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  1. DCTF 2019

    NC and Porter are suppose to be really good this year. Besides those 3 (NC,PA,and porter)schools that district is really bad. 
  2. Colmesneil hires new coach

    Colmesneil ain’t been good since they had Stewart balling at Tight end. 
  3. How bout them Broncos!

    Can’t see them beating FW, Crosby, and PNG all in same year. Of course I didn’t see them going 0-10 last year either. I stand by 5-5.
  4. How bout them Broncos!

    Crosby just cant be the train wreck they were last year. I look for them to squeeze into the playoffs.
  5. How bout them Broncos!

    This whole district should be interesting. I’ll say 5-5. Probably real generous.
  6. Newton Football 2019

    Juniors in their program have practiced for 12 weeks of playoffs the last 2 years. 3-4 practices a week equals 36-48 more practices than regularly scheduled. That stuff matters. Losing a coaching legend matters too, but watching his son coach in the state game was pretty impressive. 2019 should be interesting for the Eagles. 
  7. West Hardin

    Yall still talking about west hardin 
  8. GCM is Open

    Who moved from GCM to North Shore and got to play?
  9. T-town needs to get behind this guy 100%. He is a great ball coach and a better man. You lucked out.  Horns class of 97
  10. West Orange-Stark turf

    Beautiful upgrades with all facilities. Good for WOS. Other area schools need to follow their lead.
  11. What’s the word in Anahuac?

  12. Man i feel for those warren kids. How are they not a 3a d2 school? 
  13. Wow!! thought for sure PAM would win by 48
  14. Kenyon Speers got any kinfolk on team?