, therefore, at the high school level, a D-1 QB.  
  2. Silsbee 48 Bridge City 14/FINAL

    Pass defense was shreaded in the PN-G and Newton game and rightfully so.  2 D-1 QB's with Newton having a d-1 receiver.  Against Nederland, Sulzberger secondary had 3 int's and last night, an impressive int including some hard hits from the secondary...  I think they've grown since the first 2 games...
  3. Adjustments made on defensive side of the ball.  Time for offense to follow suite... Namely the personal change.  District is here.  Its now or never.  
  4. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    Just researched Gilmer.  2-2 and took a beat down to Carthage, but a questionable loss to an average looking Paris team.  I see this being another walk in the park.  Not the Gilmer of old... Newton 56 - 21
  5. Silsbee 48 Bridge City 14/FINAL

    No knock on anyone,  it I saw some good looking completed passes and even an accurate incomplete pass from the sophomore, R. Foster.  If there is a threat passing, the run game will look like it did.  But BC just didn't have any threat whatsoever on defense.  No speed or tacklers so it was easy.  Now BC has the Lara kid on offense and he was grinding.  Yes a load once he gets going.   But they needed that win.  Like I said before, the meat of the schedule is over and the wins will be more plentiful now.  Still gotta cut down on those silly penalties like holding BEHIND the play, roughing the kicker and too many men in the field.  Smh.  Gotta get a lot of thing cleaned up because we'll need to be playing our best to knock off WO-S and Liberty....
  6. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    Rained very hard in Beaumont like 30 mins ago..
  7. Calprep's projected scores

    I think so too..
  8. Calprep's projected scores

    Has United only with one win in district vs. LaPorte....
  9. What's is United record 

    1. BMTSoulja1


      Tuff sledding huh. Man they might have to clear that coaching if players r being played because of what school u went to and get somebody that will put beat  the product on the field no matter what 

    3. BMTSoulja1


      Well, its been a tough non district.  Expected loss to St. Pius, a huge letdown against Nederland, but battled well against PA Memorial.  They learned some things that game.  Offense needs to get in gear...  Bye week is at the right time.  Next game is Baytown Sterling.  Perfect time to get your first win...still can beat the teams you're supposed to beat and make the playoffs....

  10. An early goodbye

    I do wish you well. But you'll be back.  No one does HS football like we do.  You'll miss it.
  11. An early goodbye

    ... Well, never mind....
  12. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    He passes just about the same as Johnson, IMO, just more athletic.  IMO, does the offense better....
  13. I was watching it.  There was 1 kid that didn't turn on the full turn, but I did see a couple of Memorial kids off stop.  But the Guitar player pushed United over the top.