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  1. Mid Term Elections

    I'll be Bluedove does not like that election result.
  2. Brett Kavanaugh

    The left cares not about the investigation.  They just want it to go until the mid terms.  Doesn't matter to them if there is any evidence to be gathered or not
  3. New all time high

  4. New all time high

    The S&P 500 just hit an all time high.  If I take the "enlightened" point of view, I am compelled to say "Thank you, former President Obama".
  5. Yeoj- do you think the Mr. Kavanaughs accuser is credible  and telling the truth?   Do you think she decided, without outside influence, to bring this matter to national attention now?
  6. Correction:  That would be awfully sensitive.  I am an enthusiastic supporter and fan of that program.
  7. It is interesting that you pose all these questions as if you know nothing about HJ but yet you know that the baseball field doesn't have lights.  HMMMMM!! Note my prior question of which facet did you want to discuss as to oppose to many, many facets.  If you need all of those questions answered, you may want to contact the coach directly.
  8. Ok_ lets talk about HJ basketball.  What facet of it interests you?
  9. Beto or Cruz

    the left must believe Beto can win because nobody has suddenly claimed sexual harassment on Cruz (yet)
  10. This cant be.  Anderson Cooper and CNN have too much integrity to do that.
  11. Hey, BigGirl, What Say You?!

    If she cant come up with an answer, she will tell you she doesn't trust the source.
  12. Pay increase for federal employees

    How many of those workers were coerced or forced into that profession?  Does the same not apply to teachers?
  13. What You Need to Know About Beto O’Rourke

    The debt situation was a fact rather than a prediction.
  14. What You Need to Know About Beto O’Rourke

    The more alarming rate was a certain president took on more debt than all previous presidents combined.
  15. Stevenash

    Big Girl- " your thoughts"?