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  1. FINALLY...Stros are playing on ESPN!
  2. Hotel Rooms & Age Restrictions

    same thing with loaner cars at most dealerships
  3. Biden allegations?

    Forget the fact that Biden is a democrat, the pics and videos speak for themselves! He has a problem and he loves feeling up females. Anyone that can watch the videos and not see how it makes the women,and little girls very uncomfortable have to be blind!
  4. Jason Witten

    his return is good for every aspect of the offense
  5. thats good news  
  6. Its always good to start the season off with a W! What is the timeline on Correa's return?
  7. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2018/1/16/16897384/who-is-colts-soon-to-be-defensive-coordinator-matt-eberflus The cowboys played like absolute dog crap, but I believe this guy helped the colts defense more than some realize
  8. Red zone play calling has to improve!
  9. Eagles @ Dallas

  10. Cowboys are gonna Shock The World!!!
  11. Colt didnt play against this defense last time!!! GO COWBOYS
  12. Lee,Smith,LVE should start and Wilson should become a backup
  13. eagles didnt have a single penalty.......I wonder how often that happens during a season
  14. Linehan and Garrett have got to go,if this team is gonna have any chances of succeeding