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  1. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Thought this was pretty funny.
  2. #TrumpLiesMatter!!

    Don't even waste your time with this loser Westend 1. He hides behind his cpu/cell phone. He wouldn't dare say  theses things in person to anyone who has a different opinion than him about Trump, and Obama.
  3. SETX Middle School Hoops

    Smith won the C.O. Wilson tourney, beating the home team for the Championship.
  4. SETX Middle School Hoops

    Smith just handed MLK it's first loss of the season. This was a good game, but Smith was just a little too much for MLK. The future looks bright for Central.
  5. SETX Middle School Hoops

    Smith middle school is undefeated on the season. They won a tournament in Houston and have beaten all the local teams they've faced. They have basically the same team that went undefeated last year in the 7th grade.