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  1. West Orange-Stark turf

    You are entitled to your opinion and I do respect it.  Your logic is  huge head scratcher to me.  Thats all...
  2. RIP Coach W.T. Johnston

    Prayers sent to Coach, Family, and the Newton football community. 
  3. West Orange-Stark turf

    Smh.  Some of yall WO-S fans, I'll never understand.  NOW the turf is trash.  'WOW' is all I have to say right now.  This is worse than the torrential rainfall loss to Silsbee excuse..
  4. Next Year

    Had some good looking kids on that JV team who I expect Coach Sig will have ready.
  5. Vidor Turf

    This is great.  Happy for those kids and supportive fans and parents.  
  6. Super Gold Team!

  7. Vidor Turf

    That's what I'm thinking...   That's why I said that.  But if there is a way you can guarantee both being done simultaneously,  then by all means, go that route..
  8. Vidor Turf

    I have no ties to Vidor football, but I love the program and what Coach Matthews is about.  But I'd say at this time Vidor may ot need turf, but the reason is I know you're waiting ON FEMA money. They'll  drag arse on that.  I know first hand. Plus, the brand of football that  the Irates run, they can wait a few more years on the turf and play the hard nose football on grass.  If the schools are in dire  need of fixing, I'd say go that route.. but get that turf at the very next opportunity.. Keep in mind this is my opinion ad only applies to Vidor's unique  situation...
  9. Go back and read the thread..
  10. Looks like I was right about Peevey and the 'familiarity' with the kids.  And also appears the detractors have been relatively  quiet as well. 
  11. Enjoy retirement, Coach!
  12. Jasper needs a 1st scrimmage

    But if they didn't,  would they want to play them?  The  AD may still be 'in his feelings ' .
  13. Bigger deal is definitely beating WO-S in football...
  14. Jasper needs a 1st scrimmage

    Silsbee...  cough, cough...