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  1. So ready

    Corbin Johnson Jr  .. Hunter Palmer Sr.   Alex Hardy Sr. Will be a young team  
  2. So ready

    Every chance I get lol
  3. So ready

    Blah blah blah .... been hearing  it forever now. If that was the case then why do they have fall seasons IN D1 and JUCO ? yeah I agree kids should play other sports. But it doesn't matter really. Kids train now for every sport harder than they ever have. Love to know what D1 coach wants to hear that his kid he offered a big scholarship too just blew his ACL out or tore a shoulder up trying to get a first down in a game that might not have mattered .......but the argument could go both ways!!!!!!
  4. So ready

    So ready for the season to start.... got a new dog in the fight... time to get back on the board who are the district picks this year ? who are the top dogs in the area ?
  5. I say dunk that S$#T on them.
  6. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    No way it was the coaches ... sometimes you just have to admit we got beat by a better team. Coaches didn’t call for the fake punt ... I’m sure they didn’t ask for the fumble.. as far as the kicker he was hurt... just a hard fought game that we came up short on.  
  7. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    Must be a WOS's fan
  8. Silsbee 42 Hardin-Jefferson 21/FINAL

    This might be the slowest game ever ... 
  9. Silsbee 42 Hardin-Jefferson 21/FINAL

    These refs are being very nitty tonight ... sideline penalty not even on the field and pants not covering knees ... really 
  10. Bad bad play calling ..
  11. Silsbee 35 Lumberton 13/FINAL

    Jayden Briscoe... throws a really good ball .. reminds me of Trey Jones
  12. Silsbee 48 Bridge City 14/FINAL

    These refs suck 
  13. Newton 56 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Yes Newton is too much .... but little bit of pride is not too much to ask for 
  14. Newton 56 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    This is embarrassing.....