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  1. I was talking about that ONE comment, not overall.  
  2. The most important stat...  
  3. They were getting mashed on at halftime...  
  4. Ouch.  I guess the 3s aren't falling...
  5. Newton to unveil state title rings

    Happy for the boys in purple, but it's gonna be war from my boys from the smoke this coming season....  
  6. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Good stuff, BD...
  7. Big Sandy

    Strange that there is NO outrage.  But if this happens in North or South Jefferson county....
  8. Big Sandy

    Catman, your thoughts?
  9. I know Parquet is a major player.  My point was I was under the impression that no much from the starting lineup graduated.  Prior to being told otherwise, I thought he was the only starter Brook was losing.  That's what I meant. And as far as the talent Brook pulls from starting with the new district lines, the only difference is that the dual zone lines will be no more.  The lines are about the same, but you'll still have parents  that will go above and beyond to beat the system to send their kids wherever they want them to go to.
  10. Thanks for the info...  The most important stat.