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  1. Hill's play should determine this game
  2. La Porte- Less than 2000 kids in the school ( Playing in district with NS, BWB,) Judson- 3000+ Kids playing in Region 4 (Playing with Military kids who are really good) This is not a good comparison at all. Football is a numbers/quality game.  
  3. Lp should be 5a div1. Walk those halls and tell me I’m wrong.  
  4. Greatest Players in Southeast Texas

    Im gonna go small school in the 90's to current. Phillip Davis- Barbers Hill TJ White- East Chambers Reggie White- Liberty Toddrick Pendland- Newton
  5. 21-6A

    I just cant see that happening. NS,WB, King playing really good. LP, DP, and CV look like 4th spot guys. 
  6. BH vs. Dayton

    Bh by a bunch. No offense to Dayton but their scores have been unimpressive this year.
  7. Well keep watching these schools cancel games for reasons like mosquitoes and 2 or 3 kids getting hurt then. I am not against small school ball, but some schools don’t have the backing to support athletics. 
  8. Lets be honest there is about 15 too many high schools in setx. Need to send kids to nearby more stable schools. There is also about 100 schools in Texas that should not have teams. Kids getting beat 50-0 weekly is not a good thing.
  9. So by looking at this I can only assume that yall dont want to play on grass fields. What a sad world when football teams are scared to play in the rain on a grass field. Dont tell me about safety either. It's just plain soft!!!!
  10. Hull-Daisetta vs West Hardin Poll

    HD by a bunch
  11. PAM vs Vince Young old HS school

    Bet they wont bring 35 players and less fans. It's sad that HISD is in such bad shape. Feel for those kids.
  12. GCM VS Sam Rayburn tonight

    God Bless the Rayburn Texans. Dont win alot. Good luck to both teams.
  13. Terranos tejas

    Anyone seen these squatters communities going up in plum grove or new caney area? Very sad conditions.
  14. Ok let me restate my comment. millennials don’t want to make 40000 dollars, and have to jump through the growing amount of hoops to get cussed out everyday.
  15. Millennials don’t want to make teacher salaries.