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  1. Bridge City 12 Silsbee 8/FINAL

    It’s makes teams throw their #1 and #2 pitchers to that team ... 
  2. Silsbee v Whitehouse 3/15

    No kidding
  3. Injuries

    Praying for a quick recovery
  4. All that is.. Is someone not doing their job and being lazy.... Sad for the girls that have worked hard this season
  5. 2018 Early Chatter

    Nice....great problem to have
  6. 2018 Early Chatter

    5 kids 90+ that's a lot of arms to choose from
  7. Toughest district in the State
  8. Countdown 2018 Season

    I'm sorry..... Didn't think it ever ended
  9. KInda hard to get him the ball when he is double and triple team. 11 people play on the field one kid cant do it all
  10. West Orange-Stark 34 Silsbee 17/FINAL

    Defense getting tired for Silsbee