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  1. Area Round Matchups/Please Post Here

    That included a new high school and lots of other upgrades across the district. That's not really an outlandish #. Additionally, from my understanding, the size of the bond was not the issue. The allocation of the funds (or abuse, rather) by the Superintendent was what got Crosby in financial trouble.   Apologies for helping hijack the thread. Good luck to those still playing.
  2. FB Marshall Player Dead

    Man, that's awful.
  3. Silsbee vs. Cuero, 4A State Semifinal

    So true. These are program changers in my opinion. I always felt that way during Dayton's big run (at least Quarterfinals from 2007-2010). Those extra games and all those weeks of extra practice are huge for all the kids in the program, rather they saw real playing time or not. There were some kids in Dayton that played 45 games from their Soph thru Senior seasons. Newton and WOS are obviously some that gain from this most every year. Glad for Silsbee. 
  4. North Shore vs Katy Friday 7pm NRG

    thanks for that.
  5. Hard to keep all the HISD schools straight! Lots of talent floating around those places.
  6. Newon 47 Anderson-Shiro 0/FINAL

    What a drive for a district game!
  7. PNG@Dayton

    Agreed. If you travel I-10, the chance of catching the shift change at the plant parking lots on Hwy 146 isn't worth it.
  8. Dayton@Nederland

    It looks to me like drainage is the bigger issue here. We've got practice fields here in Dayton that I'd bet get every bit as much rain and traffic, and they don't look like that. Fixing that issue would be much cheaper than turf I suppose.
  9. BH vs. Dayton

    Agreed. They've got more than enough to be competitive. I believe they will.
  10. BH vs. Dayton

    Nice. Not surprised.
  11. BH vs. Dayton

    ahhh. Right. I remember seeing a replay of the shot where he got the concussion. For sure. He was a bad dude. Quietly had a pretty good college career at Lamar as well. Herrera threw it as well as anyone we've ever had. Good times.
  12. BH vs. Dayton

    Merka and Ploch were the QB's that year, yes?
  13. BH vs. Dayton

    Exactly right. To the victor goes the spoils.