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  1. Renaming the Butch?

    I don't know but when you label someone a 'Crook', out here, you're arrested and put away.  With all the investigations by FBI to name one, when was Thomas arrested?  
  2. Renaming the Butch?

    I wasn't actually referring to you.  I was referring to 'City Leaders' that's the main ones pushing for this entire miserable masquerade.   The current name of the stadium isn't hurting anyone.  It's a football stadium.  A high school stadium at that.  Certain city leaders need to focus on pressing city issues, and trust me, there's a laundry list of them.  And BISD should focus on their pressing issues, laundry list for them too,  it a stadium name should be the last thing, imo.  Actually, after listening to the board meeting yesterday, our superintendent shares my sentiments.
  3. Renaming the Butch?

    You do know our district is NOT in dire financial straits, contrary to popular believe.  Therefore, it's not like anyone is chomping at the bit to collect money.... Matter of fact, the district still has a pretty good surplus of funds... Basically, I wish the detractors would just stop skating around the elephant in the room and just say what their real issue is.
  4. Renaming the Butch?

    I COMPLETELY agree.  There are schools in Beaumont that are academically unacceptable.  That should be the focus.  There's enforcing zonings.  There's many pressing issues to be concerned about vs. the name of a damn stadium.  

    This is not 7 on 7.  Pads on.  Make sure you remind those boys.  Lol

    Yea, you right.  Lol.  Moody set y'all program back 10 years.  Lol

    I don't have a problem with the wing t at all, especially the district that y'all are in.  If y'all have speed at the QB position, y'all will be good.  Vidor made it work years ago featuring the Quirante kid and their offense was potent...  

    Um....  Winters graduated.....  
  9. Good.  Maybe he can start a trend to get some young  blood up there with fresh and new ideas and get some things going as the town as a whole seems to be getting younger.
  10. Because it's not on top of the priorities list with the 'old heads' with the BOT....  They're content with a lot of things because it's how it used to be in the 1950's.... BTW, wasn't Mosley going to be elected for a board position?
  11. I'M HOME!

    Very good.  Rest, rest and more rest.  Tell Becky thanks for the updates.
  12. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    Yea, I know that, but I thought HE was done growing...  
  13. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    I thought he was done growing.