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  1. Newton 70 Kountze 0/FINAL

    Newton could have easily scored 100 points last night. I actually felt sorry for Kountze. Truthfully, if they so desire they can put up that type of points on anyone in their district. With no competition it doesn't help them become better. I think they may put up 50 points on every team they play all the way through the state championship. They are clearlyin a league of their own. Look back on this post at end of season.  Maybe, I don't know what I'm talking about.  Newton Eagles: Hanging 50
  2. Newton 70 Kountze 0/FINAL

    70-0 in the 4th, 11 minutes left
  3. Jasper 55 Shepherd 3/FINAL

    I was being sarcastic 
  4. Newton 70 Kountze 0/FINAL

    61 - 0 in the 3rd
  5. Newton 70 Kountze 0/FINAL

    Newton on top of Kountze 54-0 at the half
  6. Jasper 55 Shepherd 3/FINAL

    Do you think they planned it that way??
  7. Newton 70 Kountze 0/FINAL

    Those stands could be, and was used as a weapon 
  8. Newton 70 Kountze 0/FINAL

    Used to be a lot of stinging grass in that field. I sure do miss it
  9. Newton 70 Kountze 0/FINAL

    Played pretty darn well as a matter of fact  
  10. Does Size Matter?

    I think it's a no brainer to think that a small school like Newton or WOS or Carthage can consistently compete with the best 5A or 6A  schools. I don't think anyone from those small schools actually believe that nor do they want to try to compete year end and year out with them. But, I do believe Newton's team this year can compete with almost any school. Carthage, I believe last year had a great team and 2 years ago WOS did. I believe Max Preps has Newton ranked pretty high in the nation in all schools regardless of size. Unless, we should disregard what Max Preps  thinks. Currently Newton is ranked  20th by Max Preps in the state. After the State Championship games have been played, I think they will move up considerably. Not insinuating they could beat the top 5, in 5A or 6A but, I do believe they could beat many of them. And play very respectful with most of them. This year. Same as WOS, could have 2 years ago.
  11. Does Size Matter?

    I'm betting all the gold in Ft. Knox
  12. Does Size Matter?

    I'll take that bet. We can both take that money to the bank 
  13. Does Size Matter?

    But it isn't going to happen so that means I'm just as right as you are wrong. We could do this all day
  14. Does Size Matter?

    Since we are speculating.  The truth is, we will never know. I don't think they are going to play. So I'm going with Newton in a blowout!!!
  15. Does Size Matter?

    Bet Newton could hold their own for 4 qtrs. Pure speculation