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  1. Trump-Putin meeting

    Just like " Carnac, the magnificent"
  2. This could be caused by Gestapo Fear
  3. Trump-Putin meeting
  4. Trump

    Big Girl is so mad at Trump that you would think he sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia
  5. Trump-Putin meeting
  6. Trump-Putin meeting

    If you are upset or concerned about Trumps mental capabilities because he said wouldn't when he meant would, surely you are outraged about a Presidential candidate Obama stating that he had campaigned in all 57 states.
  7. Trump-Putin meeting

  8. Trump-Putin meeting

    Not deflection.  Simply illustrating ( via absolute undeniable FACT) that every president, at one time or another, misspeaks.   We all make errors at one time or another.  A good example is you asking the question " Is he that stupid" and punctuating it with a period rather than a question mark.
  9. Trump-Putin meeting

    Very similar to pronouncing the word corpsman ( the s is silent) as corpsman and pronouncing the s.  ( This was done publicly by your idol)
  10. Trump-Putin meeting

    If you like you healthcare plan/doctor, you can keep them. There is not one smidgen of evidence of corruption at the IRS.
  11. Trump-Putin meeting

    Trump has expelled 60 Russian Diplomats from the United States- you probably don't know that because your "sources" don't make that type of information available to the public.
  12. Trump-Putin meeting

    If Trump had called out/confronted Putin, the left would have said that he has no people skills.
  13. Trump-Putin meeting

    Could somebody please name a  U.S.  President who has not met with the Russians beginning with Eisenhower?
  14. Trump-Putin meeting

    And why is Trump afraid?
  15. Trump-Putin meeting

    Not unlike the sudden outrage over separated families, which has been unchanged for 15 years