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  1. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    I believe I did answer your question.  Either you didn't read it or you don't like what you heard, so you ignored.
  2. Trump a Racist?

    Good answer.  I will just sit back with  you and watch the "praise" roll in from others.
  3. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Especially the one you and Nate Silver made
  4. Trump a Racist?

    Rest assured that you will also never be accused of being well reasoned or enlightened.
  5. Planned Parenthood Founder's Beliefs!

    No substantive responses will come forth.  Although Tobie might mention KKK, Klannity, and Gram em.
  6. ANOTHER Strong Conservative Victory!

    Well stated sir.  Just remember that "idoits" cannot be eliminated.
  7. ANOTHER Strong Conservative Victory!

    Ultra enlightenment is fast approaching.  Utopia is imminent.
  8. I Thought Big Girl Said

    But that Russia Collusion thing is the real deal.
  9. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Do you agree with the Big GIrl theory that all Republicans are not racist but all racists are Republicans?
  10. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Big GIrl- please respond ASAP to the above question posed to you by WOSgrad
  11. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Ah yes, nothing like the well reasoned objective conclusion as this one.  Critical , in depth thinking/reasoning at it's absolute finest.
  12. Attention all "affiliates"

    Perhaps his position on gay marriage would have "evolved" like it did for Mr. Obama.  (certainly not for politcal expediency)
  13. Attention all "affiliates"

    Since Mr. King was against gay marriage, does this mean his statues need to be taken down?
  14. ANOTHER Strong Conservative Victory!

    Surely you don't mean that all of the Russia stuff, Nazi accusations, racist accusations, bigot accusations, homophobia accusations, xenophobe accusations, etc.etc. etc. are not having their desired impact?  Imagine that.  I guess they should have focused more on Mr. Trump lying about his golf handicap.