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  1. Stevenash, I think we'll need to order Orangefield a new dunk-o-meter before season's end....
  2. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    Boy Wonder doing what he do!
  3. What was the dunk count?
  4. What did that great Nederland Jr. do?
  5. Silsbee vs. Wharton, Area Round

    They have decent amount of athletes.  They run a true spread, but it'll be like playing Spring Hill.  Nothing that Silsbee having seen....
  6. Silsbee vs. Wharton, Area Round

    I've seen video on them.  
  7. WO-S 87 Kountze 26/FINAL

    Just a casual observation.  It a usually a trend that when the Kountze basketball program is down, Silsbee's is up, and vise versa.  So maybe when this year's wave of talent leaves, maybe we'll see Kountze Hoops get back to where they used to be....
  8. Name Clover and I do believe he's a lefty...
  9. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    Yes, true.  I'm a firm believer in you play who you play in bracket play.  Play the tough team now it later, you gotta see them.  I hope I'm wrong and your boy and Nederland pulls off the upset though.  I'm in the same situation as you, the last ride for your football senior.  
  10. I agree somewhat, just saying you can't teach experience...  A 2-5 point loss, understandable.  You wasn't prepared...  Fine.  19 point loss for THIS year's team is still a head scratcher no matter how you spin it.   I did, however, expect Memorial's big man to eat down low, no matter what...
  11. True...  Very true.  I'm just not liking that Silsbee couldn't overcome adversity.  At this point, many of the kids are 3 and 4 year starters.  They should have seen it all.  this PA game shouldn't have been an exception.  Losing by 19  is a true head scratcher.
  12. Silsbee vs. Wharton, Area Round

    Silsbee - 35 Wharton - 27
  13. Area Round: East Chambers vs West

    West - 28 EC - 56
  14. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    Lindale - 21 PN-G - 42
  15. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    Bad draw for Nederland.   Marshall - 35 Big Ned - 21