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  1. You are right and, no doubt, it is the fault of Bush or Trump.
  2. Avenatti in Custody

    Seems like it wasnt very long ago there was talk of him running for Prez in 2020.
  3. Invasion of America
  4. Invasion of America

    That must have been built by a gun toting, bible clinging, straight, white, conservative male- the source of all evil
  5. Did the Red Devils play away or was their game gestapo enhanced?
  6. The Left

    That could all be achieved if we would just pay our "fair share" and let the government attack all of those problems.
  7. Hey Libs......Please try to spin this..

    The " cause" is so noble that the means do not matter.
  8. Orangefield 42 Vidor 57/FINAL

    Thought they had a 7 footer?
  9. My guess is that "ruined his life" is a matter of personal interpretation/perspective and very difficult for you/me/etc to quantify.  Probably more easily done by him and his family.  Do you think it impacted/ruined the life of his accuser?  ( You may want to defer judgement on that one until her book is written)
  10. Are you saying that the last minute "discovery" and subsequent proceedings were not harmful to him and/or his family?
  11. Go Vote!!!!!

    The source of all evil is the white conservative christian male.
  12. SNL Makes Fun of Veteran Who Lost His Eye

    It is ok for the left to do this because they care more
  13. Go Vote!!!!!

    You sir, are not compassionate and are a danger to society, and, of course, racist.
  14. Was Pennsylvania shooting Trumps fault?

    They may be trying to come up with a new  reply to replace "you are racist"