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  1. Both basketball programs will be fun.  That's for sure.  Congrats Coach Green and Coach Brown.
  2. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Agreed. Especially on the comment about Coach Brown...
  3. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    There will be one at Legacy
  4. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Yes, Elia said he was nursing an injury (surgery) and wouldn't play, but was there to support.  That current QB, they say he's a sophmore looked good.  Didn't have many bad looking passes.
  5. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Yea, Silsbee was ok.  They rotated between like 3 qb's.  One was nervous, one had a strong arm but not accurate, and the southpaw kid just need more reps.  They'll be ok, especial considering that Silsbee is a running team in the fall. WB is GOOD.  They have serious speed on the edges and they have some kids with hops that can just go and get it over the top.  Also, the WB QB has a cannon of an arm.  They just look physically more imposing than Dayton, Nederland, or Silsbee.  You can tell they've been working since after football season. Dayton has some speed, QB not impressive.   Nederland has some kids that run crisp routs.   I didn't really pay much attention to GCM.
  6. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Silsbee lost to West Brook the last Game.
  7. Depth as far as a typical 6a team or depth to play with the North Shores, Westfields, Atascocitas?
  8. The post is titled the best to ever come through SETX, therefore Chopper can be mentioned.
  9. Beaumont United Logo Revealed

    Well, evidently, if the maroon and gold 'U' is connected, unlike Miami's, from what I hear, then it's all good...
  10. Ennis Open

    Ol' Alvarez building up that resume for that future college gig.  Good for him.  I know he'll be successful at Copperas Cove
  11. Baytown Sterling is Open

    So he left a 6a if job for a 4a ASSISTANT job and states the move was to be. Closer to family?  Not adding up to me.
  12. Beaumont United Logo Revealed

    Pretty cool to have a local canine fight.
  13. ...and when the 2018 season concludes, I think your list will be a tad bit longer...