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  1. Drew Brees

    How did he ever get out of the State of Texas?
  2. how do you punt in O/T? 4TH&1 AND YOU PUNT??????????Changes have to be made!!!!
  3. #19 Texas vs #7 Oklahoma

  4. Cowboy Fan

    there are definately some fans out there like that...
  5. Cowboy Fan

    dolphins fan....that makes perfect sense
  6. Cowboy Fan

    ok...just a Cowboys hater...Gotcha
  7. Cowboy Fan

    let me guess...your're a Texans fan?
  8. Lions @ Dallas

    they've got to make adjustments on offense,if they plan on beating the Lions. the game plan is out on us and teams see how to attack our offense.
  9. offense was absolutely terrible. changes have to be made now! not later!
  10. The Bears sacked R.Wilson 6 times Monday night,our D-Line is going to wreck shop!!!
  11. Burt Reynolds dead at 82

    Godspeed Bandit!
  12. They finished last season 9-7 with Zeke missing 6 games. Even know we lost key veterans, I believe the youth movement will pay off this season! GO COWBOYS!