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  1. Another query for VSEO

    If you submit an unworkable bet, then you can continue to talk the talk but can avoid walking the walk.
  2. Another query for VSEO

    Beware of Chiropractors posing as Osteopaths
  3. Another query for VSEO

  4. 10 Children Killed By US Airstrike

    VSEO- You should be forewarned that Mr. Engelbert owns several formal degrees and much depth to his intellect.
  5. Bob Muller/ Russian Collusion  Bret Kavanaugh Supreme court nomination interrogation the Michael Brown "hands up, don't shoot"   allegations/investigation?
  6. Another query for VSEO

    No doubt you are pretty familiar with them.  I wonder if they use investment committees and guys with lots of 3 letter designations after their names?
  7. Another query for VSEO

    to, perhaps, the Stark Foundation?
  8. Just Passing Through

    If you are just passing through, it had better not be through Htown because it will get expensive for you
  9. 10 Children Killed By US Airstrike

    And Jussie Smollet had good intentions go awry.
  10. The Democrat's Dream Ticket For 2020!

    Very possible in the world in which the left lives.  Especially when Stormy Daniels, mental incompetency, Russian Collusion all failed MISERABLY. 
  11. The Democrat's Dream Ticket For 2020!

    Not indicted as acceptable for Hillary but not for Trump
  12. I still love the FACT that during the Obama Romney debates, Romney stated that the greatest geo-political threat to the United States was Russia.  Mr. Obama and Candy Croley immediately condescended to Mr. Romney for lack of "enlightenment"
  13. The Democrat's Dream Ticket For 2020!

    Yes Hagar.   UT alum has insisted Hillary, by virtue of not being indicted, is innocent of all of these inferences.   Yet, the words "not indicted", is unacceptable for a Republican
  14. Yes he will because Obama was an eloquent speaker who believed in "civility and tolerance"