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  1. Silsbee was one game away from playing in a state chmpionship game. Newton basically curb stomped Silsbee. But, I really don't care to discuss putting Newton in 4A or 5A. Only take one year for everyone to complain about how unfair it was. I'm content with a 4A D2 State Championship.
  2. They already have. And soundly. Do you need to be reminded of Silsbee,WOS and Gilmer
  3. Newton

    This kid is a star. His presence on the field alone makes a difference.  Just throw the football his way and he will make the adjustment to the ball. When he was on the field the other recievers mysteriously played better.  And of course his play as a receiver opened the game up substantially for the running game, which he was a part of as well.  And on defense, it's in your best interest not to throw at him. And he saved many touchdowns with his closing speed. I'm not privy to the problems he was having, but I sure hope he overcomes and it, and it doesn't effect him on the next level. Good Luck to the young man 
  4. Newton

    Is their nobody here thats actually in the know? Or is this a big secret so Canadian doesn't know what to prepare for? In my opinion Tamazia is a 2-3 touchdown advantage. Maybe 2-5
  5. Newton

    And if he don't?
  6. Glad you brought that to my attention. I feel smarter now. I think mostly, those opinions come from people that their team failed to qualify. Setting in the stands or looking at stats somehow has made them footballs elite. LOL
  7. I 100% agree. Not playing well usually is directly related to key matchups and style of play. Newton didn't do much different than they do every week.  Several passes where dropped but you can't blame that on play calling. EB has a great defense, period. They have a boring, clock consuming grind it out offense. But very effective.  Newton has a great offense and a great defense that will normally result in a lot of points. I congratulate EB on their play and their season. Newton has another week. And I'll pretty much guarantee, they are a better team due to EB.  Even the people that are making derogatory statements about Newton's play would have never  predicted yesterdays game outcome.  My lesson learned is, Newton is human after all. 
  8. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Someone dial 911!!! This guy has seriously Overdosed 
  9. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    Why do we argue about things we can't prove? Opinions are like butts. Newton will prove who they are in the next two weeks.  We aren't going to play the 4A or 5A or 6A champions. I've got my own opinion on how good Newton really is. And I can prove it, just like you can.
  10. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    I guess if there ever was any questions they have been answered.  Dangerfield has a good football team.  Newton is as advertised!!!!
  11. Newton vs Daingerfield thurs 7:30 Lufkin

    Dangerfield is the best team Newton has played since Gilmer. They have a very good football team. Great quarterback, good running back and good receivers. The quarterback has great vision and knows where his receivers are at all times.  Very impressed by this kid. Id like to see Newton get a grip on their penalties.  Last 2 weeks its been terrible.  Dangerfield is playing as good football right now as anyone.  This game ,I believe will show Newton's character and who they really are at this point. Excited about this game as much as I've been since Gilmer and WOS. I expect Dangerfield to be in the fight. If Newton blast them, they are who they say they are!!
  12. Newton vs Daingerfield thurs 7:30 Lufkin

    Dangerfield has a high powered offense,  they may score 18. But Newton won't be held to under 50. They won't start subbing their JV until that point. This machine don't stop for caution lights
  13. Newton vs Daingerfield thurs 7:30 Lufkin

    They are playing very well and have a lot of good athletes with great speed. The quarterback is a good athlete that can run or throw the football.  He has great vision and always knows where his receivers are.  Just when you think he is going to be sacked, he will flip the ball to a receiver.  Really looking forward to this game. 
  14. Gunter vs Comanche

    1102 North 8th St., Gunter, TX 75058. ... The Gunter varsity football team lost by double forfeit in Friday's neutral playoff game against Comanche (TX). ... This game is part of the "2018 Football State Championships - 2018 Football    This was on Max Preps but I couldn't find it anywhere else yet