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  1. That is one heck of a prediction. I hope you are wrong though. Silsbee by 10+! TIGER NATION!!!!
  2. China Spring/ Wax Life

    Nevermind. Found out the truth. MaxPreps was incorrect.
  3. China Spring/ Wax Life

    MaxPreps is saying that CS wins 52-50!!!
  4. Wax Life Vs Silsbee

    MaxPreps is saying China Springs won tonight. Can someone verify for sure?
  5. State Bound?

    Update...United lost to Pearland by 1 in OT.
  6. Silsbee vs Splendora Monday

    Will this game be broadcasted anywhere??
  7. Will there be anyone at the tournament updating the scores for the fans that could not make it?
  8. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. When is the start time for the game?
  10. IMO...It appeared that we were trying to force too many shots. I guess congrats to Memorial’s defense on that. Bush was off, Jordan and Devin couldn’t get hot. We had no answer for Memorial’s big man who seem to get lost around the free throw line. He made us pay for it a lot.There was no depth on the bench. It will definitely get better when the football players join the team later. This was definitely a learning experience. We will still be fine. Good luck in Dallas. GO TIGERS!!!
  11. Silsbee 52 Shepherd 13/FINAL

    Thanks for the update 
  12. Silsbee 52 Shepherd 13/FINAL

    The broadcast has gone off the air. Will it be fixed soon?