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  1. Yates is up 97-42 with 4:45 left in game. I think I hear the fat lady singing. I'm out!!!
  2. Nasty follow up dunk by #23 for Yates
  3. 86-37  Yates with less than a minute to go in the 3rd
  4. I hope Silsbee is well conditioned cause this Yates team is running WOS into submission.
  5. Need to make some kind of adjustments in the 2nd half for WOS or it's curtains for the stangs. 
  6. Yates up on WOS 55-28 at half
  7. 32-20 Yates  5:19 left in 2nd
  8. Yates slowly pulling away. 30-17 with 6:20 left in 2nd
  9. WOS start 2nd with 6 players. Received tech.
  10. 24-17 Yates after 1st. Yates went on 5-0 run at end of quarter.
  11. 15-14 Yates. 3:30 left in 1st
  12. Maybe they will play in Channelview like the girls did when they played North Forest.
  13. Silsbee vs Huntington

    You are right. We don't need to jinx them boys. One game at a time. 
  14. Silsbee vs Huntington

    Who do you think Silsbee will play in the regional semifinals (if they make it to Huntsville)? Waco Connally? Athens?