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  1. Decent means different things to  different people.  I think Harry Reid is a very indecent man and I would guess you disagree.
  2. Trump admits that he lied

    I cant address this issue- I am still dealing with "shovel ready jobs" " keep your doctor/healthcare plan" "21st Century VA" , and "$2500 healthcare premium reduction"
  3. Senate Health Care Bill

    Correct- The Obama administration knew about it but didn't want to bring it up because they were convinced Hillary would win in a landslide and they didn't want to risk tainting that anticipated "victory" over the deplorables.
  4. Senate Health Care Bill

    My guess is that represents "grab Um"
  5. Please give me some insight on how the poor and lower middle class are kept from gaining ground by "money manipulation"
  6. Can I LOL this?

    I am guilty.  I move that we hire everyone who is penniless not because they are competent but in the name of  equity and fairness.
  7. Can I LOL this?

    Below average?  6 or 7 figures?  Are you sure you arent a lefty?  
  8. Can I LOL this?

    Whats wrong with this line of thinking?  By the time  one is in the autumn of his life and has become very accomplished at his or her particular endeavor, there is a very good chance that doing well in that particular field of endeavor has allowed one to accumulate a meaningful sum of material wealth.  In contrast, those who have done an average job or slightly above or below average were unable to accumulate as much.  Should we hire those who have done exceptionally well or should we hire the near average person so doing so can seem more politically correct?
  9. Can I LOL this?

    Rest assured there are many more exhibits than letters in the alphabet
  10. Can I LOL this?

    Was he a white nationalist?
  11. Senate Health Care Bill

    My understanding is the ( as you suggested) " cuts to Medicaid" are, in actuality, not cuts but rather a slowing in the growth of medicaid use.  Medicaid would still grow by 2% to 3% per year.
  12. Senate Health Care Bill

    If it is what you say it is, you should approve of it, right?
  13. Senate Health Care Bill

    Has been posted on the web for all to see.    What an interesting alternative to " you have to pass the bill to see what's in it"
  14. Can I LOL this?

    But some people will take/interpret his statement and then say  Trump said he hates poor people.  And the bots sheep will regurgitate at breakneck speed.
  15.  An observation that includes a racial component- imagine that!!