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  1. Terranos tejas

    Anyone seen these squatters communities going up in plum grove or new caney area? Very sad conditions.
  2. Ok let me restate my comment. millennials don’t want to make 40000 dollars, and have to jump through the growing amount of hoops to get cussed out everyday.
  3. Millennials don’t want to make teacher salaries.
  4. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    Anybody spot them in the Baytown area?
  5. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    Brutal from top to bottom. Finis vanover should make some noise in that district. 
  6. Coldspring open

    Honestly I know nothing about Jim the coach. I do Jim the East Texas/ groveton legend. He’s a good dude.  Lets all step back and be really honest for 1 minute. Coldspring doesn’t need Nick Saban to win games. Make sure they show up on Fridays around 6ish and you’ll win 7 plus games.
  7. SFA offers Woodville RB Zack Martin

    Congrats to Zach. Now turn that down and go to Sam Houston where you walk around with your head held high because you are a winner.

    silsbee and Wos dont care who anyone hires.
  9. Dayton

    Tear down Rice elevator in middle of town, and start living in present. Green and Dugat were freaks what do you got right now??
  10. Morgan about to make splash with OC hire! I'm calling it.
  11. Ex-Ozen star Tony Brown invited to NFL Combine

    he just made himself some money$$
  12. he will put up freakish numbers at combine! Should be fun to watch!
  13. I bet next coach dont stay as long as Kenny did.
  14. Your going to have to get someone not making 90K.