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  1. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Great article! I really hope BISD does the right thing, and gives this man the appropriate compensation to keep him at West Brook. 
  2. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    The defense has definitely showed up, and made a potitive impact on the results of the game. Yes, they're going to have to show up again, and hit HARD, and force some more turnovers. This is a game that Brook can win, I believe.
  3. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Thanks for the update, and for keeping up with all those game results. Its a great source of information. 
  4. You can pretty much throw records out the window at this point. Who you got, and why?
  5. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    I dont know. Nothing ever showed up in my inbox, so I still dont have an answer to my question.
  6. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    So, noone really addressed it, but whats the status of Robert McGrue? He played very limited in the win over Cy Creek. Was he injured, or was it disciplinary, and will he be ready to go, Saturday?
  7. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

  8. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    Don't forget about Dickinson. They were also suppose to beat West Brook, with that suppressing defense they had. Brook beat them 49-31. By the time West Brook had climbed out of Region 3, and made it past Judson, beating the Blue Raiders of Bell seemed anticlimactic. The 14-0-1 Raiders were suppose to beat the Bruins. but by then our defense was terribly good, and we shut them down, 21-10. That put West Brook on the map. Those games are fun to watch. I have the playoff games from that season on tape. Go Brook!
  9. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    I hope we can catch them off guard, and come at them with not just the sink, but the whole damn kitchen. Their defense is damn good. Our kids are going to have to play at their level best, and throw in a few trick plays, to keep up. It wouldn't be unheard of for a R3 school to beat a R4 school, like Westlake.
  10. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    Haven't heard, but I asked the very same question, watching him sit on the sidelines during the first quarter. Someone suggested he put the "I" in TEAM, but I haven't heard specifics.
  11. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    He made the All State team, along with Jerry Ball, and Gerald Landry.
  12. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    For the Bruins to win this game, theyre going to have to have an excellent game plan, excellent offensive, and defensive execution, and even have some luck. Luck just like this play from the last time the Bruins were in the semifinals.....catching lightning in a bottle! Watch....    
  13. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    Soulja, you crazy, bro! No way West Brook wins by 14. Westlake is by far the best team we have seen since NS. It's going to take our key players playing way above their norm, not making any mistakes, having some lucky breaks go our way, and for the Chaps to mess up huge. I'm not saying this game isn't winnable for us, I'm just saying on paper, Westlake is better. That being said, I would love for our kids to prove me wrong. They have the talent to win the whole damn thing, but they're going to have to have the right game plan, and some luck, to get it done.
  14. Beaumont West Brook 31 Cypress Creek 21/FINAL

    This seems to be thw truth, most of the time, and I love your slight handed optimism. But, for West Brook to get the win, I think Westlake is going to have to have a poorly executed game, with poor game plan, and Brook is going to have to be on point with their execution, not make any mistakes, and have some luck, too. I think this is where the ride ends, but I could be wrong. In fact, I would love to be wrong.
  15. Clean sweep for 21-6A, through Region 3!