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  1. Black on Black Racism

    21 people were killed.   Just an average weekend for Chicago.  
  2. And we will get a periodic "grab em" whether there is any news or not.
  3. Dow tops 23,000!

    For common sense individuals it certainly is.
  4. This can't be.   I thought all of the Russia problems were tied to Trump?
  5. NFL tells players to STAND

    Tobie and Big Girl admire him
  6. The President of the virgin island

    Gotta hand it to you, Tobie for your consistency.  Mr. Trump is disrespecting America, and , at the same time, Colin Kaepernick is some sort of hero.    Few are as objective as you are.
  7. The President of the virgin island

    Kind of like trading five POWs for Bowe Bergdahl and having one of your high ranking representatives declare, on national TV, that Bergdahl served his country with "honor and distinction"   Or perhaps telling the parents of the deceased Benghazi victims, upon their arrival, that "we'll get that guy who made that video" ( implying that the video was responsible)?
  8. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    Then your contention is that we do not understand why people believe the way we do?  Let's assume you are absolutely 100% correct.  Lets further agree that we are going to make a more concerted effort to understand where others are "coming from".  How are we to demonstrate that new approach?  I am thinking that the first time a minority is killed by a  police officer( whether justified or not) it will be promoted as a cop looking for a reason to shoot/kill a black person.  Am I wrong in thinking/believing that?
  10. None of that matters.  One example of locker room talk is far more important than the collective impact of the above.
  11. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    Are you saying that the lynchings of many years ago are justification for promoting ( yes  unequivocally promoting) the thought that there are many many police out stalking black people seeking the opportunity to shoot and kill them?
  12. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    Based upon your comments, how do you think the original "experiment" that I solicited in the very first post of this thread would turn out? 
  13. Tobie, lets try an experiment

      In many cases, the upbringing many of these kids experience is one where they are indoctrinated that police are bad and are out to get them.  When that value/thought is fixed in their mind, they behave differently when confronted by "the enemy"(advance perception) vs other social situations.
  14. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    Yes we should try, but with equal concern for fat people, ugly people, etc.etc. etc.
  15. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    Do you believe it is possible to eliminate all individual instances of injustice?  If so, please tell me  how we could have prevented the death of Kate Steinle.  I struggle frequently to understand why nobody seems to care about her death but will talk for hours about being treated poorly by a police officer.