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  1. New Uniforms??

    I remember y'all saying that.
  2. New Uniforms??

    When Ozen had some like that one year...
  3. Now that he's committed he can now focus without distractions.. I'm really excited to see him in action now.  
  4. New Uniforms??

    Usually, the teams unveil their new unies on the VYPE videos...

    Yes, I knew we'd expect huge things from this defense.  9 starters back, I expect the team to be a lot better to start the season, because last year, we lost those first few games because we couldn't stop anyone.  First test will be against Boy Wonder and company (Johnson and PN-G). Really good test for the defense right off the  bat. Special shout out to #22 from the Tigers, A. Sells!!  
  6. Best Program in SETX? (Golden T)

    Stowers had great years.   2005 - district championship 2006 - Great season - 2nd round loss 2008 - best season in Jaguar history But let's not forget about that horrible 2007 season.  And we were not in lack of talent either.  Something to think about.   Imo, I would've said Suggs was better, back when he coached at 88 Jaguar Dr.  
  7. I know I've seen Gants make some nice plays at WR last year, so I figured he'd be good, so at least Phoenix would have a reliable target to throw to.  And if he is a playmaker like you say, he'll make plays in that spread offense under Nelson.
  8. Phoenix, huh?  Insider, isn't this the kid you were talking about with the arm?  

    I agree...  Remember, he played his Jr. Year in Silsbee and did GREAT.
  10. Top 15 Running Backs in SETX

    Yes, he was a good one.  He and Beard, I think went both ways...
  11. Top 15 Running Backs in SETX

    It's possible.  A few years ago, in Vidor, Montana Q. Was an animal starting at qb and lb and was an animal at both positions and he got stronger as the game went on.  I think Thomas will follow suit this year....
  12. Top 15 Running Backs in SETX

    I remember you telling me that....
  13. Top 15 Running Backs in SETX

    I don't really know...  Thomas may be asked to play both ways this year, especially how good he was at LB.  Wouldn't surprise me...