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  1. Duncanville and lake travis

    These games will be good games.
  2. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    I seriously think you could put together a region 4 all star team and Newton would win by 4-5 tds. No offense to East Bernard. 
  3. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    79-12 in round 4!!!!!!
  4. Center Coach resigns

    Ben Wolf was a stud. Only team I saw as talented as coldspring in 96.
  5. CROSBY vs. LEE

    I'm pulling for Lee. Lee has (Besides Roshon) the 3 best football players in that district. QB,WR,RB. 
  6. BH Vs. Crosby

    Found video of Crosby's new school song    
  7. Anahuac at Hardin

    Has OF won a game since QB got hurt???
  8. Baytown powers that be have issues with coaches with Olin ties. Fact of the matter is Olin won there.
  9. Hill's play should determine this game
  10. La Porte- Less than 2000 kids in the school ( Playing in district with NS, BWB,) Judson- 3000+ Kids playing in Region 4 (Playing with Military kids who are really good) This is not a good comparison at all. Football is a numbers/quality game.  
  11. Lp should be 5a div1. Walk those halls and tell me I’m wrong.  
  12. Greatest Players in Southeast Texas

    Im gonna go small school in the 90's to current. Phillip Davis- Barbers Hill TJ White- East Chambers Reggie White- Liberty Toddrick Pendland- Newton
  13. 21-6A

    I just cant see that happening. NS,WB, King playing really good. LP, DP, and CV look like 4th spot guys. 
  14. BH vs. Dayton

    Bh by a bunch. No offense to Dayton but their scores have been unimpressive this year.
  15. Well keep watching these schools cancel games for reasons like mosquitoes and 2 or 3 kids getting hurt then. I am not against small school ball, but some schools don’t have the backing to support athletics.