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  1. T-town needs to get behind this guy 100%. He is a great ball coach and a better man. You lucked out.  Horns class of 97
  2. West Orange-Stark turf

    Beautiful upgrades with all facilities. Good for WOS. Other area schools need to follow their lead.
  3. What’s the word in Anahuac?

  4. Man i feel for those warren kids. How are they not a 3a d2 school? 
  5. Wow!! thought for sure PAM would win by 48
  6. Kenyon Speers got any kinfolk on team?
  7. ill take silsbee by 49 points. Unless they go easy then only 36 points
  8. Game was played in hoop and holler
  9. Does Royton Williams Still hoop for Anahuac??
  10. Woden/Joaquin

    TIme the #$%@ out. Woden vs Joaquin in a Brawl! Who cares?? Aint nobody pressing charges. Just some good ol boys scrapping. NOTHING WRONG. There aint a police force in either town to make an arrest. As long as none of the local livestock was damaged its all good.
  11. Coaching Carousel

    Crosby= Grass farms.
  12. Coaching Carousel

    BH is only school in Baytown area to make playoffs.
  13. Coaching Carousel

    Time out! 1st off no one in BH thinks Westerberg is going to recreate Allen. BH fans just glad they don’t have to watch the wishbone anymore. 2nd off Shadow creek is taking kids from an area that is really good in football right now. Pearland, manvel, Fort bend area. Central and Ozen were struggling to say the least the last few years. You can’t fairly compare shadow creek and United. 
  14. Port Neches-Groves 2019.

    No roschon. Tough.