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  1. But he means well- he cares- and he should be exempt from what he requires of everyone else because the "cause" is so noble.
  2. Stock Market hits 27,000

  3. Stock Market hits 27,000

    Market is up only because of the follow through from the Obama economic brilliance.  When market finally takes a meaningful tumble, it will be because Trumps policies were finally being reflected in market prices.
  4. Whose chains are you yanking ( or think you are yanking) theses days?
  5. Song About obamacare From Ray Stevens!

    endless compassion
  6. HJ lost 4 starters from last year
  7. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    Correction- Higher indoctrination
  8. Does Bo Hack support your contention?
  9. Top Players in Area

    Is Lofton the left handed big man that I know only as "junior"?
  10. Hurricane Season- 2019

    This storm is Trumps fault because he doesn't "care" about global warming.
  11. I am simply suggesting that, at the level in which he is being recruited, he will not stick out like a sore thumb amongst his peers.  He will encounter a lot more of Quentin Grimes types at the next level. 
  12. Hefners height advantage will not be nearly as pronounced a year from now as it is now.
  13. Just As We Thought -- Complete Fraud!

    Sir, you are a sexist.  We MUST BELIEVE these women when they come forward ( unless it involves Bill)