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  1. Tillerson Fired!

    I am not troubled in the least.
  2. What about Memorial-  Lots of seniors?
  3. MAGA!

    They dont like to deal with facts and the racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe,mysoginist, deplorable accusations have run their course.
  4. My 47th straight state tourney

    I watched Eddie Owens play for Wheatley against West Orange  in a warm up game that year and Jackie Carr did not pick a starting line up until right before the game.  he simply walked past each player on the bench and pointed to a player selected at that moment to start. A close friend of mine was coaching West Orange that year and after the game, he broke his hand hitting a wall.
  5. You are very welcome, although, to most on here, I was simply stating the obvious.  Are you at State Tourney?  Are you in the company of Bo-Hack?
  6. My 47th straight state tourney

    Think I was at the game.  Did Roosevelt have player named Ira Terrell in it?
  7. No Look- you are so very insightful!!!!
  8. Minimum Wage Hike Is Killing Jobs in This Arizona City

    from the article  "Minimum wage increases are the product of good intentions, but destroying job prospects is no way to help the poor."  From the left, all that matters is the intent while the results are irrelevant.  Unintended consequences be damned.
  9. MAGA!

    Ah, yes.  This results from the "groundwork" laid by Mr. Obama.
  10. I" ve been in Vegas for the Mountain West Conference tourney at UNLV.   Have relative playing for Wyoming who made first team all conference.  
  11. Just watched a more talented Kansas Jayhawk team lose to Oklahoma state by 20 and recently watched a more talented Golden State Warrior team get hammered by Denver.