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  1. More Good News

    I believe that was due to the fact that Sears needed cash
  2. More Good News

    I don't understand why they chose Texas over such business friendly havens as New York and California  
  3. Poop Patrol?

    Just think- The city is actually encouraging more homeless people to come there because they get treated so well.  Heard on radio that the city cleans from 8 to 5 and two non profit organizations clean before and after the city shift.
  4. School Shooting in Colorado

    strongly agree
  5. Poop Patrol?

    But just remember that the key word here is "compassion"
  6. School Shooting in Colorado

    How on earth did these kids avoid indoctrination?
  7. Trump to pull Feds out of Education

    How foolish of the President to believe that the cities and states are better equipped to deal with local issues than the benevolent federal government.  Surely they understand that a Washington bureaucrat is far more qualified to solve a problem at BISD than someone who lives here and works here?
  8. Good ol' Joe

    You are right, but it's ok for Joe because he "cares".
  9. Good ol' Joe

    Be respectful.  It's just Joe being Joe.
  10. 3.6%

    this article is from 2017
  11. 3.6%

    Hmmm- who was it that said " what is he going to do to bring jobs back, wave a magic wand"?
  12. 3.6%

    Is the current unemployment rate.  This is the lowest since 1969.  Of course, somehow it is to the credit for former President Obama.