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  1. You're sort of right, but you're also wrong.  You as a coach would not have allowed it, whether the kid was on your team or your opponent.  It was not basketball; it was a layup contest to see how many points the kid could score.  Was a joke.  If it was your son or mine, they wouldn't have wanted any part of it either, because it didn't mean anything.  Our sons would rather score when it meant something, in the context of a real competitive game.    
  2. Shawn Prudhomme of HJ

    Second leading scorer in the SWAC
  3. Buna vs EC

    What time is the game?  
  4. Saw LaBradford Smith at the state tournament in Austin when he was a sophomore.  I think his Bay City team was playing LaMesa.  Anyway, LaBradford had 29 points and I'm pretty sure he shot 100% (12/12 from the floor, 5/5 at the line).  A LaMesa kid set up too low to try to take a charge, and Smith jumped over him and dunked on him.  He put on a show, and I couldn't believe he was just a sophomore.   Pretty sure it was the same year that Houston Madison blew out Conroe in the 5A state championship game to finish a perfect 40-0.  Madison had 8 guys off that team that played some sort of college ball, and 5 of them went D-1 (Baylor, UH, Texas Tech, Texas Southern & Central Florida).   Great talent on display that year.
  5. I played at Texas Wesleyan, a loooooooooooooong time ago.  Good school, and Fort Worth is a great city with lots to do.  They have upgraded the campus quite a bit in the last few years from what I have heard, and they are bringing back football too.  The neighborhood is pretty rough, but that too is being upgraded from what I hear.  Basketball program is NAIA top 20, and makes the national tournament on a pretty regular basis.   Congrats to the the young man.  Hope he has a great experience up there!
  6. Beaumont West Brook Job

    WestBrook is a sleeping giant in basketball though.  Does anybody doubt that the right coach would have them winning quickly?  And the way BISD is set up (with kids having some choice in where they go), they could be very, very good in about 2-3 years. And if a coach came in and really put a "program" in place with the size and talent pool available at WB, it could be fun to watch.  
  7. Folks, they aren't handing out college basketball scholarships like candy.  They are earned with years of hard work.  And even the best high school players often don't have a lot of options.  Those that are fortunate enough to get some scholarship money and play at the next level deserve our respect, and the congratulations and support from their home area.  At least that's my opinion.  I'm happy for all of our local kids who get the opportunity.  Congratulations, best wishes, and show them what SE Texas can do...
  8. What district does the Sneed family live in?
  9. Best stat I heard tonight.  HJ's group of senior basketball players (9 kids total) have a group GPA of 3.5!  That's an incredible number and something to be really proud of.  Keep that up and they will all be going places!